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Self-Defense Tools – Not a Choice But a Necessity! 

  • Easy To Use

  • Safety Anywhere You Go

  • Affordable

  • Avoid Physical Conflict

  • Legal To Use

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GPS Tracking Devices – Advanced Features For Your Vehicle! 

  • Monitor Wherever You Vehicle Is Located

  • Prevent Theft

  • Easily Manage Fleet

  • Use Mobile Application

  • Various Alerts Availaible

Get Your GPS Tracker

Ant-Theft Devices –Ensure Protection of Home, Family & Assets. 

  • Loud Siren of 110 db

  • Get an instant Phone Call Alert

  • Easy To Use

  • Zero Maintainance

  • Wireless Device

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Protect women against Molestation, Rape and any other Physical Attacks.

Children safety products


Prevent Child Abuse, Trafficking and Abduction.

Traveller safety using personal safety products


Ensure safety against the cases of Theft and Physical Attacks.

Shop owners

Secure your shop  from Robbery, Theft and Attacks.

Senior citizen safety

Senior citizens

Take care of your parents who are prone to attacks and chain snatching.

Self defence and security products

Security Personnels

    Empower them to tackle the unwanted situations without using any lethal moves.

Driver safety

Carry our safety devices to prevent road accidents and tackle road rages.

safety of delivery agents

Delivery/Collection agents

Avoid the theft and attacks while delivery & collection.

Our Corporate Clients

Must buy products ! To be kept with females at all times, looking at the current scenario.

Sakeena Aziz Kidwaion

Gave this to my sister as a rakhi present! Now she has an extra aid to her karate moves!

Rohit Sachdev

I Feel like i have a tiny soldier in my bag 😀

Shardha Venkatesh

This can come really in handy. I reside on the outskirts of Kolkata, Used it once and it was loud enough to really gather people. Thankful!

Rishika jain

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