Farming and Agriculture

Pesticide spraying / Irrigation: 

Drones are equipped with 2 important hardware components 

  • Tank to store water or anything else that a farmer wants to spray in their farmland and 
  • Thermal camera to monitor where exactly the problem is. 
  • The thermal camera senses the problematic area and the necessary nutrients and water is provided to that region alone hence, repairing only where it is required.


  • Drought monitoring as discussed above to supply the crops with the essentials to improve yield quality and quantity. (or)
  • Security and surveillance for farmers with acres and acres of land as it is much less work and costs a fraction of what other security methods would.

Aerial Mapping:

  • Farmlands aren’t always located at perfect plains like in the Indo-Gangetic region especially in India where the topography varies from high mountain peaks in the north to the coastal plains in the south and the plantation regions in the east to the deserts in the west.
  • So in the areas of inconvenience i.e. where humans struggle to perform to their potential, drones can do it with ease.

Seed sowing:

  • This is very much connected to the above mention about hard to farm regions especially like plantations where the lands are uneven and requires a lot of human effort at every stage of farming. 
  • This technique has also been successfully executed in planting trees – Rapid Afforestation.

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