Portronics Decibel 22 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

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Portronics Decibel 22 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with RGB Light, 

Decibel 22

Whether you are with your close ones or enjoying a quiet and calming solitude of your own company, Portronics Decibel 22 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker is your partner. It has a sound quality which doesn’t know any competitor worthy enough. Alongside your ears, it also pleases your eyes with a sturdy, compact and aesthetic design and a sleek display of Red, Blue, Green (RBG) LED display. It has a knob with which you can regulate the volume of the sound. This model is portable and easy to carry around thanks to smaller dimensions and more compact design. With the help of the latest technology, the product is now stronger, sturdier and more durable than ever.


  • [IMMERSIVE AUDIO] : Portronics Decibel 22 produces the quality of a sound which is unparalleled by any other product. From watching your favorite sports, web-series and movies to throwing a fabulous party, this product is sure to exceed your expectations. While playing, it also creates a beautiful display of RBG LED light. With a slick knob, you can easily increase or decrease the volume
  • [RGB LED DISPLAY WITH EASY PORTABILITY] : This soundbar is equally pleasing to the eyes as it is to ears, thanks to a slick LED display. With smaller dimensions and a more compact and sturdy design, you can easily carry around the speaker anywhere you go without occupying too much space
  • [LUCID QUALITY OF BASS] : An excellent quality of bass is a must if you want a truly amazing experience with music. Portronics Decibel 22 delivers that with striking precision. You will not experience any bad sound while using this soundbar. Also with the battery of 1200 mAh, your function can go on unhampered
  • [EXCELLENT CONNECTIVITY AND BATTERY-LIFE] : Portronics Decibel 22 provides the you with two options of connectivity; Bluetooth 5.0 & AUX. So whether you are in the comforts of your home, in a grand function or in the solitude of nature, the Decibel 22 is sure to provide you with a musical bliss
  • [WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE] : The package contains 1 Portronics Decibel-22 Soundbar, 1 charging cable, 1 AUX cable and 1 user manual

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