Walther personal defense pistol (Pepper spray gun)


The Walther personal defense is a rechargeable pepper (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray gun. The Walther pepper spray gun consists of two elements: the dispenser and the pepper spray cartridge.

The Walther pepper spray gun is merely 125 mm / 4.9″ long, 29 mm / 1.1″ wide, 120 mm / 4.7″ high, and weighs in at barely 107 grams (3.77 oz) when empty and around 112 grams (3.95 oz) when loaded with a pepper spray cartridge. This makes it a perfectly carriable item for 24/7 personal defense.


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Walther’s personal defense pistol(Pepper spray gun)


Main features of Walther pepper spray gun:

  1. Shoot from a long distance: Stream with 20 feet (6 meters) range.
  2. Fire from any direction: Ready in each position (360 degrees)
  3. Helps in criminal identification: Admixtures for later identification under UV light
  4. Compact and Lightweight


How to Use Walther personal defense pistol (Pepper spray gun)?

The service is extremely simple. Folding barrel, inserting the cartridge, closing the gun and effective defensive means is ready for use. Kiehberg Pepper Spray Gun is not dependent on electronics or on any power source, which makes the device extremely reliable in all weather conditions. Replacing the cartridge is a matter of seconds. Of course, the pistol also has a fuse against unwanted spraying.

Why Buy Walther personal defense pistol (Pepper spray gun)?

  • Effective against people under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and aggressive animals. It makes the attacker harmless for about 30 minutes, causing: tearing and asphyxiation, involuntary closing of the eyes with irritation on the skin and on the mucous membranes it comes into contact with (nose, throat).
  • It causes a strong cough and a general sense of burning and disorientation. The pistol is loaded with an 11ml can, capable of generating about 6 powerful jets over 5 meters, (as opposed to others on the market, which does not reach even a scarce 3 meters).
  • In addition to being very powerful, the gas contained in the canister contains a special marker that is very difficult to remove from the skin and clothes and visible only under ultraviolet (UV) for possible identification of the aggressor by the police.
  • Features:
    Length: 5 in (12.5 cm)
    Height: 4,7 in (12 cm)
    Weight: 15650 gr (107 g)

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