GoPro MAX Action Camera


  • Supports 4992 x 2496 360° Video
  • Photo Resolution up to 5760 x 2880
  • Wide 8.9mm Focal Length
  • HyperSmooth Digital Stabilization
  • PowerPano 360° Photo Mode
  • In-Camera Stitching & App Control
  • Rugged Body, Waterproof to 16′

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GoPro MAX Action Camera

Take panoramic photos and videos without actually panning your camera GoPro MAX 360 Action Camera. Using opposite side lenses, the MAX can capture everything that happens in a 360° view in up to 4992 x 2496 resolution video and 5760 x 2880 still photos. Both photos and video are automatically stitched in the camera for editing flexibility and easy sharing. It can also use only one lens to capture traditional GoPro HERO-style wide-angle action footage when needed.

Dual-Lens 360-Degree Video: Capture immersive 360-degree footage with dual lenses, allowing you to record everything around you in stunning 6K resolution. Perfect for creating VR content and interactive videos.

Max HyperSmooth Stabilization: Enjoy the smoothest video stabilization ever in a GoPro, providing gimbal-like stability for all your action shots, even in the most rugged environments.

Max SuperView: Experience the widest field of view ever in a GoPro. Max SuperView mode allows you to capture more of the scene, making it ideal for action-packed moments and expansive landscapes.

360 Audio: Record immersive 360-degree audio with six built-in microphones. This feature captures true-to-life sound from all directions, enhancing the realism of your videos.

Digital Lenses: Choose from four digital lenses to customize your shots – Narrow, Linear, Wide, and Max SuperView. This flexibility allows you to switch perspectives and achieve the perfect composition for every scene.

PowerPano: Capture ultra-wide panoramic shots without the need to pan. PowerPano delivers 270-degree panoramic photos with no distortion, making it easy to capture stunning landscapes and group shots.

Reframe: Use the GoPro app to transform your 360-degree footage into traditional videos and photos. The app’s intuitive tools let you create dynamic edits and select the best angles, all from your phone.

Waterproof and Rugged: The GoPro MAX is waterproof up to 5 meters (16 feet) without a housing, making it suitable for water-based adventures and tough enough to withstand rough handling.

Voice Control: Operate your GoPro hands-free with voice commands. Simply say commands like “GoPro, start recording” or “GoPro, take a photo” to control the camera without needing to touch it.

Touch Screen: Navigate settings, frame shots, and play back footage effortlessly with the intuitive touch screen. The responsive display makes it easy to control the camera and review your shots on the go.

Live Streaming in 1080p: Stream live in 1080p on social media platforms directly from your GoPro MAX. Share your adventures in real-time with your followers, and save your streamed videos to an SD card for later viewing.

Photo and Video Timelapse: Create captivating time-lapse videos and photos. Capture intervals from 0.5 seconds to 60 minutes, perfect for documenting everything from sunrises to street scenes.

GPS Performance Stickers: Overlay your videos with GPS-based performance stickers that display speed, distance, and elevation gain. Show off your stats and add a dynamic layer to your action footage.

Compact and Portable Design: Despite its advanced features, the GoPro MAX is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and ideal for on-the-go filming.

Built-in Folding Mounts: Quickly and securely mount your GoPro MAX to a variety of accessories with the built-in folding mounts. No need for separate frames or mounts – just flip out the folding fingers and start shooting.

The GoPro MAX Action Camera combines the best of traditional GoPro capabilities with immersive 360-degree capture, offering a versatile and powerful tool for creators who want to capture every angle of their adventures.


360 Stitched Video Recording

Stitching Resolution 5.7K (Photo)
5K (Video)
Internal/External Stitching Internal, External Stitching
360 Stitched Video Format External 2D:
4992 x 2496 at 25, 30 fps
Still Image Support PNG
(5760 x 2880)
Number of Lenses 2

Camera per Lens

Sensor Type CMOS Sensor

Optics per Lens

Focal Length 8.9mm
Angle of View 360°


Media/Memory Card Slot Single Slot: microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC [256 GB Maximum]
Built-In Mic Yes
Channels 6.0-Channel Surround

Exposure Control

Shutter Speed 1/28000 to 1/5 Seconds in Photo Mode
1/50000 to 1/2 Seconds in Video Mode
ISO Sensitivity Photo
100 to 800
400 to 6400


Waterproof Depth Rating 16.0′ / 4.8 m (Camera)
Wi-Fi Yes
Tripod Mounting Thread None

Input/Output Connectors

Inputs None
Outputs 1 x USB 3.0 Type-C USB 2.0 Speed
Microphone Input No
Headphone Jack No


Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 3.85 VDC, 1600 mAh
Charging Method USB
Dimensions (W x H x D) 2.5 x 2.7 x 1.6″ / 6.4 x 6.9 x 4 cm
Weight 5.75 oz / 163 g


  • What is the GoPro MAX, and how does it differ from other GoPro cameras? The GoPro MAX is a 360-degree action camera that features dual lenses for capturing immersive 360-degree videos and photos. Unlike other GoPro cameras, the MAX offers 360-degree capture, PowerPano photos, and Max HyperSmooth stabilization.
  • What video resolutions does the GoPro MAX support? The GoPro MAX supports 6K 360-degree video at 30fps and 1440p traditional video at 60fps. It provides high-resolution capture for both immersive 360-degree content and standard wide-angle footage.
  • How does Max HyperSmooth stabilization work? Max HyperSmooth stabilization provides advanced stabilization by using both hardware and software to smooth out footage. This feature ensures gimbal-like stability, even in the roughest conditions, making videos appear smooth and professional.
  • Is the GoPro MAX waterproof? Yes, the GoPro MAX is waterproof up to 5 meters (16 feet) without needing an additional housing. This makes it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other water-based activities.
  • Can the GoPro MAX live stream? Yes, the GoPro MAX can live stream in 1080p directly to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. This allows you to share your adventures in real-time with your audience.
  • What are the available shooting modes on the GoPro MAX? The GoPro MAX offers several shooting modes, including 360 Video, HERO Mode (traditional video), PowerPano, TimeWarp, Time Lapse, and Photo. These modes provide versatility for capturing different types of content.
  • What is PowerPano, and how is it used? PowerPano allows you to capture 270-degree panoramic photos without needing to pan the camera. This feature is ideal for wide landscape shots and large group photos, ensuring no distortion and seamless images.
  • How does the Reframe feature work in the GoPro app? The Reframe feature in the GoPro app lets you transform 360-degree footage into traditional videos and photos. You can select the best angles and create dynamic edits directly from your phone, making the process of editing and sharing content easy and intuitive.
  • What accessories are compatible with the GoPro MAX? The GoPro MAX is compatible with a wide range of GoPro accessories, including mounts, grips, and protective cases. Built-in folding mounts make it easy to attach the camera to various accessories without additional frames or mounts.
  • Where can I purchase the GoPro MAX Action Camera? The GoPro MAX Action Camera is available for purchase from the official GoPro website, authorized retailers, and online marketplaces like Purchasing from authorized sellers ensures you receive genuine products with warranty support and customer service.

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