VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone Camera V1 (Basic Model)

Original price was: ₹523,810.Current price is: ₹380,000.

  • 16 Litre Spraying tank.
  • Endurance – Upto 15 mins when loaded at full capacity.
  • Flight range – Upto 8 Kms
  • Height Range – Upto 30m (in default mode)
  • Autonomous spraying
  • Muti-type spraying
  • Advanced Controller

Content in the box  : Extra propeller, Remote controller, fast charger, 1 set of batteries &  carry box,  seed spreader attachment (at an extra cost)

Bonus : Get Free Training on your agriculture drone.

1-Year Warranty     7 days return policy     PAN India Fast Shipping   


VFLYX Customized Agricultural Drone 16 L V1(Basic Model)

Terrain Follow and Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance. 16L Farm Drone Agriculture Spraying Drone with T-Motor P60 Power System

The VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone Camera V1 (Basic Model) is designed to introduce precision and efficiency into the heart of agricultural practices. This entry-level drone model is equipped with essential features that cater to the foundational needs of modern farming and crop management. With a focus on simplicity and functionality, it offers a straightforward spraying system for the precise application of pesticides and fertilizers, ensuring optimal crop health with minimal waste. The VFLYX 16L V1 is built to operate over varied terrains, thanks to its robust design and reliable navigation system. Although it presents a more basic setup compared to its advanced counterparts, it still provides significant value by enhancing the efficiency of agricultural operations, reducing labor costs, and supporting sustainable farming practices. Ideal for small to medium-sized farms, the VFLYX 16L V1 serves as a stepping stone towards integrating more sophisticated agricultural technology into everyday farming activities.

Note: The video is shown only for spraying purposes, and the actual product may differ.

Note: The video is shown only for spraying purposes, and the actual product may differ.

Enhanced Features of VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone Camera V1 (Basic Model)

Advanced Precision Spraying System: The VFLYX 16L V1 showcases an advanced precision spraying system, meticulously engineered to administer pesticides and fertilizers with exceptional accuracy. This system significantly diminishes waste and environmental impact, ensuring that crops receive the precise care they need for optimal growth and health.

Superior Reliable Navigation System: Equipped with cutting-edge GPS technology, this drone guarantees stable flight patterns and superior navigation across diverse agricultural landscapes. Its reliability ensures uniform coverage and treatment of crops, making every flight efficient and effective.

Enhanced Standard Resolution Camera: Featuring an enhanced standard resolution camera, the VFLYX 16L V1 captures clearer and more detailed images of crops and fields. This capability is crucial for conducting routine monitoring and performing basic health assessments, providing farmers with valuable insights into their crops’ condition.

Extended Durable Battery Life: The drone is equipped with a high-capacity battery designed for extended operational times, enabling comprehensive coverage of small to medium-sized fields on a single charge. This feature reduces the need for frequent battery replacements or charges, streamlining the agricultural workflow.

Robust Weather-Resistant Design: Its robust construction is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor agricultural environments, offering resistance to dust, moisture, and light rain. This durability ensures consistent performance and longevity, regardless of weather conditions.

User-Friendly Simple Operation Controls: With its focus on accessibility, the VFLYX 16L V1 features an exceptionally user-friendly control interface. This design philosophy makes the drone accessible to operators with limited technical expertise, allowing for straightforward management of flight paths and spraying operations.

Comprehensive Basic Data Processing: The drone comes with comprehensive basic data processing capabilities, enabling efficient analysis of captured images for routine crop monitoring and field assessment. This feature allows farmers to make informed decisions based on accurate field data.

Ultra Lightweight and Portable Design: The VFLYX 16L V1’s ultra-lightweight and compact design enhance its portability, making it easy to transport and deploy across different farming locations. This versatility is key to maximizing operational flexibility and convenience in everyday agricultural tasks.

Minimal Low Maintenance Requirements: Designed with simplicity and durability at its core, the VFLYX 16L V1 boasts minimal maintenance needs. This aspect ensures consistent long-term performance and cost-effectiveness, providing a reliable solution for farmers focused on efficiency and sustainability.

