DJI Agras T30 – Agriculture Spraying Drone Camera

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● 30-litre spray tank for large-scale crop spraying.
● Spherical radar system for precise flight control.
● IP67 water resistance for use in various weather conditions.
● Dual FPV cameras for monitoring during flight.
● RTK high precision operation for accurate application of pesticides and fertilizers.
● Smart agriculture cloud platform for data management and analysis.


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DJI Agras T30 Drone

A New Flagship for Digital Agriculture

The DJI Agras T30 is a professional agricultural drone designed for large-scale crop spraying operations. It is equipped with a 30-litre spray tank and can cover up to 13 acres per flight. The DJI Agras T30 drone features a durable design and can fly in a variety of weather conditions, making it suitable for use in a range of farming and agriculture applications. It is equipped with GPS and a variety of sensors to ensure precise flight control and accurate application of pesticides and fertilizers. The Agras T30 can be controlled using the DJI Pilot app, which allows users to set flight paths and monitor the drone’s status in real-time.

The Agras T30 is equipped with revolutionary branch-targeting technology and adjustable arms, which allow it to apply liquid pesticides evenly through thick canopies using oblique spraying. This technology doubles the number of droplets and ensures thorough coverage. The drone can be used in conjunction with the Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform and cloud-based mapping to manage a 3D digital orchard, making it an effective tool for digital agriculture.

The Agras T30 is equipped with a 16-nozzle layout that improves droplet penetration. It also has eight sets of solenoid valves that allow for independent variable frequency control and sequential spraying. The drone’s horizontally opposed six-cylinder double plunger pump design provides strong spraying power and a high flow rate of up to 8 litres per minute.

Advanced Agricultural Spraying System: The DJI Agras T30 is equipped with a revolutionary agricultural spraying system, capable of carrying up to 30 liters of liquid payload. Its powerful pumps and precise spray nozzles ensure efficient and uniform coverage of crops, reducing the amount of chemicals used and increasing productivity.

Smart Flight Modes for Automated Operations: Featuring intelligent flight modes, the T30 can autonomously plan its flying route and adjust its spraying intensity based on the terrain, ensuring optimal application of liquids across varied landscapes.

Real-Time FPV and Data Transmission: With an integrated FPV camera and real-time data transmission, operators can monitor the spraying process closely, making adjustments on the fly for precise application and ensuring that every corner of the field is covered.

High-Efficiency Power System: The T30 boasts a high-efficiency power system, providing longer flight times and the ability to cover larger areas on a single charge. This ensures uninterrupted operations over vast agricultural lands.

Weather-Resistant Design: Designed to withstand harsh farming conditions, the DJI Agras T30 is weather-resistant, capable of operating in various environmental conditions including wind, rain, and dust, ensuring reliable performance year-round.

360-Degree Radar System: The drone is equipped with a 360-degree radar system that detects obstacles in all directions. This enhances safety by automatically avoiding obstacles during flight, ensuring the drone and crops remain unharmed.

Precision Agriculture Tools: Integrating with DJI’s precision agriculture tools, the T30 provides detailed analysis and data, helping farmers make informed decisions about crop health, irrigation needs, and more, optimizing farm management practices.

Foldable and Portable Design: Despite its robust capabilities, the T30 features a foldable design that makes it easy to transport and deploy. This portability allows farmers to easily move the drone between fields or storage locations.

High-Resolution Mapping Camera: Equipped with a high-resolution mapping camera, the T30 can capture detailed images of the land, helping in the creation of precise maps and plans for better crop management and field analysis.

Automatic Tank Refilling and Battery Swapping: To maximize operational efficiency, the T30 supports automatic tank refilling and battery swapping, reducing downtime and allowing for continuous operation during critical farming periods.

Integrated Management Platform: The T30 can be connected to DJI’s integrated management platform, allowing for easy monitoring of flight paths, spray records, and other critical data, streamlining the management of agricultural drone operations.

