Q1. How does it actually help in preventing burglaries?

Ans. Its an intrusion is made, the system will be activated within 10 seconds, sending a call alert and raising an loud alarm signal simultaneously. These two combined action prevent the burglaries by scaring the thieves away and also by informing you to take appropriate action.


Q2.  Should I fit this shutter at the back or front side?

Ans. It is to be fitted on the inner side of shutter in the bottom(where the center locks has been fitted)


Q3. Does it require SIM card? If yes, is it comes with the package?

Ans. Yes, a sim card is required and it has to purchased separately by the users.


Q4.  What is warranty period for this device?

Ans. 1 Year.


Q5. What is the average delivery time?

Ans. 3-7 days.


Q6. What happens if there is an attempt to tamper the device?

Ans. The alarm is triggered in case of tampering.


Q7. Can we have the extension for multiple doors or window?

Ans. Yes, you can contact us for extra sensors available on separate charge. Facility of extension to more number of shutter by using extension units.


Q3. How to install the device?

Ans. The main unit is fitted on the upper portion of the main door with given screws. The magnetic sensor is fitted on the frame of the door with screws or clamps.The distance between Main unit and Magnetic Sensor should be minimum 5 mm.


Q9. How it works?

Ans. To activate the device lock the  key and and take out the key. Check the battery indicator. Green light shows that system is in full working condition. Now lock the shutter within 15 seconds.

Now if an intruder tries to break in, the system will be self activated. The siren will sound for continuously for 1 to 1.5 hours and send an alert through call. The device can only be deactivated by the unique key of the device.

Please comment below in case you have any other questions.