GP06 – Personal GPS Tracking Device


  • Personal tracking for different people
  • Mini size, easy to take
  • Simple operation
  • SOS emergency call

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GP06 – Personal GPS Tracking Device

The all-new GP06 – Personal Tracking GPS Device for Staff Management/ Elder Management/Kids Management

This GP06 is a personal tracking and positioning device. The device uses an 800mAh battery capacity to meet the long-term positioning and tracking needs. Because the terminal uses high-quality silicon-mic hardware, it will be clearer when listening to surrounding sounds.

The size of the GP06 is 50*30*15mm and its compact structure design can meet the user’s needs for certain scenarios.

GP06 adopts a hybrid positioning mode, which can set BDS(Beidou), GPS, and base station positioning methods to provide users with a more reliable positioning method. Terminals access the RMS big data service platform launched by Wanwei, relying on the TMS intelligent risk control model to improve industry-specific security.

The GP06 terminal can implement basic functions such as real-time positioning, voice-activated recording, positioning trajectory tracking, and street view maps. The platform functions can be deeply customized and developed according to customer needs.

Product Functions


GP06 – Product Parameters

Hardware Parameters:-

GPS Antenna: Built-in ceramic antenna
GSM Antenna: FPC antenna
Waterproof level: IP*5
Frequency: 850/900/1800MHz 2G GSM frequency
Acquired Sensitivity: -148dBm
Tracking Sensitivity: -165dBm
Channel: 20
G-Sensor: Support
Light Sensor: Support

Positioning Accuracy: >=5m(in open sky)
Positioning time: Cold Start: <38s, Warm Start <25s, Hot Start <2s
GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP, built-in GSM module
Power Indicator(hidden): Red
GPS Indicator(hidden): Blue
GSM Indicator: Yellow
Microphone: Support(built-in)
Speaker: Support(built-in)

Basic Parameters

Product size(mm): 50/30*15mm
Weight(g): 30g
Work temperature: -20°C to – 70°C
Back-up Battery: 800mAh/3.7V lithium-polymer battery
Material: ABS & PC VO level
Positioning type: GPS/BDS/LBS
Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS

Software Parameters

Voice monitoring: Support
Geo-fence: Support
Software: PC/APP/SMS
Work Mode: Time Interval Mode
Two-way communication: Support
SOS alarm: Support
Time voice reporting: Not Support

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Q1. What is involved in the GPS installation process?

A. Installation is a very important component of a successful deployment, especially for large fleets. This is a step that is often glossed over during the sales process. A good partner will discuss the GPS install plan in detail and demonstrate

1. experience

2. an organized plan. Simply saying it is not an issue is not good enough. As with everything, there are limitations and requirements that impact you.

Additionally, you need to know how service work is done and what happens when you move a device to a new vehicle.

Q2. What is the difference between live and passive GPS tracking systems?

A. The data collected is generally the same for both types of systems. Live vehicle tracking transmits the GPS data collected to cellular networks which route it to a website where you view the data. It’s considered live tracking because it is visible shortly after being logged.

Q3. How does a personal GPS tracker work?

A. GPS works by providing information on the exact location. A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle speed, time, and direction.

Q4. How accurate are GPS?

A. There continues to be an improvement, and you’ll see indoor accuracy of better than 10 meters, but round-trip time (RTT) is the technology that will take us to the one-meter level. If you’re outside and can see the open sky, the GPS accuracy from your phone is about five meters, and that’s been constant for a while.

Q5. Does weather affect GPS signal?

A. No, in general, the weather does not affect the GPS signals and logged data. The only exception to this, however, is that any build-up of snow on the antenna should be avoided, as large amounts of water will absorb GPS signals.

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