Emergency Stop and Hover: In case of any unexpected situations, the T30 features an emergency stop and hover function, allowing operators to immediately pause operations and take necessary actions, enhancing overall safety.

The DJI Agras T30 revolutionizes agricultural practices with its advanced spraying system, smart flight modes, and robust design, making it a powerful tool for modern farming. Its precision technology and efficiency enhancements support sustainable agriculture by optimizing resource usage and improving crop health.

Branch-Targeting Technology for Thorough Penetration

With revolutionary branch-targeting technology and adjustable arms, the Agras T30 penetrates thick canopies with oblique spraying, ensuring an even application of liquid pesticides and doubling the number of droplets. [1] With the help of the Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform and cloud-based mapping, users can manage a 3D digital orchard, making it easy to get started with digital agriculture.

DJI Agras T30 Drone details
DJI Matrice 350 RTK
DJI Matrice 350 RTK
DJI Matrice 350 RTK

Ultrabright Screen Ultimate Control

The Agras T30’s updated remote controller has a range of up to 5 km and a bright 5.5-inch screen that provides clear visuals even in harsh lighting conditions. It can operate multiple drones at once, increasing productivity. The drone also has a standard RTK high-precision positioning module that enables centimetre-level operation planning. The remote controller has improved signalling, anti-interference, and operational stability. The DJI Agriculture app offers a smooth user experience and intuitive operation.

Two Batteries + Charger for Continuous Operation

1,000 cycles for 4,942 acres

With fewer supporting components needed, the Agras T30 is easier to transport. A newly designed intelligent battery is covered by a warranty for 1,000 charges and 4,942 acres of flight; this ultra-long service life significantly reduces operating costs. The charging station and smart charging hub can fully charge a battery in 10 minutes, allowing for continuous operation with just two batteries and one charger. The standard safety box helps ensure battery safety and easy equipment storage.

T30 Spreading System 3.0

Large-capacity, Washable, and Corrosion-Resistant

The updated spreading system on the Agras T30 has a capacity of up to 40 litres, a spreading width of up to 7 meters, and an hourly spreading capacity of 1 ton. It supports real-time weight monitoring and has an anti-rotation sensor for more accurate refill alerts. The drone is rated IP67 for water resistance, making it washable and corrosion-resistant and suitable for spraying fertilizers, seeds, and feed. When used with digital agriculture solutions, the Agras T30 can implement variable spreading, which helps reduce fertilizer use and increase yield.

DJI Matrice 350 RTK



Hourly work efficiency

  • 40 acres

High-precision radar

  • √ Spherical Omnidirectional Radar System

Remote control planning accuracy

  • √ (RTK/GNSS)

Pipe air exhaust

  • √ One button Air Discharge

3D operation planning by the AI smart engine

High-precision flowmeter

  • √ (Dual-channel electromagnetic flowmeter with an error of ±2%)

Level gauge

  • Continuous level gauge (with real-time pesticide load detection and intelligent supply-point prediction)

Maximum spray flow

  • 7.2L/min (with the XR11001 nozzle)
    8L/min (with the XR110015 optional nozzle)

Pesticide tank installation method

  • Fixed pesticide tank

Battery installation method

  • Removable batteries

Single remote control for multiple drones

  • √ (Single remote control for up to three drones)

D-RTK technology

Top-view radar module

Flight laser function

Intelligent endurance/return function

Intelligent supply-point prediction

Front-view FPV

Rear-view FPV

Coordinated turning function

Branch targeting technology

Drone parameters

Total weight (without batteries)

  • 26.4 kg

Maximum take-off weight

  • 78 kg (near sea level)

Maximum thrust-to-weight ratio

  • 1.70 @ takeoff weight of 66.5 kg

Hovering precision (with good GNSS signal)

  • With D-RTK enabled:
    ±10 cm (horizontal) and ±10 cm (vertical)
    With D-RTK disabled:
    ±0.6m (horizontal) and ±0.3m (vertical) (with the radar function enabled: ±0.1m)

