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Inventory tracking and picking in warehouses: 

  • Drones will  detect empty shelves, and also identify the commodities stored using barcode and RFID scanning.
  • They can use built-in sensors to cover wide areas, making them ideal for inventory monitoring in large locations.


  • Drones can transfer products or parts from a warehouse to a production center’s assembly belt on the shop floor.
  • Basically transportation  inside the factories would be a cakewalk.

Asset monitoring and compliance: 

  • Drones can employ thermal and infrared technology to monitor the state of assets, even in places that are inaccessible or dangerous to humans.
  • Leaks or other anomalies can be identified, and maintenance and/or safety measures can be implemented to protect personnel and equipment. 

Asset management and planning: 

  • By scanning factory infrastructure using drones, we can create 3D digital models that can be used to trigger preventive maintenance based on KPIs.
  • This can help with manufacturing and production flow planning, as well as training.
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