DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone

Original price was: ₹1,199,000.Current price is: ₹990,000.

  • 10L operation tank.
  • Spherical radar system.
  • Full-coverage IP67 protection.
  • Real-time monitoring with dual FPVs.
  • Autonomous high precision operations.
  • Smart agriculture cloud platform.

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Precision spraying perfected: DJI Agras T10 – superior crop care.

With a quadrilateral folding construction and a quick-release spray tank and flight battery, the DJI Agras T10 sprayer drone has an all-new design that makes replacement, installation, and storage simple. Connection Routing, which allows the aircraft to automatically fly to a task route and avoid impediments that have been marked in field planning, is part of the revised Route Operation mode.

Two diaphragm pumps and a swappable 2.11-gallon spray tank are features of the DJI Agras T10. This drone has four motors, making it a quadcopter. Each motor has one spray nozzle, for a total of four nozzles. Due to its autonomous flying and spraying capabilities, the Agras T10 is a highly useful piece of equipment for your farm that may help you save time and money.

Intelligent Spraying System: The Agras T10’s intelligent spraying system employs cutting-edge technology to optimize spray parameters dynamically. By adjusting parameters such as spray volume and droplet size based on flight speed, altitude, and nozzle condition, it ensures precise application of pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural inputs while minimizing wastage and environmental impact.

Modular Design: Featuring a user-friendly modular design, the Agras T10 facilitates easy assembly, maintenance, and customization. Users can effortlessly swap out components such as spray tanks, nozzles, and batteries to tailor the drone’s configuration to specific crop types, field sizes, and spraying requirements, maximizing operational flexibility and efficiency.

Advanced Flight Planning: With its advanced flight planning capabilities, the Agras T10 empowers users to create and execute complex spraying missions with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Using intuitive software tools, operators can define precise spraying routes, designate waypoints, and create detailed area maps, streamlining mission planning and execution while ensuring optimal coverage and resource utilization.

Real-time Monitoring and Control: The Agras T10 provides operators with real-time monitoring and control capabilities, enabling them to oversee spraying operations and adjust parameters on the fly for optimal performance and efficacy. Through the intuitive remote controller or mobile app, users can monitor vital metrics such as spray rate, tank level, battery status, and GPS position, ensuring seamless coordination and control throughout the mission.

High Payload Capacity: With its impressive payload capacity of up to 22.5 liters (5.9 gallons), the Agras T10 can cover large agricultural areas in a single flight, reducing downtime associated with refilling and maximizing productivity. This high payload capacity, combined with efficient spraying techniques, enables the drone to deliver superior coverage and efficacy while minimizing operational costs and time.

Precise Positioning and Navigation: Equipped with advanced GNSS positioning technology and obstacle detection sensors, the Agras T10 ensures precise positioning and safe navigation in diverse agricultural environments. By leveraging high-precision GPS data and obstacle avoidance algorithms, the drone can navigate complex terrain, avoid obstacles, and maintain stable flight trajectories, enabling precise and efficient spraying even in challenging conditions.

Integrated Safety Features: Safety is paramount with the Agras T10, which incorporates a range of built-in safety features to protect both the drone and surrounding environment. These features include intelligent flight protection systems, low battery warnings, and fail-safe return-to-home functionality, ensuring safe and reliable operation in all conditions while minimizing the risk of accidents and damage.

Data Logging and Analysis: The Agras T10 captures comprehensive spraying data during each mission, including spray coverage, application rates, environmental conditions, and more. This data is logged onboard the drone and can be exported for analysis post-flight, enabling users to optimize spraying strategies, track performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to improve crop health, yield, and sustainability over time.

Long Flight Endurance: Thanks to its efficient propulsion system and high-capacity battery, the Agras T10 offers extended flight endurance, allowing for prolonged spraying operations without the need for frequent recharging or battery swaps. With its exceptional flight endurance, the drone can cover large areas in a single flight, reducing operational downtime and increasing overall productivity.

Remote Monitoring and Support: DJI’s comprehensive support ecosystem provides Agras T10 operators with access to remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and technical assistance services, ensuring optimal performance and reliability throughout the drone’s lifecycle. With remote monitoring capabilities, operators can track drone status, receive real-time alerts, and access troubleshooting assistance, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Portable and Handsome

An all-carbon fiber composite body maintains the Agras T10’s strength and low weight. Additionally, it can be 70% folded down for easier transportation. To maximize the efficiency of replenishing, the battery and tank may be swiftly attached and detached.