RTK and GNSS frequency bands

  • RTK: GPS L1/L2, GLONASS F1/F2, BeiDou B1/B2, and Galileo E1/E5
    GNSS: GPS L1, GLONASS F1, and Galileo E1

Maximum power consumption

  • 11,000 W

Hovering power consumption

  • 10,000 W (@ takeoff weight of 66.5 kg)

Hovering endurance

  • 20.5min (@29,000 mAh & takeoff weight of 36.5 kg)
    7.8min (@29,000 mAh & takeoff weight of 66.5 kg)

Maximum pitch angle

  • 15°

Maximum operating flight speed

  • 7 m/s

Maximum level speed

  • 10 m/s (with a good GNSS signal)

Maximum tolerable wind speed

  • 8 m/s

Maximum flight altitude

  • 4,500m
    *Reduce the pesticide load by 12% for each increase of 1,000 meters in altitude.

Recommended operating ambient humidity

  • < 93%

Recommended operating ambient temperature

  • 0℃ to 45℃

Chassis parameters

Maximum rotor distance

  • 2,145 mm


  • 2,858 mm × 2,685 mm × 790 mm (with arms and blades unfolded)
    2,030 mm × 1,866 mm × 790 mm (with arms unfolded and blades folded)
    1,170 mm × 670 mm × 857 mm (with arms folded)

Power system - Motor

Stator size

  • 100×18 mm

KV value

  • 77 rpm/V

Maximum pull

  • 18.7 kg/rotor

Maximum power

  • 3,600 W/rotor


  • 756 g

Power system - Propellers

Diameter × pitch

  • 38×20 inch

Weight (with a single blade)

  • 106 g

Power system - ESC

Maximum operating current (continuous)

  • 60 A

Maximum operating voltage

  • 60.9 V (14S LiPo)

FPV cameras

View angle (FOV)

  • Horizontal: 129°, vertical:82°


  • 1,280×720 15-30 fps

Spraying system - Nozzles

Nozzle model

  • SX11001VS (standard)
    SX110015VS (optional)
    Fruit tree drones: TX-VK04 (optional)

Nozzle quantity

  • 16

Maximum spray flow

  • SX11001VS: 7.2L/min
    SX110015VS: 8L/min
    TX-VK4:3.6 L/min

Atomized particle size

  • SX11001VS : 130 – 250 μm
    SX110015VS : 170 – 265 μm
    TX-VK4: 110 – 135 μm
    (depending on the actual operating environment, spray flow, and other factors)

Maximum effective spray width

  • 4-9 m (with 12 nozzles and a distance of 1.5 to 3 meters to crops)

Charging assistant of the remote control external smart battery

  • Model

  • WCH2
  • Input voltage

  • 17.3 – 26.2 V
  • Output voltage and current

  • 8.7V and 6A
  • Operating ambient temperature

  • 5℃ to 40℃

Power adapter of the external smart battery charging assistant

  • Model

  • A14-057N1A
  • Input voltage

  • 100 – 240V and 50/60 Hz
  • Output voltage

  • 17.4 V
  • Rated power

  • 57 W

T30 Spreading System 3.0

Spreading system weight

  • 3.9kg

Maximum opening area

  • 44.6 cm²

Applicable materials

  • Solid dry particles with a diameter of 0.5 to 5 mm

Spreading tank volume

  • 40L

Maximum load of the spreading tank

  • 35kg

Water-resistance rating

  • IP67

Input voltage

  • Power: 60V

Maximum power

  • 60V@250W

Recommended operating ambient temperature

  • 0℃ to 40℃


  • 560×435×320mm

Maximum rotation speed

  • 1,300 RPM

T30 smart charging manager


  • 300×280×230 mm

Total weight

  • 11.5 kg

Input voltage

  • 100-264 Vac

Output voltage

  • 40-60 V

Rated power

  • 7,200

Charging current

  • 120 A

Charging time

  • Fully charges a battery in 9 to 12 minutes

Charging voltage accuracy

  • +/-0.1 V

Charging current accuracy

  • +/-1 A

Output channel quantity

  • 2

Protection functions

  • Over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, and fan stall protection

