Autel 5KG DragonFish Lite with T3H


  • 180 minutes Longest flight time with load
  • 3 minutes Quick assembly
  • 4K 50x Highest optical zoom
  • 180km/h Max speed
  • 30km Transmission range
  • 5s System boot and self check

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Autel 5KG DragonFish Lite with T3H

A cutting-edge drone created for commercial and industrial uses is the Autel 5KG DragonFish Lite with T3H. It can transport the T3H camera for superb aerial photography and data collecting thanks to its impressive 5KG weight capacity. The drone has intelligent flight modes, precise GPS positioning, obstacle avoidance, and other characteristics that guarantee effective and safe operations. The DragonFish Lite with T3H is a dependable and high-performance option for demanding aerial projects and is ideal for heavy-duty operations like surveying, inspections, and mapping.

Autel Dragonfish Lite with Z2 Payload Camera

Simple, clever, and effective.

The innovative tilt-rotor design of the Dragonfish makes operation simple while maximising performance and effectiveness. The Dragonfish is modular, waterproof, intelligent, and dependable because it has no complicated moving parts. The Dragonfish has a wide range of modular payload options, strong AI tracking capabilities, and is mission ready right out of the box. The Dragonfish’s strong mission capabilities are further strengthened by an endurance of up to 180 minutes (with payload), which puts it far ahead of the competitors.

Longevity with Payload

The Dragonfish Lite, Dragonfish Standard, and Dragonfish Pro are the three models that make up the Dragonfish line. Each model can significantly increase job efficiency with a flight time of 75 minutes, 120 minutes, and 180 minutes, respectively, while carrying a cargo.

Safety and Redundancy

Autel Dragonfish Lite with Z2 Payload Camera


Intelligence And Autonomy

Using the Dragonfish’s extensive selection of automated features, streamline mission tasks.
The Autel Dragonfish is capable of handling even the most challenging operations because to its sophisticated AI and flight control technology.

One-Click Takeoff/Landing

Autel Dragonfish Lite with Z2 Payload Camera

AI High-Speed Tracking

Autel Dragonfish Lite with Z2 Payload Camera

Point of Interest

Autel Dragonfish Lite with Z2 Payload Camera

Terrain Follow

Autel Dragonfish Lite with Z2 Payload Camera

RTK Accuracy

The two RTK (Real-Time Kinetic) modules on the Dragonfish allow the aircraft to deliver centimeter-accurate location data when coupled with a GNSS base station, allowing you to map with confidence. For added security, the dual units back up each other’s data. They also enhance the quality of image information and boost flight safety and precision.

System for Changing Payloads

With a range of payload options that can be quickly switched out to meet mission requirements, you can handle any activity. In order to maximize the system’s utility and improve its mission performance, Dragonfish payloads are made to be convertible across different aircraft classes.

Autel Dragonfish Lite with Z2 Payload Camera

9.7″ Autel Ground Control Station 1000nit

The 9.7-inch screen on the Autel Ground Control Station is easy to view in strong sunshine because to its ultra-bright touchscreen, which has 1,000 nits of brightness, which is twice as bright as the typical smartphone.

*When the base station is employed, the picture transmission distance is *18.6 miles. The picture transmission distance is 6.2 miles in the absence of a base station.

One Device. Any Mission.

The one-stop solution for every assignment, Autel Voyager is incredibly strong yet easy to use. The software offers sophisticated mission planning, intelligent tracking, flight history tracking, and other autonomous functions that are tailored exclusively for the Dragonfish.

• Offsite mission planning is possible for waypoint, polygonal, and rectangular missions, and it only takes one click to initiate autonomous flying after planning. At any point throughout the mission, the pilot can take over control to perform an emergency manoeuvre or construct a unique flight path.

• Tap to Fly: Choose a target on the camera, and the Dragonfish will fly there and orbit the object on its own.

• Mission management — assign flights and keep track of previous missions.

• Quick Mission: The Dragonfish will automatically depart from its original travel plan to pursue the needs of the pilot if points of interest are set on the flight map during any section of the mission.

