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Pepper spray : 12 tips on how to use pepper spray

By May 31, 2015September 21st, 2022No Comments
Pepper spray

12 tips on how to use Pepper spray

It’s very important that we know how to use our tools right. It becomes more important if that tool can possibly save your life in case of any emergency. Let’s have a look at the 12 best-practiced tips & tricks on using a pepper spray canister.

1. Basic Pepper Spray Shooting Technique
What is a basic pepper spray shooting technique? When you’re ready to shoot the spray, go into a slight crouch with your weight evenly balanced on both feet if you have the chance. Thrust your non-shooting hand straight out in front of you. At the same time, shout “STOP” as loud as you can. As you’re doing this raise your shooting hand with the pepper spray to eye level approximately 6 inches in front of your chin, aim over your outstretched arm and hand, and shoot toward the assailant’s face and head area.

2. Don’t Stick Your Hand Way Out When Firing

What is important not to do when using pepper spray? Never trust your shooting hand out in front of you towards the assailant. He or she may react quickly and hit your hand aside or grab it! As you shoot, back up and continue backing up away from the assailant. This gives you a little more time and draws the assailant into the pepper spray. Good training.

3. Shout STOP When You Use Pepper Spray

Should I say anything when I use my pepper spray? Shouting “STOP” creates a slight diversion. Raising your arm outstretched toward the assailant may cause his immediate attention to be focused on that hand, not the one with the pepper spray. This gives you time to shoot the spray before the assailant can react.

4. How to Spray Your Pepper Canister

Exactly how do I spray my pepper spray? If you ever have to use it, make sure you have distance between you and the threat if at all possible. Aim the spray at the eyes and facial region of the threat then release a 1 to 2-second burst of spray. After you have done this MOVE out of the way but keep your eyes on the threat. Pepper spray ingredients can take a couple of moments to cause a reaction and by watching the reactions of the threat you will be able to determine if you will require another shot of pepper spray.

5. Keep Your Eyes Open When Firing Pepper Spray

What are the mistakes that I don’t want to make when I use pepper spray? Don’t ever shut your eyes! You may have to correct your aim slightly. You should shoot the spray for 2 to 3 seconds, nether a short squirt nor a long drenching. After shooting your pepper spray, the assailant will normally stop within seconds, blinded and virtually helpless due to uncontrollable coughing spasms. Once the assailant is disables, stop spraying. Continue backing and concentrate on getting away!

6. Timing Your Pepper Spray is So Important
Is timing important when using pepper spray? There’s much more to using pepper spray than point-and-shoot! Remember, don’t raise, point, and shoot the spray until you’re ready to fire. Wait until the assailant is in range and you know the spray will hit him full in the face area and incapacitate him! The objective is to surprise him or her before they can have a chance to react or think.

7. Practice is the Best Pepper Spray Technique
Do I need to practice using my pepper spray? It is vital that you give some thought in advance to how you will carry your pepper spray canister. Consider carrying the device in the same place whenever possible. That way, you won’t have to think, “where is it today?” in the heat of the moment. Try various carrying methods and practice drawing the weapon. Make sure you can draw your pepper spray quickly from wherever you’re keeping it. Good, accessible locations include inside a pants pocket, especially for the models with a clip.

8. Effective Use of Pepper Spray
What is the most effective use of my pepper spray? One of the keys to effective use of pepper spray is timing and recognizing a potential threat and knowing when it becomes an assault! Exactly when you bring it to bear on an assailant can be critical to the outcome of a situation. First, you have to make sure the spray is readily available, and, second, through practice, you can bring it to bear on the assailant quickly and accurately.

9. Where to Aim Your Pepper Spray?
How do I aim for my pepper spray? Pepper spray should be directed at the assailant’s face at close range either in a stream, spray or mist, and never sprayed wildly at a crowd. The technique to use is simple – keep following the head and keep spraying.

10. Other Pepper Spray Technique Tips
What are other good pepper spray technique tips? If someone is attempting to attack you, always move off the line of force before spraying. Deliver the pepper spray in a few short bursts of a second or so each in an “X” or “Z” pattern. You cannot always count on your target staying still and spraying in a pattern will help you hit the target. Then get out of there, and once you are safe, contact the police and report the attack. You want your description of the attack to be the first one they hear.

11. When All You Can Do Is Get Your Pepper Spray Out
What is the most basic way to use pepper spray? Obviously, you may not have time to shoot the spray in such a textbook way. You may not have time to do anything but bring the spray up and start shooting. If that’s the case, don’t worry about aiming correctly, or even correcting your aim. JUST SHOOT!

12. Catch Your Attacker by Surprise
Should I catch my attacker by surprise with my pepper spray? When used by surprise, the spray is an excellent distraction, allowing you time to get away.

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