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This section pertains to everything on the XBOOM website including but not limited to all of the products sold on said website. It is the responsibility of the buyer, not XBOOM to ascertain and obey all applicable laws regarding the possession and use of our products.

By Placing An Order, Buyers Understand And Agree To The Following:

XBOOM assumes no liability associated with product use. Under no circumstance is XBOOM liable for injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use, or inability to use, any product sold on the XBOOM website. This includes, but is not limited to, the failure of any product to perform as advertised. This responsibility is totally on the buyer.

By ordering from our site, you are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age or older. You are also certifying that the products ordered will be used only in a lawful manner and that you have read, understand and agree to the terms posted here on this page.


Please read through the warnings and disclaimers when considering the purchase and/or use of a stun gun.

  • Stun guns are only to be used in cases of lawful self-defense or in defense of others. Please be sure to obey all applicable Legal laws and regulations.
  • These products are designed to safely disable a person temporarily without inflicting major injuries or death.  
  • Exposures to stun guns or conducted electrical weapons causes some effects such as pain, stress, physiologic and metabolic changes. For some, there is an increasing possibility of major injuries with increasing exposure to these products.
  • Exposure to the chest area by the heart may produce low chances of inducing cardiac capture.  Although there is a low probability that cardiac capture could lead to cardiac arrest.
  • When possible please avoid targeting the front of the chest area to evade the probability of major injury.
  • Please avoid targeting the following areas:
    • Face
    • Eyes
    • Head
    • Throat
    • Chest area near the heart
    • Breast
    • Groin
    • Genitals
  • Stun guns can cause muscle contractions that may lead to injury, including bone fractures.
  • Use on pregnant women, the elderly, people with low body mass index and small children may have high risk of great harm.
  • Use of stun gun products may cause loss of control such as seizure, fainting, muscle contraction, incapacitation or startle response to the offender. Please consider the conditions of your surroundings when using your stun gun to avoid secondary injuries. If in the case that your offender experiences loss of control while on uneven ground there may be possibilities that they may fall over and obtain further injuries.
  • Please seek medical help in situations resulting in serious injuries to any parties involved.
  • Please note that use of the stun gun close to the eyes may result in eye injuries such as permanent vision loss.
  • Please use the stun guns properly. Use only for its intended use in the case of lawful self defense in justified situations. Please do not use stun gun for torture. Using the products wrongfully may result in criminal persecution.
  • Stun guns are considered to be weapons so please follow safe weapon handling practices and store your stun gun in a secure place.
  • Please make sure not to confuse your stun gun with any other weapons to avoid dire situations.
  • Store stun gun units in a safe place.  In order to avoid unsafe situations, please keep out of reach of children and unauthorized persons.
  • Always assume that the stun gun is capable of discharging to avoid unwanted accidental situations.
  • Know how your stun gun unit works and be aware of where the stun trigger is placed.
  • In some cases, the attacker may not be fully harmed or may recover quickly. Please take precaution.


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