Remove Illusions Using a Spherical Radar System

Regardless of dust and light interference, the spherical radar system detects obstacles and surrounds in all settings, weather, and viewing angles. Safety during operation is enhanced by adaptive flight characteristics and automatic obstacle avoidance.

Two FPV Cameras for Enhanced Perception

The Agras T10’s dual FPV cameras let you see clearly both in front and behind the aircraft, as well as check flight status without having to turn the aircraft while it’s in midair. Additionally, an intense searchlight doubles the aircraft’s night vision range, opening up more options for nighttime operations.

Designed for Long-Term Service

For increased longevity, the Agras T10 control module features a completely enclosed structure. Every essential component is IP67 rated and has three layers of protection. Perfect for long-term application of fertilizers and pesticides, as well as resistance to corrosion and dust.

Ultrabright Screen
Ultimate Control

A newer remote controller offers 67% more steady image transmission range than the previous model, up to 5 kilometers. [/3] Clear images are displayed on a 5.5-inch vivid screen, even in dim circumstances. A single remote controller may control several drones simultaneously, increasing productivity. Centimeter-level operation planning is possible with the optional RTK high-precision positioning module. Stronger signaling, anti-interference, and operational stability are further improvements. The operation of the new DJI Agriculture app is more straightforward and offers a seamless user experience.

DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone

Two Batteries + Charger for Continuous Operation

1,000 cycles for 1,650 acres

The Agras T10 is lighter and requires fewer accessories for transportation. With a 1-year warranty covering 1,000 charges and 1,650 acres of flight, this newly developed intelligent battery drastically lowers running costs. With just two batteries and one charger, the charging station and smart charging hub may operate continuously for ten minutes once a battery is charged.

DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone

DJI Agras T10 Intelligent Flight Battery

The product guarantee for the 9,500mAh Intelligent Flight Battery is 1,000 cycles.
It offers water and corrosion resistance, circuit board-level potting protection, and instantaneous charging without the need for a cooldown.

DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone

DJI Agras T10 Intelligent Battery Station

With its 3,600 watts of charging capability, the T10 Battery Station can finish charging a battery in just seven minutes.
For safer operation, it also allows dual-channel alternating charging with power adaption.

T10 Spreading System 3.0
Fast switching and efficient spreading

In just three minutes, the Agras T10 can convert to a spreading system. An hourly productivity of 14 acres is supported by a spreading width of up to 7 meters and a capacity of 8 kg[4]. Its anti-rotation sensor and real-time weight monitoring capabilities enable more precise refill alerts. With its anti-rotation sensor and real-time weight monitoring capabilities, this system enables more accurate refill alerts. The T10 is perfect for spraying fertilizer, seeds, and feed because of its IP67 total water resistance certification, which also makes it washable and resistant to corrosion. The Agras T10 employs variable spreading in conjunction with digital agriculture technologies, which lowers fertilizer consumption and boosts production.

Cloud-Based 3D Farming: Digital Agriculture is Here

Users can construct smart flightpaths by doing cloud-based mapping of farmland and orchard scenarios with the Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform. With the help of its AI recognition engine, this platform can effectively patrol fields, detect growth, keep an eye out for disease or pests, and monitor agricultural conditions. Users can apply solutions based on particular variables in accordance with an automatically-generated field prescription map by pairing this system with the DJI P4 Multispectral.

DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone


In The Box

  • Agras T10 (With Spraying System and Propeller Holders) x 1
  • Intelligent Flight Battery х1
  • Intelligent Charger x 1
  • Remote Controller х1
  • WB37 Remote Controller Intelligent Battery x 1
  • Intelligent Battery Charging Hub x 1
  • Remote Controller Lanyard x 1
  • Power Adapter x 1
  • AC Power Cable x 1
  • 4G Dongle x 1
  • USB Charger x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Assembly Tools
  • Spare screws, nuts, and other accessories


Hourly operation efficiency 15 acres
High-precision radar √ Spherical Omnidirectional Radar System
Remote control planning precision √ (RTK/GNSS)
Removing air from pipes √ One button Air Discharge
3D operation planning of the AI engine
High-precision flowmeter √ (Dual-channel electromagnetic flowmeter with an error of ±2%)
Level gauge Single-point level gauge
Maximum spray flow 1.8 L/min (with standard XR11001 nozzle) 2.4 L/min (with optional XR110015 nozzle)
Pesticide tank installation method Quick plugging pesticide tank
Battery installation method Quick plug-and-play battery
One remote control for multiple drones √ (one remote control for three drones)
D-RTK technology
Up-looking radar module
Flight dotting function
Smart cruising/return function
Intelligent supply-point prediction x
Coordinated turn function
Forward-looking FPV
Backward-looking FPV
Branch targeting technology x

