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Advanced Pepper Spray - Best Self-defense weapon



It goes without question that the best one can do for a hostile situation is avoid it all together. However, preparedness should involve proper choice of defence tools and more importantly knowledge of their applications, because it cannot get worse when you find yourself in a hostile situation and turn to grab your pepper spray clueless about how to use it. Additionally a proper choice of spray goes a long way in deciding the success of countermeasures. Because, not all situations are the same and what is apt for an individual attacker might not be sufficient for a group. Below are the types of pepper spray categorised depending on different situations:


  1. Stream pepper spray:

Stream sprayers could be thought of as a water pistol which  delivers more liquid pepper spray to the attacker. So someone getting hit in the face with a stream of pepper spray is taking a pretty big hit. But they also get used up faster. Streams have a longer range than a usual  forced cone pepper spray. Another added advantage to streams spray is the low risk of blow back,which is what might usually happen if you shoot a mist of pepper spray into the breeze and it reverts back and hits the user too.


  • Delivers more liquid pepper
  • Higher impact
  • No blowback


  • Used up faster
  • Ineffective if aimed poorly




  1. Forced Cone Pepper Spray:

Of the smaller 1/2 oz. personal size pepper sprays, most are forced cone sprays. The  pattern of spray covers a width of about two feet and spreads radially because of having a circular shape viz about the size of a human head. The  forced cone spray ranges approximately 6-12 feet. The spray is more of a fine mist than a broken stream but is delivered as a forceful stream. Subsequently, eyes will shut tight and fast. Even If the slightest amount of spray is inhaled, it will instantly cause choking and uncontrollable coughing.


  • Latest generation of dispensing actuators
  • Covers full face, penetrates skin pores and mucous membranes
  • Effective over 6 – 12 feet         



  • Blowback


  1. Foggers Pepper Spray:

 A fogger type of spray disperses wider and constitutes of finer droplets. It is most effective in a larger area with quick discharge. Although aim can be less critical, it is ideal for dealing with multiple attackers, animals, crowd control and to make a hallway uninhabitable in no time. The force with which the spray is dispersed is appreciable .The attacker will certainly receive the majority of the spray even in windy situations.



  • Wide dispersion
  • Crowd control
  • Animal control
  • Multiple attacker


  • Bulky
  • Less critical



  1. Foams Pepper Spray :

Foam pepper spray constitutes a thick, heavy foam with numerous effective ingredients. The wind has minimal to no effect on it. Foam pepper spray accumulates, rather than running off, and is in fact practically impossible to wipe off without assistance. The effects are instantaneously debilitating and worsens as the target tries to wipe it off, inadvertently rubbing it further deeper into the skin’s layer.



  • Unaffected by wind
  • Doesn’t run off
  • Worsens when attempted to wipe it off


  • Shorter Range


Conclusion : Make your selection wisely and purchase the best suitable type of pepper spray as per your requirement.

Stay safe!


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