New Skywalker 1900 Reverse Tail FPV aircraft


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  • Sleek Design: Known for its aerodynamic design.
  • Impressive Wingspan: Typically around 1900mm (1.9 meters) for stable flight.
  • High Payload: Can carry diverse cameras and sensors.
  • Extended Endurance: Stays in the air for several hours.
  • Versatile Uses: Ideal for aerial photography, mapping, and more.
  • Stable Performance: Ensures steady flight and data capture.
  • Modular Build: Easily customizable for various missions.
  • Remote Operation: Controlled remotely by a pilot.
  • Autonomous Option: Some models support autonomous flight.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand tough conditions.
  • Transportable: Can be disassembled for transport.

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New Skywalker 1900

The Skywalker 1900 is a fixed-wing drone that is well-known for its streamlined design, versatility, and exceptional stability during flight. It also has an extended flight endurance. It has a wing span of about 1900 mm and can easily carry a variety of cameras and sensors, which makes it an excellent choice for aerial photography, mapping, and other various applications. Its sturdy construction assures that it will continue to function reliably even when subjected to difficult conditions, and its modular design makes it easy to customize. The Skywalker 1900 provides performance that is consistent and versatile, regardless of whether you are conducting mapping flights or collecting breathtaking aerial photos.

Skywalker X8 Black (PNP) Airplane FPV Flying Wing 2122mm RC Plane

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Product information Standard
Item no. New skywalker 1900 Motor 2820KV780-850
Wing span 1900mm Propeller 11060E/12060E
Fuselage length 1300mm Servo 12g*4pcs
Wing area 46.28dm^2 ESC 45A-60A
Flying weight 2200-2500g Battery 14.8v 4000-5500mah
C.G. 75-76mm behind the leading edge Radio 4CH 4SERVO
Takeoff Hand cast
Landing Glide down or parachute landing
Maximum anti-wing capability Level 4
Air speed 40km/h
Maximum of flying time 25min
Maximum of flight level 200m

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