Drone parameters

Total weight (without batteries) 13 kg
Rated take-off weight 24.8 kg (near sea level)
Hovering precision (with good GNSS signal) With D-RTK enabled:
±10 cm (horizontal) and ±10 cm (vertical)
With D-RTK disabled:
±0.6m (horizontal) and ±0.3m (vertical) (with the radar function enabled: ±0.1 m)
RTK/GNSS frequency bands RTK: GPS L1/L2, GLONASS F1/F2, BeiDou B1/B2, and Galileo E1/E5
GNSS: GPS L1, GLONASS F1, and Galileo E1
Maximum power consumption 3,700 W
Hovering power consumption 3,200 W
Hovering time 19 min (@9,500 mAh & takeoff weight of 16 kg)
8.7 min (@9,500 mAh & takeoff weight of 26 kg)
Maximum pitch angle 15°
Maximum operating flight speed 7 m/s
Maximum level flight speed 10 m/s (with good GNSS signals)
Maximum endurable wind speed 8 m/s
Maximum flight altitude 4,500m
*Reduce the pesticide amount by 12% with each increase of 1,000 meters of altitude.
Recommended operating ambient humidity < 93%
Recommended operating ambient temperature 0℃ to 45℃

Rack parameters

Maximum rotor distance 1,480 mm
Dimensions 1,958 mm × 1,833 mm × 553 mm (with arms and blades extended)
1,232 mm × 1,112 mm × 553 mm (with arms extended and blades folded)
600 mm × 665 mm × 580 mm (with arms folded)

Power system - Motor

Stator size 100×10 mm
KV value 84 rpm/V
Maximum pulling force 11.2 kg/rotor
Maximum power 2,000 W/rotor
Weight 527 g

Power system - Propellers

Diameter × pitch 33×9 inch
Weight (a single blade) 92 g

Power system - ESC

Maximum operating current (continuous) 32 A
Maximum operating voltage 60.9 V (14S LiPo)

FPV camera

FOV Horizontal: 129°, vertical:82°
Resolution 1,280×720 15-30 fps

Spraying system - Nozzles

Sprayer model SX11001VS (standard)
SX110015VS (optional)
XR11002VS (optional)
Number of sprayers 4
Maximum spray flow SX11001VS: 1.8 L/min
SX110015VS: 2.4 L/min
XR11002VS:3 L/min
Diameter of atomized particle SX11001VS : 130 – 250 μm
SX110015VS : 170 – 265 μm
XR11002VS: 190 – 300 μm
(depending on the actual operating environment, spraying flow and other factors)
Maximum effective spray width 3 – 5.5m (with 4 sprayers and a distance of 1.5 – 3 meters to crops)

Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance radar

Model RD2424R
Operating frequency SRRC/NCC/FCC: 24.05 to 24.25 GHz
MIC/KCC/CE: 24.05 to 24.25 GHz
Operating power consumption 12 W
Equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP) SRRC: < 13 dBm; NCC/MIC/KCC/CE/
FCC:< 20 dBm
Height hold and terrain following Height measurement range: 1 – 30m
Height hold range: 1.5 – 15m
Maximum slope in mountain mode:35°
Obstacle avoidance system Perceivable distance: 1.5 – 30m
FOV: 360° (horizontal), ±15° (vertical)
Conditions of use: The relative flight height of the drone is above 1.5m and the speed below 7 m/s
Safe distance: 2.5m (the distance between the tip of the blade and the obstacle after the drone is braked and hovering stably)
Obstacle avoidance direction: Horizontally omnidirectional obstacle avoidance
Protection class IP67

Up-looking radar

Model RD2414U
Operating frequency SRRC/NCC/FCC: 24.05 to 24.25 GHz
MIC/KCC/CE:24.05 to 24.25 GHz
Overhead obstacle avoidance Perceivable distance: 1.5 – 10m
FOV: 80°
Conditions of use: The drone flies for a relative distance over 1.5 m in the mode of take-off, landing and route climb mode
Safe distance: 2m (the distance between the obstacle and the highest point on the top of the drone)
Obstacle avoidance direction: Above the drone
Protection class IP67
Equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP) SRRC:< 13 dBm;NCC/MIC/KCC/CE/
FCC:< 20 dBm
Operating power consumption 4 W


Model BAX501-9500mAh-51.8V
Weight About 3.8 kg
Discharge rate 11.5C
Protection class IP54 + board-level embedment protection
Capacity 9,500 mAh
Voltage 51.8 V

