Saregama Carvaan Hindi Portable Music Speaker


  • 5000 songs categorized into 80+ dedicated stations
  • Bluetooth, USB support
  • FM radio
  • 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting external speakers/ headphones
  • Rechargeable battery; approximately 5-hour playtime when the battery is fully charged
  • Available with remote
  • Android device-compatible charger
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dimensions : (W) 27 cm x (H) 17 cm x (D) 8 cm; Weight : 1.3 kgs
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Saregama Carvaan Hindi Portable Music Speaker

Retro is back with the dispatch of Saregama Carvaan . This compact advanced sound player with in-assembled sound system speakers accompanies saregama carvaan melodies list upto 5000 evergreen tunes . With the choice to tune into FM, Carvaan bends over as your home radio as well. You can likewise partake in your own assortment of melodies by connecting a USB drive or streaming tunes from your telephone to Carvaan by means of Bluetooth. It chips away at a battery-powered battery that goes on for around 5 hours. On xboom saregama carvaan cost is at 5999 for the pre recorded 5000 melodies. The item is sponsored by an all India administration organization, giving 1-year doorstep guarantee support.

The 5000 melodies music assortment on Saregama Carvaan has been handpicked and classified dependent on vocalists, lyricists, music authors, temperaments and so on Every music station can be chosen by turning a run dial. So in a real sense, with the turn of a handle, you can change from Kishore Kumar works of art, to R.D Burman’s throbbing hits, to immortal love melodies or to profound Sufi tracks – all in their unique renditions, consecutive with no advertisements. Additionally, Carvaan’s music library likewise incorporates the whole Ameen Sayani’s Geetmala commencement assortment spreading over 50 years.

If you wish to tailor Carvaan’s music collection even further to suit your preferences, that’s an option too. Pick your choice from our range of 20+ thematic music cards spanning regional, instrumental and even Bollywood music. Plug the music card into the USB port on Carvaan. Bingo! Your music repository is now complete.

With its premium retro look, extensive content library, ease-of-use and warranty, Saregama Carvaan becomes the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

saregama carvaan

Portable Digital Music Player by Saregama

A New Age Sound System

This digital music player has an option to tune into FM. Portable digital music player by saregama carvaan is a hands free music player. The saregama carvaan songs list is upto 5000 songs of collection been handpicked and classified based on singers, lyricists, music composers, moods etc.

Listen to it Anywhere, Anytime

Carvaan’s light weight and long battery life means it goes with you, wherever you go.

carvaan - anytime anywhere

Saregama Carvaan App

View the entire list of 5000 songs. Search for a song, artiste or an album.

The Carvaan with more

Get 32 additional artiste stations, a new mesh design and an interactive app.

Compact yet powerful

carvaan design blue print dimensions

DIMENSIONS – (W) 27 cm x (H) 17 cm x (D) 8 cm

WEIGHT – 1.3 kgs

Approximately 5 hours playtime *

carvaan usb and audio jack button blue print

AUDIO JACK – 3.5 mm

USB – 2.0

CHARGER ADAPTOR – (CE Standard – Indian pin plug)
220V 50Hz, 5V 1A

Comes along with an Android device compatible charger


Saregama Carvaan Hindi Portable Music Speaker

Saregama Carvaan Hindi Portable Music Speaker – Review

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this an internet radio?

A: No. This is not a internet radio. It come pre loaded with 5000 hindi songs

What is Saregama Carvaan?

A: Saregama Carvaan is a music player that comes with 5000 pre-loaded MP3 songs from the Saregama catalogue. The songs are categorized by Artistes, Moods and Geetmala Hits.

How do I power on/ off Saregama Carvaan?

A: To power on/ off Saregama Carvaan, press the power button on the top right hand corner.

Can I answer phone calls using Saregama Carvaan bluetooth?

A: There is no call answering feature. Saregama Carvaan supports only Bluetooth pairing and music streaming via the Carvaan speakers.

Can I connect Saregama Carvaan using an AUX to an external device and play music? bluetooth

A: There is no AUX support. It cannot be connected to an external music player or a device. But it does offer headphone jack.

Is saregama Carvaan worth buying?

A: 5.0 out of 5 stars Highly priced and an expensive product but when u buy then you will know that it’s worth of saregama carvaan price.

How many songs are there in Carvaan?

A: On saregama carvaan songs list you can hear upto 5,000 songs.

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