Aoile 2.4G-Yagi Drone Antenna Upgrade Kit with Remote Controller Signal Amplifier Radio Range Extender for DJI Mavic Pro/Mavic Mini Black

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  • A 2.4GHz Yagi-UDA (Yagi-Uda) drone is a specialized drone equipped with a Yagi-UDA antenna system.
  • The 2.4GHz frequency range is commonly used for remote control and communication in drones.
  • The Yagi-UDA antenna design consists of a driven element, reflector, and director elements, enhancing the drone’s signal reception and transmission capabilities.
  • Yagi-UDA antennas are known for their directional signal focus, which can extend the drone’s range and improve communication with the controller.
  • This drone is ideal for scenarios where long-range control and data transmission are necessary, such as surveillance, monitoring, or remote sensing applications.
  • The 2.4GHz Yagi-UDA drone can provide a more stable and reliable connection, reducing the risk of signal interference and loss during flight.

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Aoile 2.4G-Yagi Drone Antenna

Introducing the Aoile 2.4G-Yagi Drone Antenna Signal Booster, your key to an enhanced drone flying experience. This powerful booster is designed to substantially improve your drone’s signal strength, making your flights not only safer but also more enjoyable.

With the 2.4GHz Yagi-UDA Drone Signal Booster, you can expect a significant increase in signal range, allowing you to explore and capture more breathtaking moments with your drone. In fact, for certain drone models, this booster has the potential to extend the range by over 10 times its original capacity.

The effectiveness of this signal booster is directly tied to its superior quality. Crafted with precision and expertise, it ensures reliable and stable signal transmission. Say goodbye to signal dropouts and interference, and say hello to a seamless and worry-free drone piloting experience.

Enhance your drone’s capabilities and unlock new horizons with the 2.4GHz Yagi-UDA Drone Signal Booster. Elevate your drone game, and make each flight a thrilling adventure with this essential accessory.

2.4Ghz Yagi


Frequency(Ghz) 2.4
Colour Black
Length (mm) 75


Width (mm) 60
Height (mm) 20
Weight (gm) 13


Shipment Weight 0.04 kg
Shipment Dimensions 8.5 × 8 × 3 cm

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