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Drone flying is a deep-rooted desire of every millennial nowadays. Be it for professional calling or hobby satisfaction, drones use is rapidly finding many more applications including aerial photography, product deliveries, agriculture, policing and surveillance, infrastructure inspections, science, and drone racing. A drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV/un-crewed aerial vehicle) is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Are you looking to buy the best drones in India in 2021? Then you are at the best site to buy drones in India.

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Mini 2 :

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Mavic Air 2 :

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Phantom Pro v2 :

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do we buy a drone in India?
A: Drones are nowadays easily available on online platforms such as www. xboom, in with much more reliability than the offline stores as online stores are concentrated upon drones laws India and are selling at affordable price in India.
Although you can easily get the drones from Xboom delivering you to your home, buying it from somewhere abroad and bringing it to India will be detained in customs as it is against drone rules in India.

Q: What are the drone rules in India?
A: According to the DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation), flying drones without prior approval is considered illegal, and the drone owner can be booked for flouting the rules.

Q: Why do we have such restrictions?
A: This certainly is a question as to why there are such drone rules in india on something that helps us have a better look at the scenic beauty of this world, but everything has its merits and demerits.
So, here as well, there might be a situation where the drones might be used as a means to spread fear.
The government states that it can pose a threat to the security of those other aircraft and those on the ground as it can be used in terrorist activities and will endanger the peace of this nation, which is the reason for the prior approval requirement.
Now, when considering the policies with which we have to adhere while flying or purchasing drones, we should have a clearer look at the draft policies of DGCA drafted in 2016.

Q: How have the drones been categorized in India?
A: Micro – weight > 2kg
Mini – weight between 2kg and 20kg
Small – weight between 20kg and 150kg
Large – weight < 150kg

Q: What is all required for registration for drone license India?
A: A UIN (Unique Identification Number) is required.
For the registration, you would need to provide address proof.
A permit from the police and one from the telecommunication department.
You will need to give the specifications of the drone to the authorities.
The company from which you purchased should be Indian.

Q: How do we get a UAOP (Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit)? 
A: Drone rules in India state that to receive a UAOP which is also considered as drone license India from the authorities, you need to go through all of this procedure, which may be a bit hefty, but following drone laws in India is recommended.
You need permission from either a civil or defense Air Navigation Service (ANS) provider.
Permission of the land or property owner to take off and land UAV.
Details of remote piloting and training records.
Third party accidental insurance (if applicable).
Security clearance from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security of India.

Q: What is the flight limit of the UAV or drone?
A: Drone rules in India state that if you want to fly your drone above 200 meters in the air, you need to take permission from the DGCA, and if permitted, you are eligible for flying your domain.
If you want to or your drone’s flying limit is less than 200 meters, then according to drone laws India, you need to get approval from the local authorities, and then you are eligible to fly your drone.

Q: Is there any penalty on flying drones?
A: If there is any flouting of the rules mentioned or non-compliance, you shall be liable for the cancellation of UAOP according to drone rules in India, as there have been no other updates in the draft policy guidelines.
The proposed guidelines make sure that we move head to head with the international standards when drones are in consideration as India has become the country where most drones are sold, which means we need these drone laws India more than ever.

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