DJI Cameras 

DJI is a chinese technology company headquartered in Guangdong province in China. DJI is best known for its production of unmanned aerial vehicles like drones for videography and aerial photography. DJI accounts for about 70% of the drone market share and caters to consumers as well as police forces and the entertainment industry. While at the same time DJI produces high quality gimbals, action cameras and propulsions systems. What started off as a small team headed by Frank Wang in 2006 has grown to raise about $1 billion in anticipation of its IPO in 2018. The technology giant most known for its Mavic and Phantom series drones has captivated a large majority of photography and videography enthusiasts and professionals. DJI drones are selling on the open market from as low as Rs. 49,000 to as high as Rs. 9,00,000. The DJI brand is known for its high quality drones that capture High definition images and videos in 4K in all types of climates and weather conditions. The DJI Mavic Mini series caters to beginner drone users while the Mavic 3 and Matrice drone caters to professionals in the filmmaking industry. We at XBoom are proud to bring to you our exhaustive collection of the best DJI drones at unbeatable prices on the market. Order now and start your journey!