Enhanced Support for Sustainable Farming Practices: By facilitating the precise application of agricultural chemicals, the VFLYX 16L V1 plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable farming practices. It helps in reducing the overuse of water and chemicals, thereby supporting the cultivation of healthier crops and contributing to the overall well-being of the environment.

The V1 Series agriculture drones continues the classic design. It adopts red and blue color matching, a streamlined body design, and the whole body is waterproof, without fear of high pressure washing. The new V series upgrade product adopts a new integrated molding process. Complex to simple, the fuselage is integrated from dozens of original parts into a whole, and the fuselage is made of high-strength and impact-resistant materials, which are strong and anti-fall.

The force-bearing structure of the fuselage adopts a double fixing method of clamping and limiting at many key points, so that the entire fuselage will not cause structural displacement due to long-term use, and it also makes installation and positioning easier.

There are detachable camera installation parts in front of the fuselage, which can be installed or closed according to your needs. The power distribution board in the center of the fuselage integrates all power supply plugs to separate the power supply from the signal and minimize interference

Included Components or Accessories

Hexa-Copter with Propulsion system: The Hexa-Copter with Propulsion System is engineered for superior stability and control. Featuring six powerful motors, it delivers exceptional maneuverability and extended flight times. Ideal for aerial photography, surveying, and agricultural applications, this hexa-copter ensures precise, efficient operations. Its robust design and advanced propulsion system make it a reliable choice for professional and hobbyist pilots alike.

EFT E616P 16L: The EFT E616P 16L is a high-capacity agricultural drone designed for efficient crop spraying. With a 16-liter tank and powerful propulsion system, it ensures extensive coverage and precise application. Ideal for large-scale farming, this drone enhances productivity and promotes healthier crops. Durable and easy to operate, the E616P is a reliable tool for modern agricultural operations.

Spray Nozzles – Extended One set: The Spray Nozzles – Extended One Set is designed for precise and efficient agricultural spraying. With extended reach, these nozzles ensure thorough coverage of large areas and hard-to-reach spots. Ideal for pesticide and fertilizer application, they promote healthier crops and improved yields. Durable and easy to install, this set enhances the performance of your agricultural spraying system.

Spray Nozzles – Vertical One set: The Spray Nozzles – Vertical One Set is designed for efficient vertical spraying in agricultural applications. Perfect for tall crops and vertical surfaces, these nozzles ensure even and thorough coverage. Ideal for applying pesticides and fertilizers, they help promote healthier crops and higher yields. Durable and easy to install, this set enhances the effectiveness of your spraying system.

VFLYX 10L Hexacopter Agriculture Drone

COMBO-PUMP-5L-Brushless-10A-14S: The COMBO-PUMP-5L-Brushless-10A-14S is a high-efficiency agricultural pump system designed for precision spraying. Featuring a powerful brushless motor and a 5-liter capacity, it ensures consistent flow and reliable performance. Compatible with 14S batteries and operating at 10A, this pump is perfect for large-scale pesticide and fertilizer applications, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your agricultural operations.

VFLYX 10L Hexacopter Agriculture Drone

Hobbywing CM-X8 CW Brushless motor: The Hobbywing CM-X8 CW Brushless Motor is designed for high-performance drones, delivering powerful and efficient operation. With its clockwise rotation, it ensures smooth and stable flight. Ideal for professional aerial photography and racing, this motor provides exceptional reliability and precision. Its robust construction and advanced engineering make it a top choice for serious drone enthusiasts seeking superior performance.

Hobbywing CM-X8 CCW Brushless motor: The Hobbywing CM-X8 CCW Brushless Motor is engineered for high-performance drones, offering powerful and efficient operation. With its counterclockwise rotation, it ensures smooth and stable flight. Perfect for professional aerial photography and racing, this motor delivers exceptional reliability and precision. Its durable construction and advanced design make it an ideal choice for serious drone enthusiasts seeking superior performance.

