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Personal safety – Why should we look out for ourselves ?

By August 11, 2015October 25th, 2018No Comments
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Personal safety – Why should we look out for ourselves ?

Most of us at some point of time in life must have been bullied by someone. Maybe we were bullied by our friends, neighbours, colleagues or even by our senior officials/boss various levels. There’s one more fact that is mostly common with all of us, and thats the reply from our parents and elders to ignore it and they will stop bullying you one day. This kind of teachings is actually responsible for our ignorance towards personal safety which keeps us waiting for the adverse situation to pass away instead of taking our own responsibility and fighting back.

Today we have become similar to an alcoholic who is well aware of the consequences of consuming alcohol but even then he continues to do it. As we are dependent on various people around us including our family, we should also make us remind that they too are dependent on us and at least for the sake of all those people we should never ignore our personal safety. Basically, it is the attitude which has grown within us over time that makes us ignore most of the safety measures. Repetitive ignorance of personal safety which resulted in no harm has made us believe that personal safety is totally unimportant.

Most of us suffer from ‘nothing can happen to me’ attitude. Till someone doesn’t go through a personal bad experience he/she never learns to take care of their personal safety. Even sportsperson like scuba divers or mountaineers gets well prepared before actually they are on their journey. If they can understand the importance of their safety, why can’t we? . People who are uneducated or poor, ignore personal safety because they fail to understand its importance. For them, personal safety measures are a burden which they don’t want to add into their already burdened lifestyle. But every human being should acknowledge the fact that there must be a certain number of people in everyone’s life who care for us and for whom we care too. At least for their sake we should start undertaking the habit of maintaining our personal safety. At last we can never expect to have a risk free life, but if we are well prepared no risk can make us succumb towards it.So don’t forget to have Xboom in your pocket/bag while you go out.

Live safe !

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