AYK-250 Pro VTOL


  • The Foxtech AYK-250 Pro excels at vertical takeoff and landing, making it versatile for many applications.
  • Seamless Hybrid Flight boosts mission efficiency by smoothly switching between vertical and fixed-wing modes.
  • Extended Range: The AYK-250 Pro is suitable for long-distance surveillance, mapping, and inspection.
  • Payload Adaptability: Its sturdy build allows diverse payloads, improving mission adaptability.
  • Efficient Mapping: VTOL allows precise mapping and surveying of large areas.
  • Its sophisticated navigation allows autonomous flight, improving operational efficiency.
  • Real-Time Data Transmission: Essential for Flight Monitoring

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AYK-250 Pro VTOL: Cutting-Edge Vertical Takeoff and Landing Precision

The AYK-250 Pro VTOL represents the pinnacle of innovation in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, blending the agility of a helicopter with the efficiency and speed of a fixed-wing aircraft. Designed for precision and versatility, this state-of-the-art drone is capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), making it perfect for operations in challenging environments where traditional runways are not an option. Its advanced engineering ensures superior stability and control during both hover and flight phases, allowing for smooth transitions and precise maneuvers. Equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, the AYK-250 Pro VTOL is ideal for a wide range of applications, from detailed aerial mapping and inspections to surveillance and search and rescue missions. Its robust construction and cutting-edge technology make it a reliable tool for professionals seeking to leverage the latest in drone capabilities for enhanced operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL): The AYK-250 Pro VTOL revolutionizes deployment flexibility with its ability to launch and land vertically, making it perfectly suited for missions in urban environments or rugged terrains where conventional takeoff and landing are impossible. This capability ensures operational readiness in the most confined spaces.

High-Resolution Imaging Systems: Armed with cutting-edge cameras and sensors, this drone captures exceptionally detailed images and videos. Whether it’s for high-precision mapping, critical infrastructure inspections, or surveillance, the imagery produced is of unparalleled clarity and usefulness for analytical purposes.

Smooth Transition Mechanisms: Expertly designed to ensure fluid transitions between hovering and forward flight, the AYK-250 Pro VTOL maintains stability and efficiency throughout its flight path. This smooth mechanism reduces the risk of data interruption and enhances the quality of surveillance and recording.

Enhanced Stability and Control: With its advanced flight control systems, the drone offers unmatched stability and maneuverability. This precision allows for exact navigation and positioning, crucial for tasks requiring detailed observation and in challenging weather conditions.

Extended Flight Endurance: The drone’s extended battery life significantly increases its operational range and duration, enabling comprehensive area coverage and in-depth inspections without the constant need for battery swaps, enhancing field efficiency.

Advanced Navigation and Communication: Integrating state-of-the-art GPS and communication systems, the AYK-250 Pro VTOL achieves precise location tracking and dependable data transmission, essential for maintaining control and ensuring accurate data capture over extended distances.

Modular Payload Options: Its modular payload system allows for easy interchangeability of equipment, catering to a wide array of mission-specific requirements. This adaptability makes it a versatile asset across various sectors, from environmental monitoring to emergency response.

Secure Data Link: The drone features encrypted communication channels to secure all transmitted data, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized interception, a critical feature for operations in security-sensitive environments.

All-Weather Operation: Built to operate under adverse weather conditions, the AYK-250 Pro VTOL is a reliable companion for year-round missions, capable of withstanding rain, wind, and extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent performance.

Portability and Ease of Use: Despite its robust capabilities, the drone is designed for portability and ease of use, facilitating quick setup and deployment. This user-friendly approach minimizes operational downtime and makes advanced aerial technology accessible to a broader range of users.

Night Vision and Thermal Imaging: Optional enhancements include night vision and thermal imaging for operations in low-light conditions or for tasks requiring thermal data, such as search and rescue or wildlife monitoring, expanding the drone’s operational capabilities.

Easy Maintenance and Upgrades: The AYK-250 Pro VTOL is designed for straightforward maintenance and easy upgrades, ensuring long-term serviceability and performance enhancement, keeping the drone at the forefront of UAV technology.

The AYK-250 Pro VTOL stands as a testament to advanced UAV design, merging vertical takeoff and landing technology with high-end imaging, navigation, and operational flexibility, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of professional applications.

The AYK-250 Pro VTOL Drone is not just a piece of technology; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize how professionals across various sectors conduct their operations. Available for purchase in India through Xboom.in, this drone encapsulates a myriad of benefits:

VTOL Technology: The drone’s vertical takeoff and landing capability ensures unparalleled adaptability across diverse environments. This feature eliminates the need for conventional runways, allowing deployment in congested urban landscapes as well as remote, inaccessible terrains, thus broadening the scope of aerial missions significantly.

High-Resolution Imaging: Armed with state-of-the-art cameras and sensors, the AYK-250 Pro VTOL captures exceptionally detailed images and videos. This precision is indispensable for tasks requiring meticulous detail, such as infrastructure inspections, environmental monitoring, and high-quality cinematic productions, ensuring superior data capture every time.

