NaVvis VLX 2nd Generation

  • Foldable, wearable hands-free mapping device
  • High-quality reality capture with 6mm accuracy
  • Dual LiDAR sensors with SLAM technology
  • Survey-grade colorized/intensity point clouds
  • Four cameras capture 360° panoramic images and walk throughs without any blind spots or operators in the field of view
  • Built-in touchscreen captures live scanning progress
  • 10x faster in data acquisition than terrestrial scanners


NaVvis VLX

A state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) system for immersive training and simulation applications is the NaVvis VLX 2nd generation. This cutting-edge system offers users a seamless and captivating VR experience with advanced tracking technology, high-resolution displays, and a comfortable headset design. It can be utilised in a variety of fields, including, among others, aviation, defence, healthcare, and education. The second-generation NaVvis VLX is perfect for training programmes that call for practical experience without the dangers and expenses connected with in-person training.

Survey-grade point clouds

The SLAM algorithms used in the NavVis system software are special ones created to address the difficulties of acquiring high-quality point clouds with a mobile device.

NaVvis VLX

Preserve original details

Reconstructing the surface of a point cloud preserves information while eliminating noise for more effective use in 2D and 3D models.

Detect and remove dynamic objects

Less manual work is required because moving objects are automatically identified and eliminated from point clouds during post-processing.

Robust SLAM

The entire building, including the facade and environs, can be precisely captured using robust SLAM algorithms.

Highly realistic texturing

Realistic texture and colour are included in highly detailed point clouds.

NavVis Reality Capture Solution

With NavVis VLX and NavVis IVION Core working together, you can access your virtual structures from anywhere thanks to an all-inclusive reality capture solution for the built environment. To improve your processing procedures, use the NavVis IVION Cloud Processing Add-on.

NaVvis VLX
NaVvis VLX

NavVis IVION Core

For experts and engineers in laser scanning, there is a reality capture platform called NavVis IVION Core. Utilise simple tools for creation, collaboration, and publication to manage your point clouds.

Cloud Processing add-on for NavVis IVION

If you have an internet connection, you can process laser scan data that has been collected by NavVis devices using the Cloud Processing Add-on for NavVis IVION. Multiple datasets can be easily set up and started processing on the spot, ready for when you get back to the office.

NaVvis VLX

What is NavVis VLX?

Wearable mobile lidar scanners, or mobile mapping systems, are what NavVis VLX is. These 3D laser scanners collect information as you move about your environment. NavVisVLX is the quickest route to the most accurate spatial data thanks to its cutting-edge lidar scanning capabilities and unmatched SLAM technology.

Four cameras and two multi-layer LiDAR sensors make up the NavVis VLX. When compared to a terrestrial laser scanner, it can capture an immersive 360-degree panoramic view of the site and 1,000 to 4,5000 sqm of survey-grade data in a single dataset.

NavVis Reality Capture Solution

Together, NavVis VLX and NavVis IVION Core provide an all-inclusive reality capture solution for the built world that makes your virtual structures reachable from anywhere. Take advantage of the NavVis IVION Cloud Processing Add-on to advance your processing operations.

NaVvis VLX

Reality capture workflow

A complete reality capture solution for laser scanning experts and engineers is made up of NavVis VLX and NavVis IVION. Utilise simple tools for creation, collaboration, and publication to manage your point clouds.

NaVvis VLX


Use NavVis VLX in conjunction with any existing surveying tool in your toolbox, including total stations, GNSS rovers, terrestrial laser scanners, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Maintain your current behaviour, but perform it better.

NaVvis VLX


With survey-grade precision, process, georegister, and automatically align scan data from NavVis devices and other data sources. During post-processing, moving objects are automatically identified and eliminated.

NaVvis VLX

Collaborate and integrate

Point clouds and panoramic photos can be turned into intelligent places that can be accessed from any common web browser using NavVis IVION Core. Including download and crop features for third-party software.

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