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Restoring the balance of society

Restoring the balance of society
July 30, 2015 vishal saurav

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India is turning out to be a corporate hub of the world. With an increasing number of women studying at universities and working in offices, it is no longer practical for them to travel accompanied by her father, husband or brother. The cosmopolitan city culture is getting shaped. Late night parties and late night work shifts both are getting common. Women are now no more restricted to their home, they want to go out and explore the world. In short they need to get independent which is impossible till they don’t put away the fear of personal safety from their mind. It’s important to kill this fear if we really want to have a balanced society and build a society where everybody is equally respected. Respect is the ultimate remedy for the fear of one’s safety.

The rising crimes (a part of which comes in media) has captured a place on our mind which is subconsciously making us feel unsafe. The crime like molestation, rape, abduction or forced trafficking, all happen due to one factor. And that factor is the programming which has been done in his mind that provokes him to treat women as an object and inferior sex. It has caused consciously or unconsciously a big damage to the balance of our society. Human brains get programmed by the nature of education, surrounding and types of inputs we choose for us. If that input is designed to showcase women as an object, without the real respect on how she feels, it is bound to have a negative effect. Common sources of this could be the crime news on TV, newspaper headlines, advertisements and movies.

Working on all these to make a change may be a long process but it’s important for us to work on to restore the balance of the society. First of fall we have to instil safety & security among women. Truly empowering women means giving them independence & rights equal to men. The amount of safety sense with which a man can move, women are supposed to have the same feel, whether it is street, travel, workplace or home. When this will happen we can say that we have a balanced society otherwise not.

So how shall we achieve the balance?

I would be covering the rest of the discussion in my next post.

Please keep an eye on this space.


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