SHOKZ – AS650 Trekz Air Wireless Headphone


  • Nothing in/on/over your ears, while bone conduction transducers deliver music through cheekbone, your ears are open and free, allows you to hear the music and the world around you at the same time
  • Aftershocks is the only official headphone chosen by England athletics since our open ear design allows hearing both music and traffic which is vital for running, cycling, and driving on the road
  • Award-winning aftershocks bone conduction technology has been granted 80 patents worldwide over the years, premium pitch+ expands frequency band and enhances bass response, proprietary leakslayertechnology reduces leakage sound by 70 percent, titanium fit assures secure fitting and solid bone conduction contact
  • Ip55 sweat-resistant repelling rain and sweat due to watertight structure design and nano-chemical coating, Bluetooth 42 compatible with any Bluetooth enabled devices, 6 hours playback time, for both music and call, dual noise-canceling microphone enhances speech, intuitive Audrey say voice prompt
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AfterShokz – AS650 Trekz Air Wireless Headphone

Headphones that work as hard as you do, featuring an open-ear design, lightweight comfort, and dynamic sound range for training and life on the go.

AfterShokz - AS650 Trekz Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone2


No wires. No bulk. No limits. Bone conduction technology leaves ears bud-free and open to ambient sound, while our lightweight and flexible design allows for all-day listening.
AfterShokz - AS650 Trekz Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone2


With 6 hours of battery life and easy commands such as play, skip, pause, and back-a-track, you can enjoy music, calls, audiobooks, and podcasts all day long.
AfterShokz - AS650 Trekz Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone2


Inspired by athletes, Air repels sweat, dust, and moisture to help you push your limits.
AfterShokz - AS650 Trekz Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone2


Made for life-on-the-go. Let Air take you from your run to the office, to errands, and back again without missing a beat.


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