DJI FlyCart 30

Original price was: ₹1,950,000.Current price is: ₹1,800,000.

  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Durable Construction
  • Seamless Integration
  • Quick Connect System
  • Adjustable Design
  • Efficient Refilling Solution
  • Portable and Compact
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Battery-Powered Pump
  • Safety Features

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DJI FlyCart 30

Introducing the conceptual DJI FlyCart 30, a groundbreaking accessory tailored for DJI Agras drones, designed to redefine the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural drone operations. With its robust capacity to transport up to 30 liters of liquid payload, the FlyCart 30 emerges as an essential tool for executing large-scale spraying tasks with unparalleled ease. Constructed to endure the rigors of agricultural environments, its durable design ensures it can navigate through rough terrains and withstand harsh conditions, making it a reliable companion in any farming operation. This innovative cart seamlessly integrates with DJI Agras drones, facilitating a swift and efficient refilling process that significantly reduces downtime, thereby boosting productivity across vast expanses of farmland. Engineered for versatility, the FlyCart 30’s adjustable design accommodates a wide range of liquid payloads, from fertilizers to pesticides, adapting to various agricultural needs. Its user-centric interface, complemented by a battery-powered pump, simplifies operation, while integrated safety features, including safety locks and an emergency stop function, guarantee secure usage. Compact and effortlessly portable, the DJI FlyCart 30 is not just a piece of equipment but a transformative solution designed to enhance the operational capacity of agricultural drones, offering a blend of mobility, convenience, and efficiency. As a speculative addition to the DJI ecosystem, the FlyCart 30 embodies the future of smart farming, providing farmers with the tools needed to meet the demands of modern agriculture efficiently.

Enhanced High-Capacity Liquid Transport: The DJI FlyCart 30 revolutionizes agricultural spraying tasks with its substantial 30-liter liquid payload capacity. This feature ensures that extensive areas of farmland can be covered efficiently, significantly reducing the need for time-consuming refills and enabling continuous drone operation for optimized crop treatment and management.

Robust and Durable Construction: Crafted from materials of the highest strength, the FlyCart 30 is built to withstand the demanding conditions typical of agricultural environments. Its rugged design is resistant to wear and tear caused by rough terrain, ensuring lasting reliability and durability that farmers can count on through various seasons.

Flawless Integration with Agras Drones: Meticulously engineered for seamless compatibility with DJI Agras drones, the FlyCart 30 offers a fast, efficient refilling solution that dramatically minimizes downtime. This integration enhances field productivity, allowing farmers to maximize their aerial spraying operations with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Autonomous Battery-Powered Pump: Featuring a powerful rechargeable battery that autonomously powers the pump, the FlyCart 30 eliminates manual effort from the refilling process. This innovative feature streamlines operations, making it easier and more efficient to prepare drones for their next flight, ensuring they are quickly back in the air to continue their important work.

Advanced Safety Features for Operational Security: With built-in safety locks and an emergency stop function, the FlyCart 30 prioritizes the safety of both the operator and the surrounding environment. These safety measures are designed to prevent accidents and ensure secure operation, offering peace of mind during intensive agricultural tasks.

Versatile Adjustable Design for Various Liquid Payloads: The FlyCart 30’s adjustable design is capable of handling a wide range of liquid payloads, including fertilizers and pesticides. This versatility allows it to meet the specific needs of different crops and treatments, providing a tailored solution for each unique agricultural application.

Intuitive User-Friendly Interface: The DJI FlyCart 30 is designed with the user in mind, featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies operation. This user-friendly approach ensures that farmers of all technological backgrounds can easily harness the full potential of the FlyCart 30, enhancing their agricultural drone usage without a steep learning curve.

Eco-Friendly Operation for Sustainable Farming: Emphasizing sustainable agricultural practices, the FlyCart 30 operates with minimal environmental impact. Its design focuses on efficiency and waste reduction, supporting eco-friendly farming practices and contributing to the overall sustainability of agricultural operations.

Compact and Portable for Easy Transportation: Despite its powerful functionality, the FlyCart 30 boasts a compact and lightweight design, ensuring it can be easily transported across various farm locations. This portability enhances logistical efficiency, making it an indispensable tool in the modern farmer’s arsenal for maintaining extensive agricultural landscapes.

These enhanced features showcase the DJI FlyCart 30’s potential to significantly impact and improve agricultural drone operations, offering a blend of efficiency, safety, and sustainability that aligns with the needs of contemporary precision farming.

