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What to expect from our drone training program ?


Drone Pilot Training Program

Go Beyond and hone your pilot skills by harnessing our meritorious drone pilot training program to fulfill your drone dreams.

Uncover your potential, and let’s celebrate the quest of drones together!

Certified Instructors

Cruise through your drone ambitions with the promise of the best drone pilot training in India.

Our adept and qualified team of expert trainers strive to propel you to greater peaks.

DGCA Approved Training

Focused and valuable, our enhanced training of the imperative drone courses accelerates your learning process.

Approved by DGCA, our applauded drone pilot training and courses facilitate you towards a rewarding career path.

Training Certificate

Awarding a training certificate that elevates your conception of drone technology, our UAV pilot courses push the limits of your comprehension and knowledge.

A catalyst to your learning, we aspire to boost and augment your learning experience.


100% Practical training

Unearth your ambitious passion for drone piloting with our thriving practicum and grounding.

Our expedient drone network amplifies your versatility in the space of drone technology and operations.

Job Oriented Course Syllabus

With our certified drone operating and flying courses, soak up the interesting nature of drones and their operations.

The effective courses, as taught by our dexterous trainers put you on a path to a glorious career.

Drone Pilot Network

Empowering you through your zealous drive for drone proficiency, we mold you towards an eminent and lucrative shape.

We aspire to achieve this with our ever-expansive network of drone pilots that are cherished for their work. Inspired by this, we offer our students the opportunity and experience to be employed in our drone pilot network and work closely with us.


Drone Pilot Training Course Highlights

The course deals with the explanation of technical aspects of drone, regulations, simulation and drone pilot training.

Syllabus Covered

Day Program

Day 1

Regulations of DGCA, Civil Aviation Requirements

Basic principles of flight

Introduction to Multirotor

Drone Equipment Maintenance

Day 2

Final Test – Theory

Introduction to Flight Simulator

Flight simulator training

Practical Flying with Instructor Supervision

Day 3

Assembling of a custom drone

Practical flying with instructor supervision

Day 4

Practical flying with instructor / solo flying


At the end of the Training Course, a certificate will be presented to the participants who have attended all the sessions of the Training Course. The certificate will be titled, “Diploma in Drone Technology for completing ‘MULTIROTOR DRONE/UAV PILOT COURSE”

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