VFLYX 10L Hexacopter Agriculture Drone

K++V2 Flight and Sparaying Controller: The K++V2 Flight and Spraying Controller is a state-of-the-art system for agricultural drones. It offers precise flight control and efficient spraying capabilities, ensuring uniform application of pesticides and fertilizers. With advanced stability and accuracy features, this controller enhances productivity and crop health, making it an essential tool for modern precision farming and large-scale agricultural operations.

VFLYX 10L Hexacopter Agriculture Drone

Tattu Lithium Polymer 22000 Battery Set: The Tattu Lithium Polymer 22000 Battery Set delivers exceptional power and endurance for high-performance drones. With a massive 22000mAh capacity, it ensures extended flight times and reliable energy supply. Ideal for professional aerial photography, surveying, and agriculture, these batteries offer superior energy density and stable discharge rates, providing consistent and efficient performance for demanding drone applications.

VFLYX 10L Hexacopter Agriculture Drone

SKYRC PC1080 Charger: The SKYRC PC1080 Charger is a cutting-edge charging solution for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike. With dual-channel charging capability and a maximum output of 1080W, it can charge two batteries simultaneously at high speeds. Featuring advanced safety features and compatibility with various battery types, this charger ensures efficient and reliable charging, maximizing your drone’s time in the air.

VFLYX 10L Hexacopter Agriculture Drone

SKYDROID T12 Remote Controller: The SKYDROID T12 Remote Controller offers advanced features and precision control for professional drone pilots. With its 12-channel design and long-range transmission capabilities, it provides reliable connectivity and seamless operation. Equipped with a high-resolution display and intuitive controls, this controller offers a user-friendly experience for aerial photography, surveying, and mapping missions. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended flight sessions, making it an excellent choice for drone enthusiasts.

VFLYX 10L Hexacopter Agriculture Drone

Xt60 Connectors: Xt60 Connectors are essential components for drone and RC hobbyists, ensuring secure and reliable electrical connections. With their robust design and low resistance, these connectors facilitate efficient power transmission and minimize the risk of overheating or damage. Compatible with a wide range of batteries and electronic devices, Xt60 Connectors are ideal for building custom drones and upgrading existing setups with ease and confidence.

Agriculture Drone Accessories: Enhance your farming efficiency with top-quality Agriculture Drone Accessories. Our selection includes precision spray nozzles, high-capacity batteries, reliable chargers, and robust brushless motors, all designed to optimize your drone’s performance. Perfect for precise pesticide application, crop monitoring, and field mapping, these accessories help improve crop health and yield, making them essential tools for modern agriculture.


Included Components

Hexa-Copter with Propulsion system
EFT E616P 16L
Spray Nozzles – Extended One set
Spray Nozzles – Vertical One set
Hobbywing CM-X8 CW Brushless motor
Hobbywing CM-X8 CCW Brushless motor
Agriculture Drone Accessories
K++V2 Flight and Sparaying Controller
Tattu Lithium Polymer 22000 Battery Set
SKYRC PC1080 Charger
SKYDROID T12 Remote Controller
Xt60 Connectors

In the Box

1x Vflyx V1.0 Agriculture Drone

1 set of battery of 16000 MAH
1x 16L Pesticide Tank
4x Sprinkler
2x 30inch Folding Propeller

General Feature:

1. High sensitivity;
2. Long detection distance;
3. Fast signal transmission;
4. Stable signal transmission;
5. All-weather work;
6. Strong environmental adaptability.

Drone Body Feature

High Capacity Water Tank

  • High-capacity water tank with extended nozzle
  • Seamless integration with supple silicone connector
  • Durable, lightweight, and secure design
  • Quick refill capability
  • Optimized aerodynamic shape
  • UV-resistant material for longevity

   Anti-collision Extension Nozzle

  • Extended length with seamless integration
  • Supple silicone connector for added protection
  • Robust solution against external forces
  • Prevents potential breakage

       Foldable & Compact

  • Streamlined carrying process
  • Safeguards drone during transport
  • Ensures optimal condition upon arrival

    Waterproof Body

  • Streamlined carrying process
  • Safeguards drone during transport
  • Ensures optimal condition upon arrival

Flight Controller Features

Advanced Features of the K3 Pro Flight controller:

