Oculus Quest VR Headset 128 GB (Black) 2nd Gen


The Oculus Quest is the first fully functioning VR headset from Oculus that is completely wireless and requires no additional hardware (no smartphone, no television, no PC or laptop) to enjoy. You simply put on the headset, align your boundaries with the Guardian system, and download your games via a Wi-Fi connection.

  • VR Gaming without Wires or a PC
  • 128GB of Storage for Games & Apps
  • Built-In Room-Scale Insight Tracking
  • Headphones-Free 3D Positional Audio
  • Guardian System for Playspace Boundaries
  • OLED Displays, 1440 x 1600 per Eye
  • Glasses Compatible with Included Spacer

*One Year Warranty

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Oculus Quest VR Headset

Inside the headset is an OLED display using custom-designed Fresnel lenses with 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye and a 72 Hz refresh rate for smooth, seamless gaming. The games are fun and engaging, and will mostly appeal to gamers that are looking for a challenge without straining their fingers, eyes, and brain. Although there are many more gaming options on the Oculus Rift S (and fewer on the Oculus Go), the lineup on the Quest is perfect for the gamer in your life. Premier titles like Vader Immortal, Journey of the Gods, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Superhot VR are just a few that will bring experienced gamers into the fold.

Oculus Quest Features

Introducing the Oculus Quest —the first fully functioning VR headset that is completely wireless and requires no additional hardware 

This video helps explain how to set up, use, and care for your new headset. Check it out and we’ll see you in VR!

If you’re looking for the hot gift for gamers in your life, the Oculus Quest fits the bill with its completely wireless setup, ease of use, and a robust lineup of games.

Oculus Quest Features

Easy Setup:-
Setup is designed to be easy with the Oculus mobile app that’s built into the Quest headset. Whether you’re home or someplace else, the Quest is made to work with the environment you’re in, letting you play sitting or standing, in areas big or small.

Guardian Helps Keep You Safe:-
The Oculus Guardian system is designed to help you play without tripping over furniture. It lets you set the boundaries of your playspace, giving you visual indicators in-game to help you avoid nearby objects in the real world.

No Headphones Needed:-
Integrated speakers built right into the Quest headset are designed to deliver 3D positional audio, which lets you hear teammates at your side, or what’s sneaking up behind you.

Frame-Friendly Spacer Included:-
The frame-friendly spacer that’s included with the Quest is engineered to accommodate players who wear glasses. The ergonomic interface supports most types of eyewear.


Storage Capacity:- 128 GB

Display Type:- OLED

Resolution:- 1440 x 1600 (Per Eye)

Refresh Rate:- 72 Hz

Package Weight:- 4.9 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH):- 14.65 x 9.05 x 5.1″

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I set up my Oculus Quest Headset?

A: Before you begin setting up Oculus Quest Headset, remove all items from the box to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Before you connect your Oculus Quest headset:
-Connect the packaged lanyard to your Oculus Quest controller
-If you plan to wear glasses while using your Oculus Quest, insert the glasses spacer into your headset.

Connecting and Pairing Your Headset: When you are ready to start using your Oculus Quest headset for the first time:
1. Plug the charging cord into your Oculus Quest headset and a power source to begin charging it. The charging indicator will turn green once it is fully charged.
2. Download and open the Oculus app on your iPhone or Android phone.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your phone to your headset and your headset to your Wi-Fi network.
4. Continue through the on-screen instructions to pair your controller with your headset.
5. For an optimal experience, wait until your Oculus Quest Headset is fully charged before wearing it.

Wearing Your Headset: To put your headset on:
1.) Be gentle when pulling or adjusting straps. If the side straps disconnect from your headset, you can reattach them.
2.) Starting from the back, put the headset on.
-If you are wearing glasses, put the headset on from the front first.
3.) Tighten the side tabs and then top strap.
-Make sure the straps are not too tight. The headset should fit comfortably and should not apply too much pressure on your face and head.

Does it support additional memory card?

A: Not inbuilt, but you can do so via OTG. The same applies to Pen drives also.

Can I watch series on amazon prime?

A: Amazon Prime is not available as an app but you can use an internet browser and can enjoy Amazon Prime website.

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