Charging ambient temperature

-20℃ to 45℃

Charging safety

  • AC wire protection, power wire protection, and charge connector protection

Spraying system - Water pump

Water pump model

  • Plunger pump

Operating voltage

  • 60 V

Maximum flow

4 L/min ×1

Spraying system - Flowmeter

Flow measurement range

  • 0.25 – 20 L/min

Flow measurement error

  • < ±2%

Measurable liquid

  • Conductivity > 50 μS/cm, typical liquids: Tap water or aqueous organic or inorganic pesticides

Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance radar


  • RD2424R

Operating frequency

  • SRRC/NCC/FCC: 24.05 – 24.25 GHz
    MIC/KCC/CE: 24.05 – 24.25 GHz

Operating power consumption

  • 12 W

Equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP)

  • SRRC: < 13 dBm; NCC/MIC/KCC/CE/FCC:< 20 dBm

Height maintenance and terrain adaptation

  • Height measurement range: 1-30 m
    Height-maintenance range: 1.5-15 m
    Maximum slope in mountain mode:35°

Obstacle avoidance system

  • Perceivable distance: 1.5-30 m
    View angle (FOV): Horizontal: 360°, vertical: ±15°
    Conditions of use: The relative altitude of the drone must be greater than 1.5 m and the speed less than 7 m/s
    Safety distance: 2.5 m (the distance between the tip of the propeller and the obstacle after the drone decelerates to a hover)
    Obstacle avoidance direction: Horizontally omnidirectional obstacle avoidance

Water-resistance rating

  • IP67

Top-view radar


  • RD2414U

Operating frequency

  • SRRC/NCC/FCC:24.05 – 24.25 GHz
    MIC/KCC/CE:24.05 – 24.25 GHz

Overhead obstacle avoidance

  • Perceivable distance: 1.5-10 m
    View angle (FOV): 80°
    Conditions of use: During take-off, landing, and climbing when the relative distance between the drone and the object above is greater than 1.5 m
    Safety distance: 2 m (the distance between the highest point on the top of the drone and the obstacle after the drone brakes and hovers stably)
    Obstacle avoidance direction: Above the drone

Water-resistance rating

  • IP67

Equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP)

  • SRRC:< 13 dBm; NCC/MIC/KCC/CE/
    FCC:< 20 dBm

Operating power consumption

  • 4 W



  • BAX501-29,000mAh-51.8V


  • Approximately 10.1 kg

Discharge rate

  • 11.5C

Water-resistance rating

  • IP54 with board-level potting protection


  • 29,000 mAh


  • 51.8 V

Remote control


  • RM500-ENT

Operating frequency of the Ocusync Industry Edition

  • 2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz
    5.725 – 5.850 GHz

Effective signal range at the Ocusync Industry Edition operating frequency (without interference and blockage)

  • SRRC: 5 km; MIC/KCC/CE: 4 km; FCC: 7 km
    (measured when the operating height of the drone is 2.5 m)

EIRP of the operating frequency of the Ocusync Industry Edition

  • 2.4 GHz
    SRRC/CE/MIC/KCC: 18.5 dBm;
    FCC: 29.5 dBm;
    5.8 GHz
    SRRC: 20.5 dBm;
    FCC: 28.5 dBm
    CE:12.5 dBm

Wi-Fi protocols

  • Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless Display, and 802.11a/g/n/ac
    Supports 2 × 2 MIMO Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi operating frequency

  • 2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz
    5.150 – 5.250 GHz
    5.725 – 5.850 GHz


  • 2.4 GHz
    SRRC/CE: 18.5 dBm; FCC/MIC/KCC:20.5 dBm;
    5.2 GHz
    SRRC/FCC/CE/MIC: 14 dBm; KCC: 10 dBm;
    5.8 GHz
    SRRC/FCC: 18 dBm; CE/KCC: 12 dBm;

