Hi-Target I-Hand55 Handheld Controller

  • 5.5-inch touchscreen
  • Full keyboard
  • Android 10
  • IP68 rated
  • 32GB with 128GB expansion.

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Hi-Target I-Hand55 Handheld Controller

The iHand55 Handheld Controller stands out as a premier field controller, designed for professional surveyors who demand efficiency and clarity. It features a comprehensive full-keyboard layout, enabling rapid data entry and navigation. The device is equipped with a fast-charging capability, ensuring minimal downtime in the field. Its enhanced display offers clear visibility even in bright sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor use. With the integration of the latest Hi-Survey Road Software, the iHand55 elevates its performance, offering advanced features that foster greater intelligence in survey operations. Built to withstand the rigors of fieldwork, the robust and reliable iHand55 is an excellent tool for any surveying task, providing high accuracy and durability in all conditions.

Hi-Target I-Hand55 Handheld Controller


Hi-Target I-Hand55 Handheld Controller

FAQs for Hi-Target I-Hand55 Handheld Controller

  1. What is the Hi-Target I-Hand55 Handheld Controller?
    • The I-Hand55 is a high-performance field controller designed for surveyors, featuring a full keyboard, fast charging, sunlight-readable screen, and robust construction, making it ideal for various surveying tasks under different conditions.
  2. What makes the I-Hand55 screen unique?
    • The I-Hand55 boasts an updated screen that is specially designed to be readable in direct sunlight, providing clear visibility for outdoor work.
  3. Does the I-Hand55 support fast charging?
    • Yes, the I-Hand55 is equipped with fast charging technology, allowing for quick power-ups and minimizing downtime during field operations.
  4. Can the I-Hand55 withstand harsh field conditions?
    • Absolutely. The I-Hand55 is built to be robust and reliable, ensuring consistent performance in various fieldwork conditions, whether it’s dust, moisture, or rugged terrain.
  5. What software does the I-Hand55 use, and what are its benefits?
    • It uses the latest Hi-Survey Road Software, enhancing the device’s intelligence and efficiency in survey work by offering advanced features for comprehensive data management and analysis.
  6. How user-friendly is the I-Hand55?
    • With its full-keyboard design, the I-Hand55 prioritizes user convenience, allowing for easy data entry and navigation, making it user-friendly for surveyors on the field.
  7. What are the connectivity options available on the I-Hand55?
    • The I-Hand55 offers various connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB, facilitating seamless data transfer between the device and other equipment or software platforms.
  8. Is the I-Hand55 compatible with other surveying equipment?
    • Yes, the I-Hand55 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of surveying instruments and accessories, enhancing its versatility and utility in different surveying contexts.
  9. What type of battery does the I-Hand55 use, and how long does it last?
    • The I-Hand55 is powered by a durable battery designed for long-lasting use, although specific battery life can vary based on usage patterns and settings.
  10. Where can I purchase the I-Hand55 and what is included in the package?
    • The I-Hand55 can be acquired through authorized Hi-Target distributors and typically includes the handheld controller itself, a battery, charger, data cable, user manual, and a carrying case for ease of transport and storage.

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