Fingerprint Padlock


  • Use your fingerprint or the app to unlock: freekee lock opens with your fingerprints. Press the lever to activate the lock, press the designated finger on the scanner to unlock. Or simply fire up the app, touch the lock with any finger to activate bluetooth and unlock.
  • Manage users, check lock usage history via ios and android app: you can add as many as 7 fingerprints, freekee allows you to share the lock with your friends. You can also check historically who used the lock and at what times.
  • Ip65 waterproof with super strength and stability: made of zinc alloy with electroplating process, anti-impact and corrosion resistant material, freekee is water and weather resistant.
  • Rechargeable, easy to instal and use: fitted in with a rechargeable lithium battery, you can use micro usb cable to recharge.
  • Excellent for doors, cabinets, storage lockers, bikes.

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Product description

Smiledrive Freekee is a super smart lock that unlocks with your finger print as well as the APP. It is rechargeable, water proof and ; weather resistant. This sturdy lock can be used for various purposes, from locking the doors, to cabinets to storage lockers and bikes. Via the iOS and ; Android APP you can add/delete users, you can add as many as 7 finger prints.


Material: Zinc alloy, 303 stainless steel

Battery: 300mAh

Charging: 5V 0.5A(micro USB)

Waterproof: IP65

Product Weight: 105g

Product Size: 78 x 50 x 23 mm

Package Contents:

1 x Keyless Padlock

1 x Manual

2 x QR Code Sticker

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