About Autel EVO Series

Autel robotics is an American company that operates out of washington DC. It specialises in R&D in the field of robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles.Autel products are sold in over 50 major countries like India, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, etc. Created in 2014 under the parent company Autel Intelligence technologies, it stormed the market with the EVO series drone in 2020. However, its first drone series (X-Star) was sold on the open market from 2015 itself. The vision and values of the company are strongly reflected in their handling of customer requests and the technology seen in their drones. The new Dragonfish series takes flight time and payload to a whole new level. The Autel EVO II still stands as the consumer favourite Autel product. We at XBoom bring you the most extensive collection of Autel drones on the market at the best price. Order your Autel Drone now and enjoy your mastery over the skies.