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Xboom’s Rent-A Drone is your one-stop shop for UAV equipment rentals on a weekly/daily and hourly basis, new and used sales, aerial services, training and more. We own and maintain our own large and diverse rental fleet of the latest UAV/drones. We have many options in drones available as shown below. Equipment is available to ship to any location in India. or via local pick up from our headquarter or one of our various partners. you can rent a drone in Bangalore and also other cities in India

No matter the industry we’ve got you covered – precision agriculture, professional cinematography, building inspection, land survey, energy, utility & power, public service, fire/security, and more. rent a drone in Bangalore today

Industries for which you can Rent A Drone!

Find out how drones are revolutionizing the industrial world. From the smallest tasks to large complex projects, UAV’s are providing us with a new way to analyze data.

Complete your next project faster, safer, and more efficiently by finding the right drone for you.

drone for agriculture
Cinematography Rent A Drone


  • Farms and fields in India are the most productive they’ve ever been.
  • Indian Farmers need the best tools to keep adding more output for high-quality, nutritious crops to expand rapidly. Using agricultural drones.
  • Drones are the next logical step in the progression of increased yields and decreased costs.
  • let’s get the drone and explore some of the ways you can use the sensors these farming drones carry for advanced precision agriculture.


  • Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a creative filmmaking pro, buying a 4K video drone will up your game in a major way.
  • We have recommendations on the best 4K drones for quality.
  • best drones for a tight budget, and the most portable drones, all of which let you expand your horizons as you continue your journey with drone cinematography.
  • No matter your experience level, you can start with a short rental and determine whether you’ll commit for the long term. 
Photography Rent A Drone

Construction Process

  • Construction drones help crews work faster, safer, and at a lower cost.
  • drones provide the images, data, and consistency you need to construct better, faster, and for less money.
  • Contact us and we’ll show you a few killer applications for drones in construction and highlight some of the best construction drone models available for each task


  • Discover amazing views and new perspectives with drones.
  • From take-off to landing, get the most out of a drone’s camera to capture captivating aerial images
  • With altitude on your side, you’ll discover transformed landscapes and awe-inspiring views from a bird’s-eye view that photographers without a drone can’t access.
  • Make your photos stand out from the current influx of photos.
  • The best drone shots take advantage of the unique compositions you wouldn’t get [otherwise], while adhering to the principles for what makes a great photograph,” says Schwindt

The Energy Industry

  • Drones are a natural fit for the energy industry because they can reach high places and do dangerous jobs without risking a pilot in an aircraft or technician climbing a scaffolding
  • Working around an electrical generation or petroleum equipment means that a drone needs to be professional-grade and much more durable than the average toy
  • We recommend drones from the DJI Mavic series, such as the Mavic Mini 2 or the Mavic Air 2, to deal with the rigors of high winds, electromagnetic interference, or the possibility of light rain.
  • Survey drones have all become readily available, maps and surveying are cheaper, faster, and more accurate than ever
  • Drone surveying even lets you reduce risk and improve mid-stream visibility for any project
  • We’ll explore the many options available and explain the choices you have to perform a drone survey….know more

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