  1. State-of-the-Art Flight Control Algorithm: The K3 Pro drone incorporates cutting-edge flight control algorithms, enhancing stability and responsiveness during spraying operations, even in challenging environmental conditions.
  2. Integrated GPS for Precision Navigation: Harness the power of precise GPS navigation to ensure accurate positioning and waypoint tracking, enabling you to map out spraying routes with unprecedented precision.
  3. Automatic Spray Path PlanningThe K3 Pro’s intelligent software facilitates automatic path planning for spraying, optimizing coverage and minimizing overlaps to efficiently utilize spraying resources.
  4. Customizable Waypoints and Geofencing: Tailor your spraying missions with customizable waypoints, allowing adaptation to the unique layout of your fields. Geofencing features enhance safety and control.
  5. Adaptive Flight Modes:The K3 Pro offers adaptive flight modes catering to various spraying
    scenarios, providing flexibility and adaptability to diverse agricultural

Remote Controller Features

Optimized for Precision Spraying:The T10 controller’s 10 channels are finely tuned for precise
control over every aspect of your agricultural spraying drone,
ensuring accurate and efficient application.

2.4Ghz Frequency Stability:Operate with confidence using the stable 2.4Ghz frequency,
minimizing interference and maintaining a secure connection
between the controller and the spraying drone.

Extended Range for Comprehensive Coverage:Experience extended operational range, allowing you to cover
large agricultural fields with ease and efficiency, ensuring
thorough spraying coverage.
User-Friendly Interface for Intuitive Operation:The T10’s intuitive user interface is designed for simplicity
without compromising functionality. Easily navigate and control
your spraying drone operations.
Responsive Joysticks for Precision Maneuvering:The T10 features responsive joysticks and controls for precise
maneuvering, enabling accurate application of pesticides,
herbicides, and fertilizers.

Telemetry Display for Real-Time Monitoring:Stay informed during spraying operations with the built-in
telemetry display, providing real-time data on altitude, battery
status, and GPS coordinates.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, the VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone stands out as a revolutionary tool designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of farming operations. This basic model, available on, offers a blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features, making precision agriculture accessible to farmers worldwide.

Introducing the VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone

The VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone is not just a piece of technology; it’s a farming partner that brings modern solutions to age-old challenges. With its 16-liter capacity, it is perfectly suited for small to medium-sized farms, offering an optimal balance between payload and maneuverability. The importance of drones in modern agriculture cannot be overstated, as they offer a bird’s-eye view and capabilities far beyond traditional farming methods.

Key Features That Set VFLYX 16L Apart

Among its numerous features, the VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone boasts a robust design capable of withstanding the rigors of agricultural environments. Its advanced navigation systems ensure precise application of water, fertilizers, and pesticides, reducing waste and improving crop health. Additionally, the drone’s durability and thoughtful design underscore its suitability for everyday farm use.

Empowering Farmers with Technical Excellence

The technical specifications of the VFLYX 16L are a testament to its excellence. From its impressive battery life that ensures extended flight times to its high-quality camera for detailed crop monitoring, every aspect of the drone is engineered for peak performance.

Transforming Agriculture with VFLYX 16L

The benefits of integrating the VFLYX 16L into your agricultural practices are manifold. From significantly increasing crop yields to enabling precision agriculture techniques, the drone makes modern farming more efficient and less labor-intensive. Its role in farm management is pivotal, offering insights into crop health, optimizing irrigation, and enhancing pest control strategies.

Real-World Success Stories

The impact of the VFLYX 16L is best illustrated through testimonials and success stories from the farming community. These real-world examples highlight the drone’s ability to transform agricultural operations, making it a valued tool in farmers’ arsenals.

A Comparative Look at Agricultural Drones

When compared to other drones in the market, the VFLYX 16L stands out for its balance of features, performance, and affordability. A detailed comparison sheds light on its superiority in key areas crucial for agricultural success.

Broad Applications Across Agricultural Sectors

The versatility of the VFLYX 16L extends across various agricultural sectors, proving its efficacy in managing cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables, and plantation crops. This adaptability makes it a valuable asset for diverse farming operations.

