Autel EVO lite Premium Bundle Drone


  • World’s First 4-axis Gimbal Design
  • 1/1.28-inch (0.8-inch) CMOS sensor capable of 50 MP photos and 4K HDR Videos
  • PDAF + CDAF autofocus system
  • Obstacle avoidance system
  • Industry-leading 40 minutes flight time
  • Transmission range of 7.4 miles
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Taking to the skies has never been more fun than it is with the Autel EVO Lite Premium Drone. It is uncomplicated, lightweight, and inexpensive, yet it is capable of capturing amazing aerial photographs and films for priceless recollections. Utilising this intuitive and adaptable drone, you can effortlessly explore the sky and share the one-of-a-kind viewpoints you get along the way.

EVO lite

Make Your Way Through The Shadows. Reclaim the night as your own.

Explore the World When the Moon Is Out.

Even when the ISO is turned all the way up, the EVO Lite+’s 1-inch CMOS image sensor and Autel’s sophisticated moonlight algorithm allow it to capture clear, bright details at night with low noise levels. This is the case even when the ISO is turned all the way up.

Gain Command With An Aperture That Is Fully Adjustable

You have the chance to show off your distinctive artistic style by adjusting the exposure as well as the depth of field thanks to an aperture that is adjustable from f/2.8 to f/11. This gives you more room to exercise your imagination.

  • 1″ CMOS

  • F2.8~F11

  • 6K/30FPS Video

  • 20MP

Bring Back the Original Colours!

When photographing scenes with an excessive amount of contrast, set the camera to automatically adjust the exposure so that the resulting photographs are both sharper and have more layers.

Defog Mode

Whether you’re flying over a cloudy hilltop at dawn or hovering at the base of a waterfall, you can cut through the haze with a fog penetration feature that cuts through the haze with a function that automatically adjusts the camera’s vibrance settings to make your film look crisp and clear. This function cuts through the haze whether you’re flying over a cloudy hilltop at dawn or hovering at the base of a waterfall.

Camera with a sensitivity of 50 megapixels

Discover an entirely new level of image quality with the help of a CMOS sensor measuring 1/1.28 inches in size and a supersensitive 50 megapixel camera. As a result of the camera’s use of a RYYB colour filter array design, which is capable of soaking up 40 percent more light than the more conventional RGGB arrays, you will be able to record the splendour of natural settings.

EVO lite

HDR will produce darker shadows. Highlights with more brightness.

When HDR is turned on, the Lite and Lite+ cameras will take many pictures at varying exposures and then automatically patch them together. The end result will be a picture that has greater contrast and dynamic range.

Instant Focus, Instant Capture is the Goal.

Using a phase detection autofocus and dual focus technology, you can keep up with subjects that are moving quickly and get a perfect autofocus that can lock in within milliseconds.

Your Own Personal Paparazzi: SkyPortrait

When a button is pressed, the Lite will launch into the air and take a picture of you and your pals while automatically adjusting the lens to include everyone. Whether it’s the peak of a mountain or your own garden, you can dramatically showcase your magnificent destination by automatically blurring the background for added theatrical effect.

Tracking Master Subjects in Dynamic Track 2.1

Employ your Lite to follow anyone automatically so you may concentrate on your activities as it takes care of the cinematic aspect.

Avoiding Obstacles from an Ultra Wide Angle

With Autel’s new super wide angle obstacle avoidance cameras, you can fly more safely, confidently, and quickly than ever before. The 150 degree front field of view provided by the sensors allows the EVO Lite to reduce the number of cameras required while removing more blind spots than conventional systems.

EVO Nano Standard Drone

In The Box

EVO lite



Takeoff weight 835g
Dimensions (including blades) Folded: 210×123×95mm
Unfolded: 427×384×95mm
Wheelbase 368mm
Max ascent speed 5m/s (sport), 4m/s (standard), 3m/s (smooth)
Max descent speed 4m/s (sport), 3m/s (standard), 2m/s (smooth)
Max level flight speed(no wind, near sea level) 18m/s (sport), 10m/s (standard), 5m/s (smooth)
Max takeoff altitude 4000m
Max flight time (no wind) 40min
Max hovering time (no wind) 38min
Max  flight distance (no wind) 24km
Max wind resistance Level 7
Max tilt angle 33°(sport), 25°(standard), 25°(smooth)
Max angular velocity 200°(sport), 120°(standard), 60°(smooth)
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Operating frequency 2.400-2.4835GHz,5.725-5.850GHz,5.150-5.250GHz
Transmission power (EIRP) FCC:≤30dBm;CE:≤20dBm
Hovering accuracy Vertical:±0.1m (when the visual positioning is active), ±0.5m (with GPS positioning); Horizontal:±0.3m (when the visual positioning is active), ±1.5m (with GPS positioning);