Designed to Deliver

Introducing the DJI FlyCart 30, a game-changing heavy lifter designed for long-distance deliveries. Equipped with powerful signal capabilities and advanced intelligence, it revolutionizes air transport by offering both cargo and winch modes. This innovative drone goes beyond conventional logistical boundaries, providing a safe, cost-effective, and efficient solution for transporting goods. The DJI FlyCart 30 is engineered to overcome traditional logistical challenges, setting a new standard in aerial delivery services. Its unique combination of strength, intelligence, and versatility makes it an invaluable asset for a wide range of transport needs, ensuring reliability and excellence in every flight.

The DJI FlyCart 30 is engineered to endure continuous operations, demonstrating unparalleled resilience across a spectrum of challenging environments. Capable of operating in extreme altitudes and weather conditions, it showcases robust performance day and night. This drone is specifically designed to meet the demands of rigorous and unyielding tasks, ensuring reliability and effectiveness regardless of the operational landscape. Whether facing the intense cold of high altitudes or the unpredictable elements of diverse weather patterns, the DJI FlyCart 30 stands as a testament to durability and endurance. It’s an essential tool for missions requiring steadfast operational capacity in the most demanding conditions.

All-Weather Performance

Deliver With Safety and Reliability

The DJI FlyCart 30 enhances safety with an integrated parachute that activates even at low altitudes, ensuring stable landings and minimizing risks to both people and property. It features a self-check system at startup, an independent power supply, audio and visual alerts, and halts propeller rotation before deployment for added safety.

Intelligent Obstacle Sensing

The DJI FlyCart 30 comes outfitted with advanced Front and Rear Phased Array Radars, alongside a dual Binocular Vision system, facilitating Intelligent Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing. Additionally, it incorporates a built-in ADS-B signal receiver, enhancing safety by detecting and alerting users to the presence of nearby manned aircraft, ensuring comprehensive situational awareness.

DJI FlyCart 30

Multi-Level Redundancy

The DJI FlyCart 30 boasts a design focused on high redundancy to assure flight safety, even under challenging conditions. It operates on a dual battery system, enabling continued flight and a secure return if one battery encounters issues, ensuring reliable performance and enhanced safety throughout operations.

DJI FlyCart 30

In The Box

  • 1x Aircraft FlyCart
  • 1x Remote Controller
  • 1x Remote Controller Strap
  • 1x USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • 1x USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 1x Battery Cover
  • 1x 100W USB-C Power Adaptor
  • 1x WB37 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 1x Goggles 



  • Weight

  • 42.5 kg (without battery)
    65 kg (with two DB2000 batteries)
  • Max Takeoff Weight

  • 95 kg (with cargo at sea level)
  • Max Diagonal Wheelbase

  • 2200 mm
  • Dimensions

  • 1590 x 1900 x 947 mm
    (LxWxH) (arms unfolded, propellers folded)
    2800x3085x947 mm
    (LxWxH) (arms & propellers unfolded)
    1115x760x1027 mm
    (LxWxH) (arms & propellers folded)
  • Folding Method

  • Towards body
  • Loadable Battery Quantity

  • 2
  • Hovering Endurance (empty weight, with max battery capacity)

  • 29 mins (dual battery mode)
    15 mins (single battery mode)*The data was collected in controlled conditions: zero altitude and a windless environment. For reference only.
  • Hovering Endurance (max weight, with max battery capacity)

  • 18 mins (30 kg weight load, dual battery mode)
    8 mins (40 kg weight load, single battery mode)*The data was collected in controlled conditions: zero altitude and a windless environment. For reference only.
  • Max Flight Distance (empty weight, with max battery capacity)

  • 28 km (dual battery mode)
    12 km (single battery mode)*The data was collected in controlled conditions: zero altitude and windless environment, at a constant speed of 15m/s. For reference only.
  • Max Flight Distance (max weight, with max battery capacity)

  • 16 km (30 kg weight load, dual battery mode)
    8 km (40 kg weight load, single battery mode)*The data was collected in controlled conditions: zero altitude and windless environment, at a constant speed of 15 m/s. For reference only.
  • Max Flight Time (max weight, with max battery capacity)

  • 18 mins (30 kg weight load, dual battery mode)
    9 mins (40 kg weight load, single battery mode)*The data was collected in controlled conditions: zero altitude and a windless environment, at a constant speed of 15 m/s. For reference only.
  • Operating Temperature