Ensuring Longevity through Proper Maintenance

Maintaining the VFLYX 16L is straightforward, with routine care and troubleshooting tips readily available to drone owners. This ensures the drone’s longevity and reliability over time.

Enhancing Your Drone with Accessories and Add-ons

The VFLYX 16L‘s functionality can be further enhanced with a range of accessories and add-ons, from additional cameras to software upgrades, making it a scalable solution for evolving farm needs.

Making the VFLYX 16L Yours: A Guide to Purchase

For those interested in acquiring the VFLYX 16L, a comprehensive purchasing guide provides all the necessary information, from pricing to warranty details, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Navigating Legal and Safety Aspects

Operating agricultural drones involves adherence to specific legal and regulatory standards. The VFLYX 16L is designed with compliance in mind, ensuring that farmers can focus on their operations without legal concerns.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Farming with VFLYX 16L

The potential of the VFLYX 16L in transforming agriculture is immense. With continuous updates and technological advancements, the drone is set to remain at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the VFLYX 16L improve crop yields?
  • What makes the VFLYX 16L different from other agricultural drones?
  • Can the VFLYX 16L be used in all types of agricultural settings?
  • How user-friendly is the VFLYX 16L for farmers new to drone technology?
  • What is the warranty period for the VFLYX 16L?
  • How can I get started with the VFLYX 16L in my farming operations?

Conclusion: Why the VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone is a Game-Changer

The VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone represents a significant leap forward in agricultural technology. Its combination of advanced features, ease of use, and adaptability to various farming needs makes it an indispensable tool for modern farmers. As agriculture continues to evolve, the VFLYX 16L stands ready to lead the way, offering solutions that are not just about improving efficiency but also about securing a sustainable future for farming.


  1. What is the payload capacity of the VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone Camera V1 (Basic Model)?
    • The VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone Camera V1 (Basic Model) has a payload capacity of 16 liters, designed for efficient spraying and distribution of agricultural inputs.
  2. Can the VFLYX 16L V1 be used for crop monitoring and mapping?
    • Yes, in addition to its primary function of aerial spraying, the VFLYX 16L V1 is equipped with a camera that can be used for basic crop monitoring and mapping tasks.
  3. What is the flight duration of the VFLYX 16L V1?
    • The flight duration of the VFLYX 16L V1 varies depending on conditions and payload but typically ranges around 15 to 25 minutes per battery charge.
  4. Is the VFLYX 16L V1 equipped with obstacle avoidance technology?
    • The Basic Model of the VFLYX 16L V1 includes fundamental obstacle avoidance capabilities to navigate around common obstacles encountered in agricultural fields.
  5. How does the VFLYX 16L V1 handle varying terrains and crop heights?
    • The drone features terrain-following technology that allows it to adjust its flight altitude automatically based on crop height and land topography, ensuring consistent application across uneven terrains.
  6. What types of liquids can the VFLYX 16L V1 dispense?
    • The VFLYX 16L V1 can dispense a variety of liquid agricultural inputs, including water, pesticides, herbicides, and liquid fertilizers, provided they are compatible with the drone’s tank and nozzle system.
  7. Can the VFLYX 16L V1 operate in windy conditions?
    • While the VFLYX 16L V1 can withstand mild to moderate wind conditions, it’s recommended to operate the drone in optimal weather conditions to ensure accuracy and safety.
  8. How user-friendly is the VFLYX 16L V1 for operators with no prior drone experience?
    • The VFLYX 16L V1 is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive operating system and straightforward controls. However, operators are encouraged to undergo basic training to familiarize themselves with the drone’s functionalities.
  9. What is the warranty period for the VFLYX 16L V1?
    • The warranty period for the VFLYX 16L V1 varies by retailer and region, so customers are advised to check with the point of purchase for specific warranty details.
  10. Where can I purchase the VFLYX 16L Agricultural Drone Camera V1 (Basic Model)?
    • The VFLYX 16L V1 can be purchased through authorized VFLYX dealers or directly from the VFLYX website, depending on your location. Be sure to purchase from reputable sources to ensure product authenticity and warranty coverage.

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