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Why a Self-Defence Gadget?

Safety may be a state of mind, but the gadgets definitely help get there!

  •  Self Defence is legally permissible under and protected by, the laws of India.

  • A portable yet highly effective gadget can be used to neutralize a physically stronger attacker.

  • Many attackers are likely to stop their pursuit if they realize their intended victim is carrying something that could likely harm them and prevent the assault.

  • A personal safety device can be used to draw attention to a dangerous situation and help you escape!

What Do the People Say?

This can come really in handy. I reside on the outskirts of Kolkata, used Xboom personal safety alarm once , it was really loud enough to gather people.

Deepthi Iyer

I feel like i have a tiny soldier in my bag 🙂

Syeda Ummay Husna

Gave this to my sister as a present. Now she has an extra aid to her karate moves !

Sultan Alimuddin

Must buy products ! To be kept with females at all times, looking at the current scenario.

Joyeeta Neogi

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Xboom- A one stop shopping destination for safety and security products

Security and safety in the need of the hour, with the increasing cases of crime being reported it has become essential to equip oneself with self-defense and security gadgets. Women safety is a big concern for our country India, we must take some strong steps to fightback crime.

What Can You Buy From Xboom?

Self Defence Products

 Empower yourself with our diverse range of self-defence gadgets! From our carefully curated collection ranging from your traditional self-defence tools such as pepper spray and stun guns; to cleverly designed batons and paracord accessories, we are positive you will find your perfect fit in our catalogue.Our products are manufactured with dedicated compliance to the highest industry standards, and we have taken great care to ensure that no matter your skill level, you will find your self-defence tool of comfort, providing you with a sense of safety and security in your everyday life. Checkout our self-defense products collection

Pepper Spray

The pepper spray works in a very straightforward fashion. The non-lethal chemical formula contained within the canister is an irritant that immediately causes a burning sensation when it comes in contact with skin. The sensitivity of regions such as the eyes, nose and mouth would present an increased discomfort when in contact with the chemical formula. We also provide cleverly designed canisters that could pass off as lipstick, and be easily concealed within a handbag!Most importantly, their use is 100% legal and permissible by law in India so make sure you exercise caution and protect yourself! Buy Pepper Spray today !

Stun Guns 

 We provide a variety of high quality stun guns available for online purchase and doorstep delivery! We carry models that range from the regular stun gun that is depicted in movies and TV shows, to complex models that expand from a baton into a stun gun cum flashlight. As these prove to be some of the most effective weapons against a physical threat in women safety, we also have a cleverly designed model that houses both a powerful stun gun and a flashlight – easily concealed in your purse.  Best of all, this is a 100% legal self-defence weapon in India so make sure you take steps to protect yourself!  Get yourself a stun gun/ electric shock device.Baton


  baton is a cylindrical club that is a highly effective defence tool. Commonly used by police and law enforcement, it requires minimal training to be used effectively and provides you with a compelling means of fighting back against an attacker. Our expandable version could easily fit within a standard sized purse or backpack for everyday carry, and the use of a baton for self-defence is 100% legal in India, so purchase one today!Checkout our collection batons

Personal Safety Alarms

Personal Safety alarms are a simple security system. They can be purposed handily as key chains or handbag tags, and readily activated in a time of need. We carry a variety of attractive Personal Safety Alarms – some of which contain flashlights for navigation in a dark, unknown location. The alarms are quickly activated and raise a loud sound that can be used not only to gain attention from potential witnesses but also to scare off an attacker.Gift yourself and your loved ones personal safety alarms.


“Paracord” is a colloquial term used to identify safety equipment made from the cords used in parachutes and landing gear. This material is extremely durable and can be repurposed from a clever design into a multipurpose survival tool. Our paracord accessories come in many variants – from belts and key chains, to bracelets and weapons. These can be unraveled for use as a rope, a hiking aid, fishing line, etc. Ideal for adventurists and avid hikers, paracords form an important survival tool that can withstand incredibly heavy loads. Explore the self-defense paracords tools.

Personal Safety Combos

Our Personal Safety Combos have been specially crafted with Women Safety in mind. From multiple packs of our Advanced Pepper Sprays, to combination packs containing various best seller items, the personal safety combos have been curated to address the average Indian woman’s safety needs.All the items in these packs can be used by any woman, regardless of skill levels or training, and also make for great gifts to give your loved ones.  Check out our money saver sel-defense tools combos below!

GPS Trackers

Equipped with state of the art technology, our GPS trackers come in multiple sizes for a variety of purposes. Not only do we stock models that meet governmental regulations for use in vehicles, we also carry smaller models that can be used to track your assets, your luggage, your pet, or even your children! We have made both wireless and affixable models available for your selection; rest easy with the security of the knowledge of the location of both your possessions, and your loved ones. Explore the largest collection of GPS trackers available online

Vehicle GPS Trackers

For use by everybody from private owners and business persons, to governmental agencies regulating traffic, a vehicular GPS tracker is a useful safety investment. From “lite” models that can be discreetly concealed in the vehicle and transmit a location over significant distances, to models equipped with cameras, and ones that can remotely disable the vehicle, our GPS tracker collection curates a wide variety of systems. Built with state-of-the-art technology and with complete regulatory compliance, not only are our trackers of the highest quality and durability, they are affordably priced for online shopping and doorstep delivery. Buy GPS tracker for your vehicle today.

Personal GPS trackers for kids, pets and luggage 

 Our personal GPS trackers are built to be discreet and effective. From models that can track luggage over great distances, to those that can alert you if your pet has breached a particular physical boundary, we have a diverse range of trackers that serve a variety of purposes. We also have cleverly designed trackers concealed in jewellery, ID cars, or watches that can be used to track the movements of the wearer. Ideal for use by children running busy schedules or single women travelling by themselves, the trackers provide real time location tracking on Google Maps. The systems also allow for dispatch of an SOS signal in the event of danger that sends an immediate signal to be sent to a preprogrammed phone number. For more personalized use of Personal GPS tracker systems, check out our collections here for Women Safety, Child Safety, Elder Safety, Pet Safety, and Anti-Theft! Checkout personal GPS Trackers