Hello, we’re XBoom!

Working to help you protect your life and safety, one day at a time.

Change begins at home!

Here at XBoom, we believe that every individual has the right to basic dignity, and that they have to right to fight for it. With our innovative and passionate team, we are committed to doing just that, by starting an online forum where you can purchase personal and home safety devices. Our unique product line hosts a variety of safety equipment that will allow you to legally exercise your right to self-defence.

A change is coming, and we at XBoom hope to help do our part in paving it forward.

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About Us

XBoom was founded in 2015 with the vision of securing the safety of the women of this country with simple, yet effective products. Strengthened by the belief that self-defence is an intrinsic part of human dignity, we launched our first product – the Advanced Pepper Spray – to give the women of this country the means to protect themselves in a society that wasn’t doing enough. That first launch was met with widespread enthusiasm and acceptance, prompting us to expand our range. In 2017, we added products within the spheres of Premise Security and GPS Tracking. Currently, the Company is headquartered in Bangalore, and operates out of a second branch office in New Delhi.

How do we do it ?

Our products offer an immediate solution for one of the most pressing issues in today’s society – safety. We make sure that while the quality of our products is high, the price is competitive; thereby targeting a large segment of the society. This wide variety is cleverly designed, highly precise, and made from start to finish in India. Not only are we hoping that our wide range appeals to the choosing customer, we are also doing our best to contribute to the country’s domestic market, by engaging local producers and using material sourced from within the country.