Extended Flight Times: Its enhanced battery life marks a leap in operational efficiency, facilitating extensive coverage and longer missions without the interruption of frequent battery replacements. This extended airtime is crucial for thorough exploration and detailed inspections, maximizing productivity in the field.

Advanced Navigation: Incorporating sophisticated GPS and robust communication systems, the drone guarantees precise location tracking and reliable data transmission across vast distances. This advanced navigation capability is essential for executing complex data collection and analysis tasks with pinpoint accuracy.

All-Weather Operation: Designed to withstand the challenges of various climatic conditions, the AYK-250 Pro VTOL delivers consistent, reliable performance in rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. This all-weather resilience ensures that operations can continue unhindered, providing a dependable tool for year-round missions.

Modular Design and Security: The drone’s modular payload system, combined with state-of-the-art encrypted data transmission, offers unmatched versatility and security. Users can tailor the drone’s capabilities to specific mission requirements while ensuring that sensitive information remains protected against unauthorized access, making it ideal for security-sensitive operations.

Available at Xboom.in for professionals in India, the AYK-250 Pro VTOL stands as a testament to innovation, offering a dynamic, efficient, and secure UAV solution that elevates operational capabilities to new heights. Its comprehensive set of features makes it an indispensable asset for those seeking to leverage advanced aerial technology to enhance their operational outcomes.



Version: Foxtech AYK-250 Pro VTOL
Type: VTOL
Color: White
Wingspan: 2500 mm
Length: 1260 mm
Clearance To Ground: 195 mm
Material: Carbon Fiber/ Glass Fiber/ KEVLAR/ PVC etc.

Basic Empty Weight: 7.8 kg
Suggested Payload (Excluding Battery): 1.2 kg
Max Payload: 2 kg

Max Take-Off Weight: 13.5 kg
Suggested Take-Off Weight: 12.5 kg (Batteries And 1.2 kg Payload Included)
4 h@no Payload
3.5 h@1.2 kg Payload
Suggested Cruising Speed:
19-20 m/s@No Payload
22-23 m/s@1.2 kg Payload
Max Cruising Speed: 28 m/s
Climbing Speed: 5 m/s
Stall Speed:15 m/s@1.2 kg Payload
Max Flight Altitude:2000 m
Battery: 12S 32000 mAh HV
Battery Cabin: 260*150*85 mm
Wind Resistance: 5.5 m/s-7.9 m/s(VTOL)
Working Voltage: 12S
Working Temperature: -20℃~45℃

Your Purchase Includes: RTF Combo (Pixhawk / X7+ Pro):

1x AYK-250 VTOL Frame
4x VTOL Motor
1x Motor for Fixedwing Mode
1x ESC for Fixedwing Mode
2x Pair 17inch Propeller
1x 1712 CW Wooden Propeller
4x Servo
1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set
(or CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller)
2x AEROFOX CAN F9P Positioning Module
1x DA16S+ Radio Controller
1x 25A BEC
1x Air Speedometer
1x Carrying Case
1x Assembling,tuned and Flying Test Service


-1x 12S 32000 mAh High Voltage Battery

– 2x 6S Tattu 25000mAh High Voltage Lipo Battery

– Ultra Power Duo 1200W Balance Charger


What is VTOL and how does it benefit the AYK-250 Pro VTOL?

VTOL stands for Vertical Takeoff and Landing, allowing the AYK-250 Pro VTOL to launch and land vertically like a helicopter. This capability enables operation in diverse environments without the need for a runway, enhancing flexibility for deployments in urban areas or rugged terrains.

Can the AYK-250 Pro VTOL capture high-resolution images for professional use?

Yes, the AYK-250 Pro VTOL is equipped with advanced imaging systems capable of capturing high-resolution photos and videos. This makes it suitable for professional applications such as detailed inspections, environmental monitoring, and high-quality content creation.

What kind of operational efficiency does the extended flight time offer?

The extended flight time of the AYK-250 Pro VTOL allows for longer missions and comprehensive area coverage without frequent battery changes. This efficiency is crucial for conducting thorough inspections and surveys, significantly enhancing field productivity.

How does the advanced navigation system enhance the drone’s performance?

The advanced navigation system, incorporating precise GPS and reliable communication, ensures accurate positioning and stable data transmission over long distances. This precision is vital for complex data collection and analysis, enabling accurate and dependable mission execution.

Is the AYK-250 Pro VTOL suitable for all-weather operations?

Yes, its robust design allows the AYK-250 Pro VTOL to operate in various weather conditions, including rain and wind. This all-weather capability ensures reliable performance and consistent operation year-round.

How does the modular design benefit users?

The modular design allows users to customize the AYK-250 Pro VTOL with different payloads and sensors to meet specific mission requirements. This flexibility enhances the drone’s applicability across various sectors and operational needs.

What security measures are in place for data transmission?

The AYK-250 Pro VTOL uses encrypted data transmission to secure sensitive information captured during flights. This encryption protects data from unauthorized access, ensuring the confidentiality of operations.

Where can professionals in India purchase the AYK-250 Pro VTOL?

Professionals in India can purchase the AYK-250 Pro VTOL through Xboom.in. This platform offers access to the latest in drone technology, providing a reliable source for purchasing advanced UAV solutions.

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