Compact and portable

  • The Dragonfish fits into the trunk of any typical-sized automobile and is simple to disassemble by one person. Without using any tools, the entire system can be put together and is ready to fly in less than five minutes.
  • In 5 seconds, the entire system performs a self-check, and in 5 minutes, it is ready to fly.
  • Assembly is made simple and practical by the blade’s quick-release construction.
5KG DragonFish Lite with T3H


Ground Control Station

Video Transmission Operating frequency:
902-928 MHz;
2.4-2.4835 GHz
Max Transmitting Distance (unobstructed, free of interference):
FCC:10 km
CE / MIC:5 km
SRRC:5 km
Data Transmission Operating frequency:
5.725 – 5.755 GHz
Wi-Fi Protocol:
Wi-Fi Direct;
Wi-Fi with 2×2 MIMOOperating frequency:
2.400 – 2.4835 GHz
5.150 – 5.250GHz
5.650 – 5.755GHz
5.725 – 5.850 GHz
Battery Type: Li-Po
Capacity: 8200mAh
Voltage:11.4 V
Energy:93 Wh
Charging time:120 min
Run Time ~3 hrs (Max brightness)
~4.5 hrs (Half brightness)
Storage Capacity ROM 256GB + scalable (TF)
Video Output Port HDMI Port
Power Supply Current / Voltage (USB-A port) 5V / 500mA
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ ~ 40℃
Charging Temperature Range 0℃ ~ 45℃
Storage Temperature Range < 1 month: -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)
1-3 months: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
3-12 months: -4° to 86° F (-20° to 30° C)
Dimensions 319×233×74 mm(antennas folded)
319×398×74 mm(antennas unfolded)
Weight 1987g

Base Station

GNSS receiver Satellite receiving frequency (Simultaneously receive):
Galileo:E1,E5A,E5BPositioning accuracy:
Single Point
Horizontal: 1.5 m (RMS)
Vertical: 3.0 m (RMS)
Horizontal: 1 cm+1 ppm (RMS)
Vertical: 1.5 cm+ 1 ppm (RMS)
1 ppm: For every 1 km increase in distance, the accuracy will be 1 mm less. For example, the horizontal accuracy is 1.1 cm when the receiving end is 1 km away from the base station.Positioning update rate:1Hz,2 Hz,5 Hz,10 Hz and 20HzCold start:< 40s
Hot start:< 10s
Recapture:< 1s
Initialization reliability:> 99.9%
Differential data transmission format:RTCM 2.X/3.X
Communication Data link:Image transmission, Wi-Fi
Image transmission Operating frequency:2.4000-2.4835 GHz;902-928 MHz
EIRP (Equivalent radiated power):
902-928 MHz
FCC:< 30 dBm
2.400-2.4835 GHz
FCC:< 30 dBm
SRRC/CE/MIC:< 20 dBm
Wi-Fi Operating frequency:5.125-5.25GHz;5.650-5.755GHz;5.725-5.850GHz

EIRP (Equivalent radiated power)
FCC/SRRC:< 26dBm
MIC:< 20 dBm
SRRC/FCC:< 26 dBm;CE: < 14 dBm
SRRC/CE/MIC:< 20 dBm

Communication distance:
Mobile station and aircraft: 30 km (FCC)
Mobile station and remote control: 200 m (FCC)
(Unobstructed and free of interference, when the mobile station is used as a base station and the distance from the mobile station antenna to the bottom of the tripod is 2 m; and when the difference in height between the remote controller and mobile station is less than 10 m, and when the remote controller is 1.2 m from ground level)

Electrical characteristics Power consumption:7.5 W
Power supply:5 ~ 20V DC(supports USB PD charging protocol)
Type: lithium ion polymer battery
Capacity: 4950 mAh
Energy: 57.1 WH
Physical properties Size(Base station body + extension rod):193 mm×177 mm×73 mm
Dustproof and waterproof:IP64
Operating temperature:-20℃ ~ 50℃

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