Bluetooth protocol

  • Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth operating frequency

  • 2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz

Bluetooth EIRP

  • Positioning

  • GPS+GLONASS dual mode

Display screen

  • 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1080, brightness of 1,000 cd/m², and Android OS

Operating memory (RAM)

  • 4GB LPDDR4

Storage space (ROM)

  • A microSD card with 32 GB and extensible storage space for up to 128 GB, transfer speed rated as UHS-I Speed Grade 3


  • HDMI 1.4

Supported drones

  • T30 and T10 agricultural drones

Operating power consumption

  • 18 W

Operating ambient temperature

  • -10℃ to 40℃

Storage ambient temperature

  • -30℃ to 60℃ (within 1 month)
    -30℃ to 45℃ (more than 1 month and less than 3 months)
    -30℃ to 35℃ (more than 3 months and less than 6 months)
    -30℃ to 25℃ (more than 6 months)
    (with built-in batteries charged to 40% to 60%)

Charging ambient temperature

  • 5℃ to 40℃

Built-in batteries of the remote control

  • Built-in batteries

  • 18650 lithium-ion battery (5,000 mAh at 7.2V)
  • Battery life

  • 2 hours
  • Charging method

  • Use a standard 12V/2A USB fast charger
  • Charging time

  • 2.5 hours (use the 12V/2A USB fast charger when the remote control is powered off)
  • Power supply current/voltage of the remote control USB-A port

  • 5 V / 1.5 A

External smart battery of the remote control

  • Model

  • WB37-4,920mAh-7.6V
  • Battery type

  • 2S LiPo
  • Capacity

  • 4,920 mAh
  • Voltage

  • 7.6 V
  • Capacity

  • 37.39 Wh
  • Charging ambient temperature

  • 5℃ to 40℃
  • Battery life

  • 2 hours

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In the evolving landscape of modern agriculture, the DJI Agras T30 stands as a monumental leap towards sustainable and efficient farming. This agriculture spraying drone camera, available on, is engineered to meet the demands of today’s farmers, offering unparalleled precision, power, and reliability. The DJI Agras T30 is not just a drone; it’s a comprehensive agricultural solution designed to maximize crop yield, minimize environmental impact, and revolutionize the way we farm.

Introducing the DJI Agras T30

The DJI Agras T30 is the epitome of innovation in agricultural technology. With its advanced spraying system, powerful flight capabilities, and intelligent features, the DJI Agras T30 is designed to deliver unmatched efficiency and precision in a variety of agricultural applications, from crop spraying to field mapping.

Why Choose the DJI Agras T30?

Opting for the DJI Agras T30 means choosing a tool that significantly enhances agricultural productivity. Its 30-liter payload capacity, wide spray width, and precise spraying controls ensure that every drop of liquid is utilized effectively, reducing waste and increasing coverage. The DJI Agras T30 is built to transform agricultural practices, making it a smart investment for farmers aiming for sustainability and efficiency.

Unmatched Efficiency and Precision

The DJI Agras T30 sets a new standard for efficiency and precision in agricultural spraying. Its intelligent flight modes and terrain-following radar enable the drone to adapt to varying landscapes, ensuring consistent spray coverage even in complex environments. With the DJI Agras T30, farmers can achieve precise application rates, minimizing chemical usage while maximizing crop protection.

Advanced Spraying System

At the heart of the DJI Agras T30’s capabilities is its advanced spraying system, which features high-pressure pumps and precise nozzles designed for uniform application. This system allows for variable rate application, adjusting the spray volume based on flying speed, which ensures optimal droplet size and distribution for every part of the field.

Enhanced Flight Performance

The DJI Agras T30 is designed for durability and reliability, capable of flying in diverse weather conditions. Its robust design and powerful propulsion system provide stable flight and high efficiency, enabling farmers to cover more ground in less time. With the DJI Agras T30, agricultural operations can continue smoothly, regardless of the challenges posed by the environment.

