Playstation 4 Slim (1 TB)

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The all new lighter and slimmer PlayStation4 system has a 1TB hard drive for all of the greatest games, TV, music and more. Incredible Games You’ve come to the right place. Exclusive games take you on incredible journeys, from critically acclaimed indies to award winning AAA hits.

  • Sleek design
  • Rounded corners
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • Dual Shock 4 wireless controller

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Playstation 4 Slim (New Pack)

sony playstation 4 slimDesign Philosophy and Ergonomics

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is redesigned from the ground up to offer a futuristic design. The Sony Playstation 4 slim version is sleeker and smaller in size while delivering the same performance that the original PS4 delivered. In fact, this model is 30% slimmer and 16% lighter. This minimalistic design greatly lends to its gorgeous looks. Enjoy all TV shows, movies and more from your favorite entertainment apps. PS4 slim vs PS4 pro price – On Sony’s official website PS4 PRO is at MRP Rs 38,710 /- (inclusive of all taxes. Quoted MRP is for 1 unit of the product.) and PS4 slim price in india is MRP: 29,990 /- (inclusive of all taxes. Quoted MRP is for unit of the product.) There is no performance change with the PS4 Slim at all and you won’t notice anything new or different when playing PS4 games. The most noticeable difference between the  ps4 slim vs ps4 is the omission of an optical digital audio port around back.

This console comes with a Dual Shock 4 wireless controller in the box. This controller as been redesigned to provide a comfortable gaming experience for extended times. This ergonomically designed controller features a colorful light. The buttons and analog sticks are highly responsive while the wireless feature allows you to do even more with your games.

Exclusive Gaming Titles with Multiplayer and Sharing

The Playstation franchise is known for its impressive collection of exclusive game titles that set the bar in high-end gaming. Discover the immersive games with compelling storylines and jaw-dropping Full HD graphics. What’s more, you can stream and share your gameplay with the world through the easily accessible share option. This console supports HDR video to make your gameplay experience vivid and breathtaking.

This PS4 features Share Play option, which allows you to challenge your friends in online multiplayer, even if they do not own the game. Remote play allows you to stream your favorite games seamlessly to your PC, Mac or PS Vita over your wireless connection. Socialize and embark on epic multiplayer journeys from players all across the world.

Ultra-Powerful Hardware

The PS4 slim is filled to the brim with raw power. It features a 64 bit AMD Jaguar 8 core processor and a 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon graphics engine. This sheer amount of detail that goes in each game pushes the hardware to its very limits, giving you ground-breaking performance and astounding visuals. 8GB of GDDR5 RAM ensures that you loading times are minimal and multi-tasking is seamless.

Robust Connectivity

The Sony Playstation 4 slim features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can also connect it to the internet using the Ethernet and LAN port. The built-in Blu-ray/ DVD drive can also play Blu-ray and DVD movies, making it a perfect home entertainment system. The PS4 Slim comes with a spacious 1TB hard disk for storing all your downloads, saves, gaming data and media files.

The new look, slimmer Playstation, the ps4 slim 1tb!

  • Experience incredibly vivid, vibrant colors with breathtaking HDR visuals.
  • 30% slimmer, 16% lighter than the original PS4 model.
  • All the greatest TV, movies and more from your favorite entertainment apps. ps4 slim 1tb

Unparalleled control

The DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller has been updated with a new look and feel, including a more visible, colorful light bar to put even more of the game into your hands. It’s the most ergonomic, intuitive PlayStation controller have ever designed.

sony playstation 4 slim - NFS 2020

Share Play

Invite a friend to join your Sony Playstation 4 slim 1tb adventure, challenge them to multiplayer matches or let them take over and play for you – even if they don’t own the game.

Remote Play

Stream games to your PC or Mac or PlayStation Vita over your home WiFi network and never be tied to the TV again.

sony playstation 4 slim

Access great entertainment

ps4 slim price in india

Note: The PlayStation Console comes with a variety of free pre-loaded games. The game combination is subject to variation depending upon the availability.

PlayStation 4 Slim Specifications

Product Category

  • 4K Support: No

Manufacturer Details

  • Brand: Sony

Internal Memory

  • RAM: 8GB

Network Connectivity

  • WiFi Supported: Yes
  • Bluetooth Supported: Yes
  • Bluetooth Specifications: Bluetooth 4.0

Controller Specifications

  • Controller Type: Wireless

Product Aesthetics

  • Color: Black
  • Color Family: Black

In The Box

  • Documents: User Manual | Warranty Card
  • Others: USB Cable

Product Dimensions (Open)

  • Weight: 2100 g
  • Weight: 2.1 kg

After Sales & Services

  • Standard Warranty Period: 12 Months
  • Warranty Type: Carry-In
  • Standard Warranty Includes: Manufacturing Defects
  • Standard Warranty Excludes: Physical Damage
  • Installation & Demo: Not Applicable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Stand A PS4 On Its Side?

Having a PS4 on its side will heat up the PS4 more than horizontal as one air vent is blocked, it is also less stable than horizontal. A horizontal PS4 takes up more space than a vertical PS4, but it is still perfectly okay to stand a PS4 on its side especially with a vertical stand.

Is a PS4 slim better than a regular PS4?

A: The biggest difference between the ps4 slim and ps4 isn’t the specs. The Slim will launch with the same internal specs as the original PS4, just with some design tweaks. … Both the PS4 and PS4 Slim now also support HDR for gaming thanks to Update 4.00, so if you’ve got a snazzy TV you can take advantage of that.

What is the PS4 slim AUX port for?

The auxiliary out port is a feature of the regular PS4, not the PS4 slim. The only thing which remotely resembles an audio out port on the slim is the USB in back. That can be used for sound, though it won’t help players who insist on an optical output.

Is PS4 slim faster than PS4?

The PS4 Slim is noticeably smaller, and as such is lighter than its older counterpart. Where they differ in terms of performance is minimal. Each sports the same CPU and GPU. The advantage that the PS4 Slim has is that it tends to be quieter and packs a larger hard drive

Does PS4 slim work on any TV?

Yes the PS4 slim will work with any tv which has an HDMI input but it you really want to have a good gaming experience I recommend using and HD 1080p tv or a Gaming Monitor with good refresh rate.

What is the ps4 slim price in India?

A: The ps4 slim price in india –  On sony’s official website PS4 PRO is at MRP Rs 38,710 /- (inclusive of all taxes. Quoted MRP is for 1 unit of the product.) and ps4 slim price in India is MRP: 29,990 /- (inclusive of all taxes. Quoted MRP is for unit of the product.)

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