SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod


  • 4K 8MP Camera: Delivers high-resolution 4K video and 8-megapixel still images, providing detailed visuals for inspection and surveillance.
  • 180X Hybrid Zoom: Features an impressive 180X hybrid zoom capability, combining optical and digital zoom to capture detailed images from great distances.
  • 640 x 512 Thermal Imaging: Equipped with a thermal imaging sensor with a resolution of 640 x 512, enabling temperature measurement and night vision capabilities for a variety of applications.
  • 1.2 KM Laser Rangefinder: Includes a laser rangefinder with a range of up to 1.2 kilometers, allowing for precise distance measurements in complex environments.
  • 2K Wide Angle Camera: Offers a 2K wide-angle camera for broader scene capture, enhancing situational awareness and operational capabilities.

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Four Sensors Gimbal Camera 4K 8MP 180X Hybrid 640 x 512 Thermal Imaging 1.2 KM Laser Rangefinder 2K Wide Angle with AI Smart Tracking 3-Axis Stabilizer Compatible with DJI M350 M300 RTK Payload for Drone Surveillance Inspection

The SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod is a cutting-edge, quad-sensor gimbal camera, tailored for the sophisticated demands of drone-based surveillance and inspection tasks. This powerful payload combines a 4K 8MP camera for crystal-clear imagery, a 180X hybrid zoom for detailed views from a distance, and a thermal imaging capability with a 640 x 512 resolution for night vision and temperature assessments. A 1.2 km laser rangefinder adds precision distance measurement, while a 2K wide-angle camera expands the operational view.

Incorporating AI smart tracking, the ZT30-D autonomously locks onto and follows dynamic subjects, boosting its surveillance potential. Its 3-axis stabilization mechanism guarantees smooth footage across diverse flight conditions. Engineered for seamless integration with DJI M350 and M300 RTK drones, this versatile gimbal camera is a game-changer for professional-grade aerial surveillance, infrastructure checks, environmental monitoring, and more. The SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod merges multiple high-tech sensors and smart functionalities to deliver unparalleled efficiency and clarity in drone operations.

🌌 Multi-Sensor Integration: Incorporates multiple sensors including a 4K 8MP camera, a thermal imaging camera, and a wide-angle camera, offering a comprehensive suite of imaging capabilities for diverse operational needs.

🔎 Powerful Zoom: Features a 180X hybrid zoom, combining optical and digital zoom capabilities, allowing users to capture detailed images from great distances without compromising image quality.

🌡️ Thermal Imaging: Equipped with a 640 x 512 thermal imaging sensor, it provides crucial data for night operations, search and rescue missions, and infrastructure inspection, detecting heat signatures effectively.

📏 Laser Rangefinder: Includes a 1.2 KM laser rangefinder, enabling precise distance measurements, which is essential for mapping, surveillance, and executing complex missions with accuracy.

🔄 3-Axis Stabilization: Boasts a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, ensuring smooth and stable video footage, even under challenging flight conditions or in high winds.

👁️ AI Smart Tracking: Integrates advanced AI technology for smart tracking capabilities, automatically following moving objects, which is invaluable for surveillance and wildlife monitoring.

🌃 Night Vision: The thermal imaging capability also serves as a night vision tool, allowing the drone to operate in low light conditions or complete darkness, extending operational hours.

📡 Real-Time Video Transmission: Offers real-time video transmission back to the operator or control station, facilitating immediate decision-making based on live data.

📲 Easy Integration with DJI Drones: Specifically designed for compatibility with DJI M350 and M300 RTK drones, ensuring seamless integration and operation, enhancing the utility and versatility of these drone platforms.

🛠️ Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of professional applications, including environmental monitoring, infrastructure inspection, security surveillance, and search & rescue operations.

🌦️ Weather-Resistant Design: Built to withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring reliability and performance in various environmental conditions, from rain to dust and beyond.