  • -20° to 45° C
  • Ingress Protection Rating

  • IP55
  • Hovering Accuracy (with strong GNSS signal)

  • RTK positioning enabled:
    ±10 cm horizontal, ±10 cm verticalRTK positioning disabled:
    ±60 cm horizontal and ±30 cm vertical (radar enabled: ±10 cm)
  • RTK/GNSS Operating Frequency

  • RTK: GPS L1/L2, Galileo F1/F2, BeiDou B1I/B2I/B3I, Galieo E1/E5b, QZSS L1/L2
    GNSS: GPS L1, BeiDou B1I, Galileo F1, Galieo E1, QZSS L1
  • Max Pitch Angle

  • 30°
  • Max Ascent Speed

  • 5 m/s

    *The data was collected in controlled conditions: zero altitude and a windless environment, with a 30 kg payload. For reference only.

  • Max Descent Speed

  • 3 m/s (vertical)
    5 m/s (tilted)*The data was collected in controlled conditions: zero altitude and a windless environment, with a 30 kg payload. For reference only.
  • Max Horizontal Speed

  • 20 m/s

    *The data was collected in controlled conditions: zero altitude and a windless environment, with a 30 kg payload, for reference only.

  • Max Flight Altitude

  • 6000 m (without payload)
  • Max Wind Speed Resistance

  • 12 m/s

Propulsion System

  • Stator Size

  • 100×33 mm
  • Motor KV Value

  • 48 rpm/V
  • Max Motor Power

  • 4000 W/rotor
  • Propellers Material

  • Carbon fiber composite
  • Propellers Diameter

  • 54 inch
  • Propellers Type

  • Foldable double-blade propellers
  • Main-rotor Diameter

  • 1375 mm
  • Rotor Quantity

  • 8

LED Light

  • Effective Illumination Distance

  • 10 m
  • Illumination Mode

  • 60 Hz, automatically switch on according to ambient light

DJI O3 Image Transmission

  • Model

  • Pigeon (with DDR)-2T4R
  • Signal Effective Distance

  • 20 km (FCC)
    8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)*Measured with FCC compliance in unobstructed environments with typical interference. Data is for reference only. The actual transmission distance may vary depending on the environment’s obstruction and interference conditions. Please pay attention to reminders in the app.
  • O3 Operating Frequency

  • 2.4000 to 2.4835 GHz
    5.725 to 5.850 GHz*Some countries or regions do not support the 5.8 GHz frequency band. Please refer to local flight laws and regulations for details.
  • EIRP

  • 2.400 GHz – 2.4835 GHz:
    <33 dBm(FCC)
    <20 dBm(CE/SRRC/MIC)5.725 GHz – 5.850 GHz:
    <33 dBm(FCC)
    <30 dBm(SRRC)
    <14 dBm(CE)
  • Data Security

  • AES-256
  • ADS-B

  • Supported

Forward and Backward Active Phased Array Radar

  • Model Number

  • RD241608RF (forward)
    RD241608RB (backward)
  • Altitude Detection

  • Fixed altitude range: 1.5-200 m
  • Rear Obstacle Avoidance

  • Sensible distance (rear): 1.5-50 m
    FOV Forward: 360° horizontal, ±45° vertical,±45°upward
    Backward: ±45° horizontal, 360° vertical
    Operating conditions: Available during takeoff, landing, and ascending when an obstacle is more than 1.5 m away from the aircraft
    Safe distance: 3.5 m (distance between the propeller tip and obstacle when the aircraft is hovering after braking)
    Sensing direction: multi-direction

FPV Camera

  • Resolution

  • 1920×1440
  • DFOV

  • 149°
  • Frame Rate

  • 30fps
  • Type

  • Full HD FPV Single Axis Gimbal Camera
  • Fill Light

  • Supported

Cargo Case

  • Dimension

  • 754x472x385 mm (LxWxH)
  • Inner Space

  • 573x416x305 mm (LxWxH)
  • Material

  • EPP plus aluminum alloy frame
  • Weighing Feature

  • Supported
  • Weight

  • Approx. 3 kg
  • Load Capacity

  • 0-40 kg


  • Max Payload

  • ≤ 95 kg
  • Dimension

  • 300x200x120 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight

  • Approx. 2.1 kg
  • Automatic Reaction Time

  • Approx. 1000 ms
  • Descending Speed

  • ≤ 6 m/s (at sea level, no wind)
  • Parachute Shape

  • Square
  • Material

  • Nylon
  • Surface Area

  • Approx. 22 ㎡
  • Minimum Opening Height

  • 60 m
  • Operating Temperature

  • -20° to 45° C
  • Ingress Protection Rating

  • IP55
  • Mainboard Power-off Battery Life

  • ≥ 1 hour
  • Memory Card Capacity

  • Real-time record for 10 flights
  • Buzzar Alarm

  • Supported
  • Lighting Alarm

  • Supported
  • Manually Opening

  • Supported
  • Automatic Opening

  • Supported

Winch System (Optional)

