Milagrow – Black Cat 21


Key Specification

  • Uses the ”Gyro Mapping” technology
  • Full wet mopping with a water tank of 110 ml capacity
  • 600 ml large dustbin
  • Builds Map in real-time based on Gyro Mapping
  • Alexa & Google Assistant
  • NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 1500Pa Suction Power
  • 110 minutes nonstop cleaning
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Pet Hair Cleaning

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Milagrow BlackCat 21 a robotic vacuum cleaner uses the ‘Gyro Mapping’ technology to clean the spaces in an elongated S pattern without losing orientation. It uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. With a freely-rotating disk called a rotor, mounted onto a spinning axis in the center of a larger and more stable wheel the gyroscope maintains its level of effectiveness by being able to measure the rate of rotation around a particular axis. BlackCat & Redhawk 21 Floor Robot vacuum cleaner in india comes with 2 in 1 Mopping and Vacuum (WiFi Connectivity, Google Assistant and Alexa).

Milagrow BlackCat 21 robotic vacuum cleaner

Full Wet Mopping & Drying RoboVac

Milagrow BlackCat 21 & Redhawk 21 robotic vacuum cleaner come with an advanced mopping system that has an integrated water reservoir that automatically dampens the “Smart Mop” to remove stubborn dirt and debris as well as dry the floor to a spotless clean.

Full Wet Mopping & Drying robotic vacuum cleaner

Powerfull Suction - robotic vacuum cleaner

Maximum Coverage and Battery Backup

  Smart Wheel With Concealed Sensor Robots

The Front Universal Wheel of BlackCat 21 & Redhawk 21 is a smart wheel that has sensors concealed below it to detect the movement of the Robot. If the Robot stops or is finding it difficult to move then this sensor automatically ensures that the Robot intelligently maneuvers itself.

Smart Wheel


milagrow - Pet hair clean

MILAGROW Pet Hair Cleaning

Milagrow Blackest 21 & Redhawk 21 is ideal for homes with pets. Pets tend to shed a lot of hair that spreads in the entire house. The Blackest 21 & Redhawk 21 easily sucks up the pet hair and helps you to keep your home safe, especially for toddlers.


milagrow - AI Cleaning Mode

 All Surface Cleaning

Milagrow BlackCat 21 & Redhawk 21 robot vacuum cleaner in india cleans most hard indoor surfaces like concrete, tiles, glass, linoleum, wood, marble, etc. It also cleans most of the carpets unless they are extremely fluffy and/or they have loose tassels.

All surface cleaning

MILAGROW BlackCat 21 Self Charging

milagrow Robotic self charging

Quick Start Guide for Your New Milagrow BlackCat & RedHawk 21 Floor Robot

Milagrow BlackCat & RedHawk 21 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Gyro Mapping & Wet Mopping

Maximum Accessory

milagrow - Large Dustbin Capacity

robotic vacuum cleaner

robotic vacuum cleaner


Brand Milagrow
Type Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Model Name/Number BlackCat 21
Material ABS, PC, PA8
Voltage 14.4 V
Weight 3.5
Automation Grade Automatic
Suction Power 1500Pa
Warranty 2 Year on Robot , 5 year on Suction Motor, 6 months on Battery
Noise Level 40 db
Dust Capacity 600 ml
Color Black
I Deal In New Only
Water Tank for Wet Cleaning Yes with 110 ml
Max Working Time (Min) 110 Minutes
Battery capacity 2600 mAh
Robotic Wi-Fi Control Yes
Robotic Self Diagnosis Yes
Turbo Suction 800- 1500 3 levels, iBoost Technology
Main Brush Bristles Type Unbreakable Silk Nylon PA 66 long-lasting brush

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