👌 User-Friendly Operation: Designed with ease of use in mind, featuring intuitive controls and user interface, making it accessible for both seasoned professionals and newcomers.

🚀 High Performance: Delivers high-quality imaging and performance, meeting the demands of critical and high-stakes operations where clarity and precision are paramount.

💼 Compact and Lightweight: Its design emphasizes portability and minimal impact on drone performance, ensuring longer flight times and greater maneuverability.

SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod
SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod
SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod
SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod
SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod
SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod


Camera Resolution

Features a 4K 8MP optical camera for high-resolution imaging, ensuring detailed visuals for inspection and monitoring tasks.

Hybrid Zoom Capability

Offers up to 180X hybrid zoom, combining optical and digital zoom technologies to capture detailed images from significant distances.

Thermal Imaging Resolution

Equipped with a 640 x 512 thermal imaging sensor, allowing for precise temperature measurements and thermal monitoring over large areas.

Laser Rangefinder

Includes a 1.2 KM laser rangefinder, providing accurate distance measurements, essential for mapping, surveying, and precise targeting.

Wide-Angle Coverage

Features a 2K wide-angle camera, delivering broad visual coverage for situational awareness and large area surveillance.

AI Smart Tracking

Integrated AI capabilities for smart tracking, enabling the system to automatically follow and monitor moving targets with high precision.

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilization

The 3-axis gimbal stabilizer ensures smooth and stable footage, even in challenging flight or environmental conditions.


  • Specifically designed to be compatible with DJI M350 and M300 RTK drones, allowing for seamless integration with some of the most advanced commercial drone platforms available.

Application Flexibility

Ideal for a wide range of applications, including drone surveillance, infrastructure inspection, environmental monitoring, and emergency response scenarios.

FAQs about SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod

  1. What drones are compatible with the SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod?
    • The SIYI ZT30-D is specifically designed to be compatible with DJI M350 and M300 RTK drones, offering seamless integration for advanced aerial surveillance and inspection tasks.
  2. Can the SIYI ZT30-D Optical Pod perform in low-light conditions?
    • Yes, the SIYI ZT30-D is equipped with capabilities for low-light operations, ensuring reliable performance during night-time or in poorly lit environments.
  3. What is the maximum range of the laser rangefinder in the ZT30-D?
    • The laser rangefinder in the ZT30-D can accurately measure distances up to 1.2 kilometers, providing valuable data for mapping and precise targeting.
  4. How does the AI Smart Tracking feature work?
    • AI Smart Tracking allows the ZT30-D to automatically follow and monitor moving targets with high precision, utilizing advanced algorithms for real-time object recognition and tracking.
  5. What are the thermal imaging capabilities of the ZT30-D?
    • The ZT30-D features a 640 x 512 thermal imaging sensor, enabling users to detect heat signatures for applications like search and rescue, wildlife monitoring, and infrastructure inspection.
  6. Can the ZT30-D Optical Pod be used for detailed infrastructure inspections?
    • Absolutely. With its 4K 8MP camera and up to 180X hybrid zoom, the ZT30-D can capture highly detailed images, making it ideal for inspecting infrastructure like bridges, buildings, and wind turbines.
  7. What is the stabilization technology used in the ZT30-D?
    • The ZT30-D utilizes a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer to ensure smooth and stable footage, crucial for acquiring high-quality images and videos, even in adverse flight conditions.
  8. How does the wide-angle camera enhance its capabilities?
    • The 2K wide-angle camera offers broad visual coverage, essential for situational awareness, large area surveillance, and environmental monitoring.
  9. Is there any specific software or app required to operate the ZT30-D?
    • Operation and data analysis might require specific software compatible with the DJI drones it is designed for. Users should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal software solutions.
  10. What makes the ZT30-D suitable for emergency response scenarios?
    • Its integration of thermal imaging, long-range laser rangefinding, and AI smart tracking make the ZT30-D highly effective for search and rescue operations, allowing responders to locate individuals and assess situations from a safe distance.

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