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Our solution helps one to prevent and fightback crimes like Sexual Harassments, Eve-Teasing, Stalking, Physical Assaults, Abduction, Theft, and Robbery.

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We all Need Tools Sometimes To Protect Loved Ones

In Today's Time Advantages of Gadgets

  • Avoid any mishap in advance.
  • Be equipped & ready when caught in a crime scene.
  • It can protect you from getting into physical conflicts.
  • One can be easily outnumbered, its smarter to use gadgets to overcome multiple assailants.




General Questions Asked Regarding Self-Defense Gadgets

  • Is there any permanent damage on using these self-defence tools?

    No, there is no permanent damage when used as per the instruction. (It lasts from a few mins to 45 mins, depending on the tool).

  • Can i carry self-defense gadgets on flight?

    Its allowed to carry on board the flight, but only in checked-in luggage and not as hand luggage.

  • What is the legal age to carry these?

    You should be above 18 years to carry self-defense products, but personal safety alarms can be used even by kids.

  • What if i accidentally use it?

    In case you accidentally discharge, don’t panic as effect last only for few minutes. Follow the basic retrieval procedure as mentioned in the manual.

  • Is it Legal To Use These Self-Defense Gadgets

    Yes, its legal to use our self-defense product, but only for the purpose of self-defense.


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