Garmin GLO 2 GPS and GLONASS Receive


  • Small, light and easy to use
  • Provides accurate location tracking
  • Can work with an Android app called “Bluetooth GPS”
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Can turn on automatically when connected to a power source
  • Removable battery

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Garmin GLO 2 GPS and GLONASS Receiver

Accurate location tracking is possible with the Garmin GLO 2, a compact and lightweight GPS receiver with a friction mount. It features an Android app named “Bluetooth GPS” that displays the number of satellites and the signal strength, and it updates position 10 times per second. Additionally, it is compatible with Windows 10 and has an automated power-on feature. The battery life is uncertain because it can be constantly plugged in. To prevent damage, it’s crucial to keep the device on top of the dashboard and out in the sun.

The Accuracy of GPS and GLONASS

GLO 2 can connect to up to 24 more satellites than devices that rely just on the GPS satellite constellation since it can receive position data from both the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations. As a result, GLO 2 can lock on to satellites about 20% faster and maintain connectivity even when travelling quickly. Additionally, GLO 2 updates its position data at a rate of 10 times per second, up to 10 times more frequently than many mobile devices’ GPS sensors.

Set It up and Go

The GLO 2 receiver wirelessly connects to your mobile device using Bluetooth technology. The position information of the GLO 2 receiver will be available to you shortly after positioning GLO 2 within your mobile device’s range. To maintain your position on lengthy journeys, it has a battery life of up to 13 hours. Charging GLO 2 between usage is simple with the supplied USB connector or an additional 12/24 V vehicle power cable. The receiver is kept secure on your dashboard and in clear view of satellites with the optional friction mount.

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