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PROFESSIONAL DEFENCE EQUIPMENT: This heavy-duty stun gun with super powerful shock effect, if you are looking for a serious solution for self-defence, it is absolutely an excellent choice.

BUILT TOUGH: Type III aluminium aircraft grade body allows durability and longevity.

LED FLASHLIGHT: Not only will safely illuminate the entire area at night, but it can also help to protect you.

LONG REACH: 19″ inches long, it is long enough to keep you a safe distance away from your attacker but short enough to easily carry with you and maintain mobility.


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Zeus: 3-in-1 Stun Gun Baton


The Zeus Stun Gun Baton combines three functions:  9 Million Volt stun gun, a flashlight and a baton.
• It is reliably protected from blows by the metal case.
• It scares the attackers not only with a crack of electric discharges but also with an impressive size. The stun gun has a length of 51 cm.
• It is equipped with a double protection system. The stun gun is well protected from unauthorized inclusion.
• The lamp can work in three modes: normal, economical and blinking.


A chain of high-frequency oscillations with a high-power current discharge
Case – metal (special alloy from aluminium)
Equipped with a safety switch against accidental operation
Powerful LED flashlight with 3 glow modes: Bright, Economical, Strobe
No maintenance or repair required
Practical and easy to use.
Clothing breakdown thickness: up to 65 mm


Stun Guns – Product Explanation Video

Usage of Zeus Stun Gun Baton


1. The rechargeable batteries are already installed. Please do not attempt to open the unit, as this will not work
2. We recommend charging the stun gun for 6-8 hours before it is used. Simply plug the charging cord into the bottom of the unit and a standard outlet.

Using the Flashlight

With the ON/OFF Switch in the ON position, slide the Safety Switch to the middle position and the LED flashlight will come on. Note: the stun gun will not work with the LED flashlight on.

Using the Stun Gun in Self Defense

1. With the ON/OFF Switch in the ON position and the Safety Switch in the top position, touch your assailant’s body with the contact probes and press the Stun Activation Button.

2. Touching anywhere on the assailant’s body will have an effect.



Product Information

Length 51×3.5cm
Distortion 0° C~80° C
Diameter ( body) 3.5cm
Weight 480g


Power Input DC6.0-7.2V
Power Output 9000kv
Current ≥2.5A


ATTENTION: Users need to use the product configuration charger to charge before use, charging time is 8 hours.

                      DO NOT use the device during charging (ESD) may fail

Note:             Keep out of reach of children, equipped with a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge of device.


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14 reviews for Zeus Stun Gun Baton

  1. shankar kotary

    Great deal for security personal stun gun.

  2. sunil kusal

    very suitable stun gun for personal safety.

  3. Mallory

    Hi there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect
    against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any tips?

  4. Saloni

    I am a real estate team leader and bought 10 of these for the agents on my team. With all of the news about people attacking agents, I wanted my folks to have just a little more assurance that they may not ever see that problem occur with them. Your product fit that bill. Thank you also for the speedy delivery so that I could give them out at our team retreat.
    PS During the boring part of every meeting right after lunch folks started to nod off. I turned mine on and hit the button. Everyone was awake immediately!! At least I thought it was funny!!

  5. Divya

    I really love this product and its powerful and I used it today because someone tried to rob me and I tazed him and dropped him

  6. Prashant

    A very good tazor indeed. Tased my friend who was playing playstation and he sent the controller flying at the tv and broke the screen. Ended up buying a new TV. Also works quite well if you’re studying late at night and need to keep urself awake. Beats coffee by a long shot. Highly recommend to any college students and anyone else who procrastinates in general. As far as the device itself, last I checked it holds a charge for a while. Worked for at least 100 shots for me before I felt like I should charge it.

  7. Prakash

    A very good Stun gun indeed. Tased my friend who was playing playstation and he sent the controller flying at the tv and broke the screen.Ended up buying the Tv.

  8. Piyush

    Even if you never have to shock someone with this stun gun/flashlight, the sound it makes when you activate it is so loud, the neighbors thought Thor just lit up our house lol. Anyone who knows how an electric discharge sounds like will scare off a would-be attacker with this. This is literally Zeus’ thunderbolt in your hands! Get it, if not for the stun gun feature but, for the flashlight itself is a good source of bright LED light during emergencies or when you’re walking by yourself at night. I bought several for my family. Hopefully, I don’t come home to a “cooked” household since I have boys, and you know how they can be…

  9. Tanul

    Wow, I totally thought I’d get a gimmick type of toy “taser” but wow, I’m impressed. This is the real deal. The sound is enough to intimidate anyone and at first I was a skeptic, until I actually tried it on myself. Let me just say that it wasn’t the brightest idea I ever had, but of course I was curious as to how it actually works against a human target.

  10. Happy

    This thing is great. It protected me on my night routes when I was doing that and is loud enough to send a charging dog running just by firing it off, without contact. One of my favorite parts about this particular unit is the sound it makes, it is more threatening than most – it is very loud and fast – you can hear that it is stronger than some of the others. It also casts a nice light when you fire it. I do wish there was some sort of guard on the end to prevent your hand from sliding into the probe during a struggle, I find it odd that there is none, but I guess the grip texture helps with that.

  11. Devansh

    Great product. Convienant charging plug. Good flashlight. Compact design. Very aggressive sound when you hit the zap button. I’ll update if I ever get to use it on someone.

  12. Sayantika

    I ve owned several tasers from high end ones to less expensive ones. From hand help to projectile shells you shoot from a shot gun. After testing this one and having someone test on me I would recommend it for someone wanting to keep someone from attacking .

  13. Harshit

    This thing is not a joke , i stuned my leg with this taser & couldnt move it for about a minute .

  14. Shyam V.

    i sent it back, i have yet to be given a replacement

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