SOFT BEAST | Super Soft Stunt Shot Indoor Remote Control Car with Soft Wheels Blue

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  • Durable construction for resilience against crashes and bumps
  • A safe and enjoyable indoor RC car experience with unique, soft foam wheels
  • Stunt mastery capabilities for performing flips, spins, and fast racing
  • Damage-free playing with the ability to race at high speeds indoors

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With the incredible remote-controlled car known as Soft Beast, you may get ready for some exciting indoor adventures. Different from other types of remote-controlled cars, this one has soft wheels that won’t cause any damage to your house. It is a lot of fun to drive the Soft Beast since it has a simple joystick remote controller that allows you to travel left, right, forward, and backward. This makes it ideal for people who are just starting out. Due to its durability and low weight, it allows you to perform cool tricks without causing any damage to anything.
Compete at high speeds while performing flips and spins! The fact that Soft Beast comes with a battery that can be recharged ensures that the fun will never end. It is the ideal remote-controlled toy for children to play with inside!

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