X-uav Mini Talon EPO 1300mm FPV Plane Aircraft Kit

  • Kit: All assembly and equipment installation required
  • Molded EPO airframe
  • Laser-cut plywood motor mount and wing saddle frame
  • Monowheel landing gear protects bottom of fuselage
  • The large fuselage compartment accommodates many battery and FPV equipment configurations.
  • Two-piece plug-in wings with carbon wing tube

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X-uav Mini Talon EPO

The X-UAV Mini Talon EPO 1300mm is a compact, high-performance FPV (First Person View) plane designed for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Constructed from durable EPO foam, this aircraft kit is both lightweight and robust, capable of withstanding the challenges of outdoor flights. Its 1300mm wingspan provides excellent stability and glide performance, making it ideal for long-range FPV missions and aerial photography. The Mini Talon’s efficient V-tail design and spacious fuselage accommodate a wide range of equipment and cameras, offering versatility for custom setups. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or new to the world of RC aircraft, the X-UAV Mini Talon EPO 1300mm FPV Plane Aircraft Kit delivers an engaging flying experience with its superior flight characteristics and adaptability for various FPV and aerial video tasks.

The X-UAV Mini Talon EPO 1300mm FPV Plane Aircraft Kit is a versatile and durable choice for RC hobbyists and FPV enthusiasts alike. Designed with performance and adaptability in mind, it offers an array of features:

Durable EPO Foam Construction: The Mini Talon is built from high-quality EPO foam, offering resilience against impacts and durability for long-term use, ensuring your aircraft withstands the rigors of regular flying sessions.

1300mm Wingspan for Stability: With its expansive 1300mm wingspan, this aircraft achieves superior glide efficiency and stability in the air, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced pilots.

FPV and Aerial Photography Ready: The spacious fuselage is designed to accommodate various FPV equipment and cameras, allowing for easy installation and customization for aerial photography or immersive FPV flying experiences.

Modular Design for Easy Assembly: The kit’s modular design simplifies assembly and maintenance, providing enthusiasts with the joy of building their plane while ensuring quick access to internal components for upgrades or repairs.

Efficient V-tail Configuration: Its V-tail design not only contributes to the Mini Talon’s sleek appearance but also enhances maneuverability and control, offering pilots a responsive and agile flying experience.

Optimized for Long-Range Missions: Engineered for endurance, the Mini Talon can undertake extended flights, perfect for exploring, mapping, or simply enjoying prolonged periods in the sky.

Portable and Easy to Transport: Despite its impressive wingspan, the aircraft’s design allows for easy disassembly, making it convenient to transport to and from flying locations without the need for a large vehicle.

All-Weather Performance: The EPO foam and the aircraft’s design ensure reliable performance in various weather conditions, allowing you to fly in a broader range of climates and environments.

Flexible Power Options: The Mini Talon supports various power setups, from traditional propeller configurations to more advanced electric motor systems, giving pilots the freedom to customize their flying experience.

Kit Includes: The aircraft kit comes with all necessary parts for the airframe assembly, including wings, fuselage sections, tail pieces, and control surfaces, providing a comprehensive building experience right out of the box.

Precision Engineering: Every component is crafted with precision, ensuring a perfect fit during assembly and optimal performance in the air, reflecting X-UAV’s commitment to quality in the world of RC aircraft.

The X-UAV Mini Talon EPO 1300mm FPV Plane Aircraft Kit combines durability, flexibility, and performance, making it a top choice for those passionate about FPV flying and aerial photography. Whether you’re looking to dive into the world of FPV racing or simply enjoy leisurely flights with stunning aerial views, the Mini Talon offers an engaging and satisfying flying experience.



  • Wingspan: 1300mm
  • Length: 830mm
  • Flying Weight: Approximately 1000g – 1800g
  • Material: Durable EPO foam
  • Motor Mount: Compatible with a wide range of motor sizes for custom setups
  • Propeller: Suits 7″ to 10″ propellers, depending on motor and battery setup
  • Battery Compatibility: Flexible, accommodating 3S to 4S LiPo batteries, sizes can vary based on weight and balance preferences (typically 2200mAh to 5200mAh)
  • ESC: 30A to 60A Electronic Speed Controller recommended, specific to motor and propeller combination
  • Servos: Requires 4 x 9g servos for control surfaces
  • Control System: 4 channels minimum (Throttle, Aileron, Elevator, Rudder/V-Tail)
  • FPV Gear Compatibility: Spacious fuselage for easy installation of FPV equipment, including cameras, video transmitters, and antennas
  • Assembly: Kit form, requires full assembly
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced; suitable for hobbyists with some experience in RC plane assembly and flying

Design Features:

  • V-tail Configuration: Enhances aerodynamics and control for an agile flying experience.
  • Large Fuselage: Ample space for FPV equipment and large batteries, making it ideal for long-range FPV flights.
  • Modular Design: Simplifies assembly and repairs, allowing for quick adjustments and maintenance.

Package Includes:

  • EPO foam parts for wings, fuselage, and tail
  • Motor mount and hardware
  • Control rods and horns
  • Instruction manual

Not Included:

  • Motor, ESC, servos, propeller, battery, charger, radio transmitter and receiver, and FPV gear must be purchased separately.


4+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver w/ V-tail mixing
4S 14.8V 5000-10000mAh LiPoly Battery
4 x 9g Servos
2814 1000KV Brushless Motor
40A Brushless Speed Control
9×4.5 propeller

FAQs for X-UAV Mini Talon EPO 1300mm FPV Plane Aircraft Kit

What is the recommended skill level for assembling the X-UAV Mini Talon? The Mini Talon is best suited for intermediate to advanced modelers. Some experience in RC plane assembly and flying is beneficial due to its customizable nature and FPV setup.

Does the kit include motors, ESCs, and servos? No, the kit includes the airframe parts only. Motors, ESCs, servos, and other electronics must be purchased separately, allowing for customization based on individual preferences and flight requirements.

What battery size is recommended for the X-UAV Mini Talon? Battery compatibility ranges from 3S to 4S LiPo, typically between 2200mAh to 5200mAh. The exact choice depends on your balance, performance needs, and flight duration goals.

Can I install FPV gear on the Mini Talon? Yes, the Mini Talon is designed with ample fuselage space to accommodate various FPV equipment, including cameras, video transmitters, and antennas, making it ideal for FPV flying.

What is the wingspan and weight of the X-UAV Mini Talon? The wingspan is 1300mm, and the flying weight varies from approximately 1000g to 1800g, depending on the equipment and battery installed.

How does the V-tail configuration affect the flight? The V-tail configuration enhances the aircraft’s aerodynamics and control, offering an agile flying experience. It combines the functions of both the vertical and horizontal stabilizers for efficient maneuverability.

Is the Mini Talon suitable for long-range FPV flights? Yes, with its efficient design, ample space for large batteries, and the ability to carry comprehensive FPV gear, the Mini Talon is well-suited for long-range FPV missions.

What type of propeller should I use with the Mini Talon? Propeller choice can range from 7″ to 10″, depending on your motor and battery setup. It’s important to match the propeller to your specific power configuration for optimal performance.

How durable is the EPO foam construction? EPO foam is known for its durability and impact resistance, making the Mini Talon capable of withstanding minor crashes and rough landings with minimal damage.

Can the Mini Talon be disassembled for transport? While the Mini Talon is not designed for quick disassembly, its wings can be removed with some effort for transport. However, its compact size generally allows for easy transportation even when fully assembled.

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