  • Model

  • A2EWI-30A
  • Dimension

  • 252x195x193 mm (LxWxH)
  • Body Weight

  • 2.5 kg (without clump and couple)
  • Clump Weight

  • 1.9 kg
  • Couple Weight

  • 0.6 kg
  • Touchdown Release Feature

  • Supported
  • Payload Capacity

  • 5-30 kg (dual battery)5-40 kg (single battery)
  • Cable Length

  • 20 m
  • Max Retraction Speed

  • 0.8 m/s
  • Operating Temperature

  • -20° to 45° C
  • Ingress Protection Rating

  • IP55
  • Weighing Function

  • Supported
  • Cut Cable Protection

  • Supported
  • Swing Control Feature

  • Supported
  • Manual Operation

  • Supported
  • Automatic Operation

  • Supported
  • Deceleration Protection

  • Supported

DJI DB2000 Intelligent Battery

  • Model

  • DB2000
  • Capacity

  • 38000 mAH
  • Nominal Voltage

  • 52.22 V
  • Type

  • 14S1P
  • Energy

  • 1984.4 Wh
  • Weight

  • Approx. 11.3 kg
  • Installation Method

  • Plug
  • Dimension

  • 316x152x279 mm (LxWxH)
  • Operating Temperature

  • -20° to 45° C
  • Charging Rate

  • 5 to 15° C: 1.0C15 to 45° C: 2.5C
  • Max Charging Power

  • 5700 W
  • Automatic Heating Feature

  • Supported (when the battery temperature is below 10° C, pressing and holding the button or turning on the drone will activate the self-heating function. When the battery temperature is below 20° C, connecting the charger to the battery will activate the self-heating function. Charging and discharging in a low-temperature environment may reduce the battery’s lifespan)

DJI C8000 Intelligent Charger

  • Model

  • CHX101-7000
  • Input

  • 90-264 V AC
  • Output

  • 42-59.92 V DC
  • Max Output Power

  • 7200 W (Dual input)3600 W (Single input)
  • Output Channel Quantity

  • 2
  • Protection Feature

  • The feature is designed to respond to issues including overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuits, fan stalls, etc.
  • Operating Temperature

  • -20° to 45° C
  • Charging Security

  • Connector protection feature available

Remote Controller

  • Type

  • DJI RC Plus
  • APP

  • DJI Pilot 2
  • Operating Frequency

  • 2.400-2.483 GHz
    5.725-5.850 GHz
  • EIRP

  • 2.400-2.4835 GHz:
    <33 dBm(FCC)
    <20 dBm(CE/SRRC/MIC)5.725-5.850 GHz:
    <33 dBm(FCC)
    <23 dBm(SRRC)
    <14 dBm(CE)
  • Operating Temperature

  • -20° to 50° C
  • Charging Environment Temperature

  • 5° to 40° C
  • Built-in Battery Life

  • 3.3 hours
  • External Battery

  • 2.7 hours
  • Charging Method

  • Use a USB-C fast charging charger with a maximum power of no less than 65 W (maximum voltage of 20 V). A DJI portable charger is recommended.
  • Charging Time

  • 2 hours with built-in battery, 2.5 hours with built-in and external battery (shutdown status according to official charging method)
  • Ingress Protection Rating

  • IP54
  • Video Output Interface

  • HDMI
  • Wi-Fi Protocol

  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Wi-Fi Working Frequency

  • 2.4000-2.4835 GHz
    5.150-5.250 GHz
    5.725-5.850 GHz
  • Bluetooth Protocol

  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Bluetooth Working Frequency

  • 2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz
  • EIRP

  • <10 dBm
  • GNSS

  • GPS+Galileo+BeiDou
  • Screen

  • 7.02 inch touch LCD display screen, resolution 1920*1200, brightness 1200 nits
  • Dual Operator Mode

  • Supported

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