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Why a Self-Defence Gadget?

  •  Self Defence is legally permissible under and protected by, the laws of India.

  • A portable yet highly effective gadget can be used to neutralize a physically stronger attacker.

  • Many attackers are likely to stop their pursuit if they realize their intended victim is carrying something that could likely harm them and prevent the assault.

  • A personal safety device can be used to draw attention to a dangerous situation and help you escape!

What Do the People Say?

This can come really in handy. I reside on the outskirts of Kolkata, used Xboom personal safety alarm once , it was really loud enough to gather people.

Deepthi Iyer

I feel like i have a tiny soldier in my bag 🙂

Syeda Ummay Husna

Gave this to my sister as a present. Now she has an extra aid to her karate moves !

Sultan Alimuddin

Must buy products ! To be kept with females at all times, looking at the current scenario.

Joyeeta Neogi

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