About Us


Hello, We are Xboom.
Established 2015.
We are Making Lives Safer & Protected.


We are an innovative and passionate team running marathon for safety, security and social welfare. Our endless social concerns, care for the safety of women and personal security led us in starting Xboom, an online safety device store with unique product line focusing on building safety products that can help people in keeping themselves protected under uncertain circumstance. We are revolutionizing the way people live by giving them the right tools to protect themselves under any circumstance.


We are going beyond our compliance to excel in pursuit of personal safety and security. That’s what makes us passionate about safety and that’s what we live by everyday here are Xboom.

We craft the best safety products here in India, made for India keeping in mind the endowment for a safer society to live-in. Our enthusiasm makes the product both innovative & persistent.

We make products that are not only consistent, but also accurate. Precision is the name of the game when it comes to safety and our methods have been perfected over years to offer the best.



In order to make a safer place for our society and future generation, we have to start taking measures which are easier and smarter. Human life is the most precious gift of all. Ensuring safety and security must be on the top of our checklist.