Digital Display Breathalyzer CA 1100

It is an extremely and highly sensitive alcohol detector, especially useful for fast and quick checking of the presence of alcohol in a person. It is an efficient and easy way to quickly gauge whether a person has consumed alcohol. It displays 3 different levels of blood alcohol concentration (Zero, Low and High). It is suitable for corporate use such as in transportation and manufacturing companies, schools or by Traffic Police for quick checking of driver for presence of alcohol. Breathalyzer “Alcoscan AL-1100”  is a good choice for professional use in situations when you need to quickly carry out a number of tests (for example, at check point). Measurements are made without the use of a mouthpiece. The device uses a calibrated semiconductor sensor. Breathalyzer has a 3-level display and an audible alarm. The breathalyzer use built-in accumulator is power source. It is possible to charge it by the car (cigarette lighter). Recommendations for the use breathalyzers. Measuring can be conducted only in case that from the moment of reception of alcohol, food or smoking passed no less than 20 minutes. A failure to observe of this rule will result in obtain of incorrect result of measure and breakage of sensor!

8,999.00 9,500.00

  • 1 Year warranty
  • 14-Days Return & Refund
  • Free Delivery


  • Digital display with blue backlight
  • Unit N.W/Size: 68.5g/112×61×29mm
  • Range: 0.000-0.199% BAC or
    0.000-1.990‰ BAC / 0.000-0.995 mg/L
  • Inner Pakcing: gift box
  • Qty per Carton: 40pcs
  • Use Mouthpiece

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