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Drone Services in India –

Welcome to, your leading provider of drone services in India. We are proud to offer a wide range of drone services that are designed to meet the unique needs of various industries and applications.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality services, using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge equipment. Whether you need aerial photography for a real estate listing, inspections for industrial structures, or search and rescue operations in remote areas, we have the expertise and equipment to help.

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Drone Fleet

High-performance, reliable and safe

XBOOM operates a fleet of drones ranging from quadcopters to VTOL & fixed-wing aircraft, to provide exceptional drone services. The fleet is equipped with the latest models from renowned brands such as DJI, Autel, Wingtra, as well as domestically produced brands like VFLYX. These drones are capable of performing a wide range of applications, including survey, surveillance, inspection, thermal imaging, agriculture spraying & logistics equipped with advanced sensors & cameras to capture high-resolution data.

Licensed Drone Pilots

Get best out of the drone

We ensure that every drone mission is carried out efficiently and effectively by providing trained and experienced drone pilots. These pilots are capable of executing even the most critical drone missions with ease and precision. They possess a deep understanding of the industry and the technical know-how required to operate the drones safely and efficiently. With Xboom’s trained and experienced drone pilots, customers can be confident that their drone missions will be completed successfully and to the highest standards.

Data Processing

Analyse and take informative decision

XBOOM provides drone captured data processing for survey and inspection applications using premium drone software such as Pix4D and DJI Terra. These software programs allow for the efficient processing and analysis of drone captured data to produce detailed maps, models and reports that can be used for a wide range of applications.  XBOOM’s expertise in drone technology, combined with its use of the latest software and processing tools, provides clients with high-quality data that can be used to make informed decisions.

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Drone Survey and Mapping

Create detailed and accurate maps of any area with our advanced mapping software for applications such as land surveying, city planning, and construction management.

Inspection and surveying of industrial structures and infrastructure

Used in construction, oil and gas, and energy industries.
Inspect and survey industrial structures and infrastructure such as power plants, wind turbines, bridges, and more with specialized cameras and sensors.

Delivery and transportation services

Safely and efficiently deliver packages and goods to their destination with our advanced navigation systems.

Agriculture and crop monitoring

Monitor crops, detect pests and diseases, and provide farmers with detailed information about the health and growth of their crops using specialized cameras and sensors.

Security and surveillance

Used for security and surveillance in commercial and industrial facilities, and public events.
The footage and data collected by our drones can be analyzed and used to identify potential security threats, allowing our clients to take proactive measures to protect their assets and personnel.

Construction progress monitoring and site inspections

With 3D mapping technology that can capture detailed images and data of the construction site, allowing our clients to track the progress of their projects, identify any issues, and make informed decisions about next steps.

Mining and quarry inspections

Capture high-resolution images and data of mining and quarry sites, providing a detailed view of the condition of the equipment, the extraction process, and the environment. This data can be used to identify potential issues, such as equipment failure or environmental hazards.

Inspection and maintenance of transmission lines and power plants

With the help of this data, power companies and utility providers can identify potential issues such as corrosion, damage, or equipment failure and make informed decisions about maintenance, safety, and production

Inspection and maintenance of wind turbines

Wind Turbines drone service allows wind farm operators to safely and efficiently inspect and maintain wind turbines using advanced cameras and sensors. Identify issues, reduce human errors, ensure reliability and safety while reducing costs.

Inspection of bridges and roads

Allows civil engineers and construction companies to safely and efficiently inspect and assess the condition of bridges and roads using advanced cameras and sensors. Identify potential issues such as corrosion, damage and wear and tear, reduce human errors and costs while ensuring safety and reliability of the infrastructure.

Inspection and maintenance of communication towers

Our services include thermal imaging, close visual inspections and RF testing to identify potential issues and ensure the reliability of the communication infrastructure while reducing human errors and cost.

Inspection and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines

Safely and efficiently inspect and maintain their pipelines using advanced cameras and sensors. Our drones are equipped with ultrasonic, electromagnetic and other sensors to detect potential issues such as corrosion, cracks, dents, deformations, and leaks.

Inspection and maintenance of rail infrastructure

Thermal imaging cameras, LIDAR and other sensors to detect issues such as rail defects, track geometry, ballast conditions, and vegetation growth. Our services include track geometry measurements, rail and switch inspections and thermal imaging to identify potential issues and ensure the reliability.

Inspection and maintenance of solar panel installations

Capture infrared thermography, visual inspections, and performance analysis to identify potential issues and ensure the efficiency and reliability of the solar panel installations while reducing human errors and costs.

Inspection and maintenance of dams, locks and canals

Dam and lock inspections, canal and spillway inspections, and volume measurements to identify potential issues. With LIDAR, thermal imaging cameras and other sensors to detect issues such as erosion, cracks, leaks, and debris build-up.

Surveillance and maintenance of industrial facilities.

Detect issues such as corrosion, leaks, and equipment malfunction in various types of industrial facilities such as petrochemical plants, power plants, oil refineries and more. Our services include inspections, performance analysis, and maintenance planning.

law enforcement and military in tactical battle.

Real-time data and footage during tactical operations, allowing for faster decision making and improved situational awareness. It can also be used for reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring in real-time, providing a tactical advantage in the field.

Traffic monitoring and management

Help in identifying traffic bottlenecks, reducing traffic congestion, and improving traffic flow in urban cities. This service can help in improving the overall traffic situation in the urban city and reducing the negative effects of traffic congestion.

Environmental monitoring and data collection

With real-time data and footage of factors such as air and water quality, wildlife, and land use, allowing for improved environmental management. This service can help in identifying pollution sources, tracking wildlife populations, and monitoring land use changes.

Inspection and maintenance of educational facilities

Provide real-time information to security personnel & reducing response times. Improvise overall security of the educational facilities, thereby enhancing student and staff safety and protecting the school's reputation.

Inspection and maintenance of offshore oil rigs and platforms.

Real-time data and footage of security threats, infrastructure issues, and maintenance needs, allowing for improved security and facility management.

Inspection and maintenance of zoos and aquariums

Can help in identifying potential issues with animal enclosures, monitoring animal behavior, and providing a safe way to conduct inspections. It can also be used for monitoring and counting animal populations.

Drones for crowd control and public safety at large events

This service can help in ensuring the safety of the public and the smooth running of large events by providing accurate and precise data for decision making and planning in real-time.

Drones for border patrol and immigration control

Help in identifying potential security risks, tracking movements of people, and providing real-time information to border security personnel. It can also be used for incident response, providing real-time information to emergency services and reducing response times.

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At Xboom, we are committed to providing our Indian clients with the best drone services tailored to their specific needs. Whether you’re a farmer looking to improve crop yields, a construction company in need of building inspections, or a search and rescue team in need of support, we have the expertise and equipment to help. We are constantly researching and developing new technology to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the drone industry in India.

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