Mitsubishi Heavy Duty 1.3 Ton Split Air Conditioner

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Mitsubishi Heavy Duty 1.3 Ton Split Air Conditioner- SRK15CXS-W6

Mitsubishi Heavy SRK15CXS Heavy has designed the machine using a higher capacity compressor and a bigger condenser unit for maximum heat rejection for better cooling & higher energy efficiency, thereby they claim maximum cooling Capacities. Large size indoor unit and Long Reach Jet Air Flow technology give long reach airflow up to 15 ft. for 1.3 times bigger coverage compared to conventional AC. 3D Air Flow technology allows for Air Distribution in 108 directions cooling every corner of the room. Stay protected from the uneasy summer with this Mitsubishi 1.3 Ton 3 Star Split AC. It has a copper condenser that enhances its performance and makes it durable. It comes with an R-32 refrigerant that ejects a very low amount of CFC gas. It consumes 1250 W power and has a cooling capacity of 4200W. It runs on 220-230V. It has 6th sense energy saver that adds to its smart functioning. Furthermore, this 1.3 Ton AC is suitable for 100-130 sq.ft area room size. The product can be 2021 manufacturing or before. Capacity : 1.3 Ton Rating : 3 Star Copper Condenser Ideal for Room Size 100 – 130 sq.ft

Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Ac


  • Capacity: 1.3 Tons Star Ratings : 3 Star
  • 100% Copper Condenser
  • IDU Dimension (LXWXH)– 93 x 36 x 29CM
  • Tropical Rotary Compressor
  • Eco-smart Hybrid+ Heavy Duty AC for maximised energy savings
  • Long Reach Air Flow for a comfortable sleep
  • Enzyme and Solar Filter for purified airflow
  • Hight Pressor Gas- R-32
  • Copper for best in class, energy efficient cooling with easy maintenance
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty, 5 Years Compressor warranty,1 Year PCB Warranty

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