Portronics My Buddy Hexa III Portable Foldable Laptop Stand


  • Foldable perfection: Work seamlessly on the go with this portable device.
  • Ergonomics: Elevating your laptop reduces wrist and neck strain.
  • Even during hard tasks, its vented design keeps your laptop cool.
  • Non-slip pads keep your laptop steady, offering a sturdy workstation.
  • Built-in cable management keeps your space neat.
  • Fits all laptop sizes, giving you device versatility.
  • Built to Last: This stand’s robust materials make it a long-term companion.


My Buddy Hexa III

The best-selling MyBuddy collection of laptop supports has become an industry standard over the last five years with its ergonomically shaped, robust, and lightweight laptop stands. The 7 changeable settings of MyBuddy Hexa let you customize it. It leverages laptop ventilation to be fan-less and quiet. Natural air circulation with the laptop’s fan is one of the greatest forms of laptop cooling. It also prolongs laptop battery life and CPU and motherboard life. Battery life is extended by fewer charging cycles. You may work longer without neck or back pain by optimizing your workplace posture and screen viewing angle. Typing on the keyboard decreases fatigue by giving your fingers and wrists 7 customizable angles. These design principles boost productivity. Use it to tell the difference. Working without Mybuddy Hexa will be unacceptable once you start using it. lightweight, robust ABS plastic body and portability. It can hold 13”–15” laptops, including Macbooks and iPads. It contains rubberized feet and anti-slip cushions to keep the laptop from sliding on the glass table.


In The Box

Sales Package
  • 1 stand


  • Portronics
Model Number
  • POR-1139
Brand Color
  • Black
  • Desk Stand
  • Black
  • Plastic
  • No
Compatible With
  • 36 – 39cm
Height Adjustable
  • Yes
Adjustable Angle Range
  • Yes
Model Name
  • MyBuddy Hexa III


Maximum Height
  • 18 cm
  • 25 cm
  • 1.5 cm
  • 28 cm
  • 550 g

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