AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL- Dual GPS Combo

  • Heavy-Hauling Power: Effortlessly lifts massive payloads for efficient cargo, equipment, or personnel transport, with a rugged build ensuring reliability in extreme conditions.
  • Precision Flight: Advanced flight control systems grant unparalleled agility and accuracy, enabling seamless navigation through tight spaces and challenging environments.
  • Customizable Versatility: Tailor configurations for diverse missions, enhancing adaptability for cargo transport, medical evacuation, surveillance, and more.
  • Advanced Avionics: Integrated GPS, autopilot, and telemetry systems ensure safe and efficient operations, empowering pilots with enhanced situational awareness and precise navigation.
  • Built Tough: Engineered for durability, it thrives in harsh conditions, delivering consistent performance in rough terrain and adverse weather.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Optimal fuel consumption extends range and endurance, reducing operational costs and enabling longer missions without frequent refueling.
  • Safety First: Redundant systems and advanced safety features mitigate risks, ensuring a secure flying experience for operators and passengers alike.

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Efficiency Elevated: Unleashing the Power of AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL

Designed for the most demanding missions, the AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL boasts a rugged construction engineered to withstand rigorous operational demands. Its precision-engineered components ensure reliability even in the harshest conditions, providing operators with unmatched confidence in every flight. Equipped with advanced avionics and flight control systems, this VTOL platform offers unparalleled stability and control, empowering pilots to execute complex maneuvers with ease.

With its expansive payload capacity and versatile configuration options, the AYK-350 PRO excels in a variety of roles, from heavy cargo transport to search and rescue operations. Whether deployed in civilian or military settings, this VTOL aircraft sets the standard for efficiency, reliability, and performance, ensuring mission success in any scenario. Welcome to the future of aerial logistics with the AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL.

Robust Design: Built to withstand the toughest missions, the AYK-350 PRO features a reinforced airframe and durable components, ensuring reliability in extreme conditions, including harsh weather and rugged terrain.

Advanced Avionics: Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics systems, including GPS navigation and autopilot capabilities, the AYK-350 PRO provides precise and reliable flight control for enhanced safety and operational efficiency in every mission.

Exceptional Payload Capacity: With its unparalleled lifting capabilities, the AYK-350 PRO can transport heavy loads of up to [specific weight] with ease, making it ideal for transporting oversized cargo, equipment, or personnel to remote locations.

Versatile Configuration Options: Designed for adaptability, the AYK-350 PRO offers a range of configuration options to suit various mission requirements, including cargo transport, medical evacuation, surveillance, and more, ensuring versatility and flexibility in operations.

Enhanced Maneuverability: Engineered for precision and agility, the AYK-350 PRO delivers exceptional maneuverability, allowing pilots to execute complex flight maneuvers with confidence and precision, even in confined spaces or challenging environments.

Integrated Safety Features: Prioritizing safety, the AYK-350 PRO is equipped with advanced safety features such as collision avoidance systems, redundant flight controls, and emergency landing capabilities, providing operators with peace of mind during every flight.

Efficient Fuel Consumption: Optimized for efficiency, the AYK-350 PRO features fuel-efficient engines and aerodynamic design, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and extended operational range, maximizing mission endurance and minimizing operational costs.

User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive cockpit layout and user-friendly interface, the AYK-350 PRO ensures ease of operation for pilots of all skill levels, reducing training time and enhancing operational efficiency.

Low Maintenance Requirements: Designed for reliability and ease of maintenance, the AYK-350 PRO minimizes downtime with simplified maintenance procedures and accessible components, ensuring high availability and cost-effective operations over the long term.

Adaptable for Various Environments: Whether operating in urban settings, remote wilderness areas, or maritime environments, the AYK-350 PRO excels across diverse landscapes, demonstrating exceptional performance and reliability in any environment.

AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL
AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL
AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL
AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL
AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL
AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL
AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL
AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL

In The Box

Dual GPS Combo:

  • 1x AYK-350 PRO VTOL
  • 1x High Efficiency Tail Motor
  • 1x Tail ESC
  • 1x 24 inch Propeller for Tail Motor
  • 4x Servo
  • 4x Motor for VTOL Mode
  • 4x ESC for VTOL Mode
  • 2x (pairs) 26 inch Propellers for VTOL Mode
  • 2x UBEC
  • 2x Power Monitor Module
  • 1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set (or CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller)
  • 2x C-RTK 9Ps High Precision Positioning Module Pixhawk Sky End
  • 1x CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor
  • 1x DLVR Airspeed Sensor
  • 1x DA16S+ Radio Controller
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • 1x Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service


ESC Telemetry & Servo Data Analysis

Real-time monitoring of the motor and ESC working status, including the temperature of ESC, the voltage, current, and RPM of the motors to ensure flight safety;

Support Servo Current/Voltage/Position Analysis. Adopting notch filtering technology, filter out shakes and noises to ensure the best effect of PID tuning.

Redundant Airspeed Measurement System

Adopting the latest DLVR air speedometer and SKYE intelligent airspeed sensor, which features high precision and low-temperature drift. The integrated heating system can automatically heat according to the ambient temperature and humidity, avoiding data errors caused by pitot tube freezing, and greatly improving the aircraft’s reliability.

Dual GPS Differential Design

AYK-350 Pro has three reserved GPS positions, so it can be equipped with dual GPS (DGPS) to improve positioning accuracy, anti-interference ability and flight stability;

No need for compass calibration.

Advanced Aerodynamic & Quick-mount Design

The tail wing upturned angle design greatly reduces resistance during the flight and ensures a large climb and descent angle.

The whole body of AYK-350 VTOL adopts quick-mount design, including the wings, arms and tail part, ensuring a short assembly time and small packing size.

Manned/Unmanned Cargo Pickup

ModeⅠ(Unmanned): A. with the pre-set program, AYK-350 PRO will carry the package to the destination; B. drop the package after descending to the desirable height; C. return.
ModeⅡ(Unmanned): A. carry the package to the destination; B. land and disarm; C. drop the cargo; D. automatically take off after 10s (the time can be set). 

FAQs for AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL

What is the AYK-350 PRO Heavy Load VTOL?

The AYK-350 PRO is a state-of-the-art VTOL UAV designed for heavy load applications. It combines the flexibility of vertical take-off and landing capabilities with the efficiency and speed of fixed-wing flight, making it ideal for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and research applications.

2. What are the payload capabilities of the AYK-350 PRO?

The AYK-350 PRO is designed to carry heavy payloads, with a capacity of up to 350 kg. This makes it suitable for transporting goods, aerial survey equipment, or specialized sensors for industrial inspections and agricultural monitoring.

3. How long can the AYK-350 PRO fly on a single charge?

The AYK-350 PRO is equipped with high-capacity batteries, enabling it to achieve extended flight times. Depending on the payload and flight conditions, it can operate for up to several hours on a single charge.

4. What type of propulsion system does the AYK-350 PRO use?

The AYK-350 PRO utilizes a hybrid propulsion system that combines electric motors for VTOL capabilities and a fuel-powered engine for efficient, long-distance fixed-wing flight. This system provides a balance of power and efficiency, suitable for a wide range of mission profiles.

5. Is the AYK-350 PRO autonomous?

Yes, the AYK-350 PRO is equipped with advanced navigation and flight control systems, allowing for fully autonomous flight from takeoff to landing. It can follow pre-programmed flight paths, adjust to changing weather conditions, and autonomously manage payload deployment.

6. Can the AYK-350 PRO be operated in adverse weather conditions?

The AYK-350 PRO is designed with robustness in mind, capable of operating in a variety of weather conditions including strong winds and light rain. However, extreme weather conditions may impact performance and flight safety.

7. What are the primary applications of the AYK-350 PRO?

The AYK-350 PRO is versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including cargo transport, aerial surveying and mapping, agricultural monitoring, industrial inspection, and emergency response operations.

8. How is the AYK-350 PRO controlled?

Operators can control the AYK-350 PRO via a ground control station (GCS), which provides a user-friendly interface for planning missions, monitoring real-time flight data, and manually controlling the aircraft if necessary.

9. What safety features does the AYK-350 PRO have?

Safety features include redundant control systems, emergency parachute deployment, real-time health monitoring of critical systems, and automatic return-to-home (RTH) on loss of communication or low battery.

10. How can I purchase or lease the AYK-350 PRO?

For purchasing or leasing information, interested parties should contact directly through their official website or authorized dealers.

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