Remote control

Model RM500-ENT
Operating frequency of OcuSync 2.0 2.4000 to 2.4835 GHz
5.725 to 5.850 GHz
Effective signal distance of OcuSync 2.0 (without interference and blockage) SRRC: 5 km; MIC/KCC/CE: 4 km; FCC: 7 km (measured at the operating height of 2.5m)
EIRP of OcuSync 2.0 2.4 GHz
SRRC/CE/MIC/KCC: 18.5 dBm;
FCC: 29.5 dBm;
5.8 GHz
SRRC: 28.5 dBm;
FCC: 20.5 dBm
CE:12.5 dBm
Wi-Fi Protocols Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless Display, and 802.11a/g/n/ac. 2 × 2 MIMO Wi-Fi is supported
Wi-Fi operating frequency 2.4000 to 2.4835 GHz
5.150 to 5.250 GHz
5.725 ~ 5.850 GHz
Wi-Fi EIRP 2.4 GHz
SRRC/CE: 18.5 dBm; FCC/MIC/KCC: 20.5 dBm;
5.2 GHz
SRRC/FCC/CE/MIC: 14 dBm; KCC: 10 dBm;
5.8 GHz
SRRC/FCC: 18 dBm; CE/KCC: 12 dBm;
Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth operating frequency 2.4000 to 2.4835 GHz
Bluetooth EIRP SRRC/MIC/FCC/CE/KCC:6.5 dBm
Positioning GPS + GLONASS
Display 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1,920×1,080 and brightness of 1,000 cd/m², and Android OS
Operating memory (RAM) 4GB LPDDR4
Storage space (ROM) 32 GB + scalable storage space, and a microSD card with the capacity up to 128 GB and transfer speed of UHS-I Speed Grade 3 is supported
Supported drones T30 and T10 crop protection drones
Operating power consumption 18 W
Operating ambient temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Storage ambient temperature -30℃ to 60℃ (within 1 month)
-30℃ to 45℃ (1 to 3 months)
-30℃ to 35℃ (3 to 6 months)
-30℃ to 25℃ (more than 6 months)
(with the capacity of built-in batteries at 40 to 60%)
Charging ambient temperature 5℃ to 40℃

Built-in battery of remote control

Built-in battery 18650 lithium ion battery (5,000 mAh at 7.2V)
Battery life 2 hours
Charging method Standard 12V/2A USB quick charger
Charging time 2.5 hours (with the standard 12V/2A USB quick charger and the remote control powered off)
Power supply current/voltage of remote control USB-A port 5 V / 1.5 A

External smart battery of remote control

Model WB37-4,920mAh-7.6V
Battery type 2S LiPo
Capacity 4,920 mAh
Voltage 7.6 V
Capacity 37.39 Wh
Charging ambient temperature 5℃ to 40℃
Battery life 2 hours

T10 smart charging manager

T10 smart charging manager
Dimensions 300×280×230 mm
Total weight 8.1 kg
Input voltage 100-264 Vac
Output voltage 40-60 V
Rated power 3,600 W
Charging current 50 A
Charging time 7 to 10 min
Charging voltage precision +/-0.1 V
Charging current precision +/-1 A
Number of output channels 2
Protection functions Over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, and fan stall protection
Charging ambient temperature -20℃ to 45℃
Charging safety AC wire protection, power wire protection, and charge connector protection

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In the evolving landscape of modern agriculture, the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone emerges as a pivotal tool for farmers and agronomists seeking to enhance efficiency, precision, and sustainability in their crop management practices. Available on, this innovative drone is specifically designed to navigate the complexities of agricultural spraying, offering an unmatched solution that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features. The DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone is not just a product; it’s a transformative force in agricultural innovation, capable of elevating farming operations to new heights of productivity and environmental stewardship.

Revolutionizing Farming with the DJI Agras T10

The DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone stands at the forefront of agricultural technology, offering a suite of features that redefine what’s possible in crop spraying. With its powerful propulsion system, precise spraying mechanisms, and intelligent flight modes, the DJI Agras T10 delivers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in protecting crops and promoting healthy growth. Its design reflects a deep understanding of the needs of modern agriculture, providing a solution that is both powerful and accessible.

Why Choose the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone?

Choosing the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone means opting for a tool that significantly enhances the capabilities of farmers and agronomists. Its ability to cover up to 6 hectares per hour ensures that large areas can be treated quickly, reducing labor costs and increasing operational efficiency. The drone’s precision spraying minimizes the amount of chemicals used, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing the impact on non-target areas. With the DJI Agras T10, users gain access to a level of control and accuracy that traditional spraying methods simply cannot match.

