Paracord Belt


Ultra Tough paracord belt which can be deployed to a long paracord string and can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Solid steel belt buckle for rigidity
  • 7 core strand yarn, type III with a tensile strength of 520 lbs
  • Size: lenght: 120cm / 47 inch Width: 3.2cm/1.25 inch
  • Total used paracord: 45-47 meters
  • Color: Military Green
  • craft: Hand-made Knitted Belt
  • The pulling force of the single rope is 380 kilograms.

Hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts sometimes use “survival belt” made of several feet of paracord which is woven into a compact and wearable form. Such bracelets are meant to be unraveled when one needs rope for whatever purpose — securing cargo, lashing together poles, fixing broken straps or belts, or assisting with water rescues. Young survivalists (Girl Scouts and boy scouts) are also taught the importance of using the paracord as a survival tool.

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What is paracord?

Ans. Parachute cord (also paracord or 550 cord when referring to type-III paracord) is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. This cord is useful for many other tasks and is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians.

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