Mechanical range Pitch: -135°~45°
Roll: -45°~45°
Yaw: -90°~90°
Rotate: -400°~400°
Controllable range Pitch: -90°~30°
Yaw: -80°~80°
Rotate: -360°~360°
Stabilization 4-axis,(horizontal/vertical/tilt/rotation shooting)
Max control speed (pitch) 30°/s
Angular vibration range ±0.003°

Sensing System

orward Accurate measurement range: 0.5~18m
Effective sensing speed: <12m/s
FOV: horizontal <70°, vertical <88°
Backward Accurate measurement range: 0.5~18m
Effective sensing speed: <12m/s
FOV: horizontal <40°, vertical <30°
Downward Accurate measurement range: 0.5~22m
Visual hovering range: 0.5~40m
FOV: horizontal <40°, vertical <30°
Operating environment Forward, backward:
Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting(lux> 15)
Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting(lux> 15);
Detects diffuse reflective surfaces(>20%) (walls, trees, people, etc.)


Sensor CMOS: 1/1.28 inch
Effective pixels: 50M
Pixel size: 1.22μm*1.22μm
Lens FOV: 85°
Equivalent focal length: 23mm
Aperture: f/1.9
Focus range: 0.5m ~ ∞
Focus mode: PDAF+CDAF/MF
Shooting mode Automatic mode (P gear): EV adjustable, ISO/Shutter automatic
Manual mode (M gear): ISO/Shutter adjustable, EV not adjustable
Shutter priority (S gear): Shutter/EV adjustable, ISO automatic
ISO range Video: ISO100 ~ ISO6400
Photo: ISO100 ~ ISO6400
Night scene mode: ISO up to 64000
Shutter speed Photo mode: 1/8000 ~ 8s
Other: 1/8000 ~ 1/frame rates
Portrait blur Real-time image transmission portrait blur and photo portrait blur
Defog mode Support
Zoom range Digital zoom: 1 ~ 16 times
Lossless zoom: 4K: 2 times; 1080p: 4 times
4K: more than 2 times the digital, the following is lossless
1080P: more than 4 times the digital, the following is lossless
Photo format JPG / DNG / JPG+DNG
Photo resolution 50MP:8192×6144(4:3)
Photo shooting mode Single shot
Burst shooing: 3/5
Auto exposure bracketing(AEB): 3/5 shots
Interval: 2s/3s/4s/5s (default)/6s/…/60s (DNG min 5s)
HDR imaging: 8192×6144/4096×3072/3840×2160
Night shot: 8192×6144/4096×3072/3840×2160
Video coding format H265/H264
Video resolution 3840×2160 p60/50/48/30/25/24
2720×1528 p60/50/48/30/25/24
1920×1080 p120/60/50/48/30/25/24
3840×2160 p30/25/24
2720×1528 p30/25/24
1920×1080 P60/50/48/30/25/24
Max bitrate 120Mbps
Timelapse Original image:3840*2160,JPG/DNG
Video:4K P25
Panorama Horizontal/Vertical/Wide-angle/Spherical
Original image: 4096*3072,JPG/DNG
Supported file system Fat32、exFat
Video format MP4/MOV
WIFI transfer 20MB/s

Remote Controllor & Transmission

Operating frequency 2.400-2.4835GHz,5.725-5.850GHz,5.150-5.250GHz
Max transmission distance (unobstructed, free of interference) FCC:12km;CE:6km
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Transmission power (EIRP) FCC:≤30dBm;CE:≤20dBm
Battery capacity 3930mAh
Max battery life ~ 2.5h (when charging a mobile phone)
~ 3.5h (when not charging mobile phone)
Interface type Type C
Transmission system Autel SkyLink
Realtime transmission quality Transmission distance<1km:2.7K 30fps
Transmission distance>1km:1080P 30fps
Transmission bitrate 90Mbps
Transmission delay ≤200ms


Input 100-240V/50-60HZ
Output 12.75V⎓5A
Rated power 63.75W


capacity 6175mAh
Voltage 11.13V
Max charging voltage 12.75V
Battery Type Li-Po 3S
Energy 68.7Wh
Charging temperature 5~45℃
Single battery charging time 90min
Max charging power 78W

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