Precision Agriculture at Its Finest

The core appeal of the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone lies in its precision. Equipped with advanced sensors and mapping technology, the drone can target specific areas with exactitude, ensuring that every drop of spray is utilized effectively. This precision not only improves crop protection and growth but also contributes to a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem by reducing chemical runoff and waste.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone is designed with efficiency in mind. Its quick-swap liquid tanks and battery system enable continuous operation with minimal downtime, ensuring that spraying tasks are completed faster than ever. The drone’s robust design and weather-resistant features allow it to operate in a variety of conditions, making it a reliable tool throughout the growing season.

Unmatched Versatility and Adaptability

The versatility of the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone makes it suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications, from orchards and vineyards to grains and oilseeds. Its adjustable spray nozzles and variable rate application capabilities allow it to adapt to different crop types and growth stages, ensuring optimal coverage and protection for each specific scenario.

Why is Your Go-To for DJI Agras T10

Purchasing the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone from not only guarantees a competitive price but also offers the peace of mind that comes with expert support and service. As a trusted retailer of DJI products, is committed to providing customers with the latest in drone technology, backed by comprehensive advice and technical support.

Empowering Sustainable Farming Practices

The DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a step towards more sustainable farming practices. By optimizing chemical use and reducing waste, the DJI Agras T10 contributes to a healthier environment and promotes the long-term sustainability of agricultural lands.

Future-Proofing Your Agricultural Operations

Investing in the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone is an investment in the future of your farming operations. As the agricultural sector continues to face challenges such as labor shortages, environmental regulations, and the need for increased productivity, the DJI Agras T10 stands ready to address these issues with its advanced technology and capabilities.

Conclusion: A New Era of Agricultural Efficiency

The DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone, available on, represents a new era in agricultural efficiency and sustainability. With its unmatched precision, efficiency, and versatility, the DJI Agras T10 is poised to transform farming practices worldwide, empowering farmers and agronomists to achieve more with less. Embrace the future of agriculture with the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone and experience the benefits of drone technology in enhancing crop management and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Elevate your farming operations to new heights with the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone. Visit today and discover how this innovative drone can revolutionize your agricultural practices for a more productive and sustainable future.


FAQs for DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone

  1. What is the tank capacity of the DJI Agras T10 Sprayer Drone?
    • The DJI Agras T10 is equipped with a 10-liter spray tank, designed for precision agricultural spraying operations, allowing for efficient coverage of crops with reduced waste.
  2. How much area can the DJI Agras T10 cover on a single charge?
    • The Agras T10 can cover approximately 6-10 acres per hour, depending on various factors such as flight speed, spray width, and operational conditions.
  3. What types of liquids can the DJI Agras T10 spray?
    • The T10 is capable of spraying a wide range of liquid products, including but not limited to pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. Always consult the product manual to ensure compatibility with specific chemicals.
  4. Can the DJI Agras T10 operate in windy conditions?
    • Yes, the Agras T10 is designed to withstand light to moderate wind conditions. Its robust design and powerful propulsion system allow for stable flight in winds up to 8 m/s, though operational efficiency and safety should always be considered.
  5. Is the DJI Agras T10 suitable for use in all types of crops?
    • The Agras T10 is versatile and can be used for a wide range of crops including rice, wheat, corn, and fruit orchards. Its adjustable spray nozzles and flight modes enable it to adapt to different crop types and heights.
  6. How does the DJI Agras T10 navigate and avoid obstacles?
    • Equipped with advanced navigation and obstacle sensing technology, the Agras T10 can autonomously navigate around obstacles and through complex terrains, ensuring safe and efficient operation.
  7. What is the flight time of the DJI Agras T10?
    • The typical flight time for the Agras T10 is around 10-15 minutes per battery, depending on load and flight conditions. Flight times may vary with operational practices and environmental conditions.
  8. Can the DJI Agras T10 operate at night?
    • While the Agras T10 is capable of night operation, users must adhere to local regulations and safety guidelines regarding night-time UAV flights. Additional lighting equipment may be required for safe operation.
  9. How do I maintain and clean the DJI Agras T10 after use?
    • After use, it’s important to thoroughly clean the spray tank, filters, and nozzles with clean water to prevent clogging and corrosion. Regular maintenance checks should also be performed according to the user manual to ensure all parts are in good working condition.
  10. What safety precautions should be taken when operating the DJI Agras T10?
    • Operators should always wear protective gear, follow local regulations and guidelines, maintain a safe distance from the drone during operation, and ensure that the area is clear of people and animals. It’s also crucial to undergo proper training and understand the drone’s operating procedures for safe usage.

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