Smart Farming with Intelligent Features

The DJI Agras T30 is equipped with intelligent features that redefine smart farming. Its integration with the DJI Agriculture app allows for precise planning and execution of spraying missions. Real-time data monitoring and mapping capabilities enable farmers to make informed decisions, optimizing their agricultural practices for better outcomes.

Revolutionizing Agricultural Practices

The DJI Agras T30 is at the forefront of revolutionizing agricultural practices. By reducing labor costs, increasing spraying accuracy, and minimizing chemical runoff, the DJI Agras T30 supports sustainable farming methods. Its impact on agriculture is profound, offering a solution that benefits both farmers and the environment.

Why is Your Trusted Source

Purchasing the DJI Agras T30 from guarantees not just a competitive price but also the assurance of authentic products and comprehensive customer support. As a trusted retailer of DJI products, is committed to providing agricultural professionals with the tools they need to succeed in the modern farming landscape.

Future-Proofing Agriculture with the DJI Agras T30

Investing in the DJI Agras T30 is an investment in the future of agriculture. As farming practices evolve and the demand for sustainable solutions grows, the DJI Agras T30 stands ready to meet these challenges. Its advanced technology, efficiency, and precision make it an essential tool for any farming operation looking to thrive in the years to come.

Conclusion: Transforming Agriculture with the DJI Agras T30

The DJI Agras T30, available on, represents a significant advancement in agricultural technology. With its powerful spraying capabilities, intelligent features, and robust design, the DJI Agras T30 is equipped to meet the demands of modern agriculture. It offers a new level of efficiency, precision, and sustainability, making it a pivotal tool for farmers worldwide.

Embrace the future of farming with the DJI Agras T30. Visit today and discover how this agriculture spraying drone camera can revolutionize your agricultural practices, leading to increased productivity, sustainability, and profitability.


What is the liquid payload capacity of the DJI Agras T30?
The DJI Agras T30 can carry up to 30 liters of liquid payload, making it highly efficient for agricultural spraying tasks over large areas.

Can the DJI Agras T30 operate in adverse weather conditions?
Yes, the T30 is designed to be weather-resistant, capable of operating in various environmental conditions including wind, rain, and dust, ensuring reliable performance throughout the year.

What types of crops can benefit from the DJI Agras T30?
The T30 is versatile and can be used for a wide range of crops, including grains, fruits, and vegetables. Its precision spraying system is adaptable to different crop types and sizes, ensuring efficient application.

How does the DJI Agras T30 ensure precise spraying?
The T30 features smart flight modes that autonomously plan flight routes and adjust spraying intensity based on terrain and crop density, ensuring uniform and precise application of liquids.

Does the T30 come with obstacle avoidance capabilities?
Yes, the T30 is equipped with a 360-degree radar system that detects obstacles in all directions, enhancing safety by automatically avoiding obstacles during flight.

How long can the DJI Agras T30 fly on a single charge?
While specific flight times can vary based on conditions and payload, the T30’s high-efficiency power system provides longer flight times to cover larger areas efficiently, reducing the need for frequent recharging.

Can the DJI Agras T30 create maps of the fields?
Yes, equipped with a high-resolution mapping camera, the T30 captures detailed images for the creation of precise maps and plans, aiding in better crop management and field analysis.

Is the DJI Agras T30 easy to transport and set up?
Yes, the T30 features a foldable design that makes it easy to transport between fields or storage locations. Its design simplifies deployment, allowing for quick setup and operation.

How does the DJI Agras T30 contribute to sustainable farming practices?
By providing precise and efficient spraying, detailed crop health analysis, and optimizing resource usage, the T30 supports sustainable agriculture practices, helping to reduce waste and improve crop yields.

Can I monitor and manage the DJI Agras T30’s operations remotely?
Yes, the T30 can be connected to DJI’s integrated management platform, allowing operators to monitor flight paths, spray records, and manage data remotely, streamlining the management of agricultural drone operations.

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