Skywalker X5 PRO Black (PNP) With Bag


  • Powerful enough to carry FPV and camera gear for missions.
  • Aerodynamic Excellence: For stable, efficient flights.
  • Extended Missions: Longer flights for bigger assignments.
  • Flexible: Great for photography, mapping, and surveillance.
  • Quick Setup: Fly more without prepping.
  • All-in-One Solution: Complete experience with accessories.
  • Adventure on the Go: For fans and pros.

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For aerial enthusiasts who are constantly on the go, the Skywalker X5 PRO Black (PNP) with Bag is the ideal choice. This pre-assembled, ready-to-fly package ensures speedy setup and simple transit with pre-assembled parts and a handy carrying case. Its high payload capacity and sturdy yet lightweight carbon fiber frame make it the perfect option for FPV (First Person View) and camera equipment. Longer missions can be accommodated by its prolonged flight periods, while its aerodynamic design improves flying efficiency and stability. This adaptable platform can accommodate your needs whether you’re interested in photography, mapping, or surveillance. With the Skywalker X5 PRO Black, you may take advantage of the freedom of mobile aerial activities.

  • This is Skywalker Technology’s X-5 Pro flying wing. The F-Tek stabilizer systems have been specifically tailored for FPV and UAV use in the X-5.
  • A strange-looking yet amazing flying FPV / UAV platform made of EPO, making it almost unbreakable!
  • This type features ample under-canopy capacity, outstanding glider performance, and quick low-power cruising speeds of around 60–70 kph.
  • The equipment bays have been arranged to suit FPV / UAV applications, there is a camera mount in the nose, and the canopy is a bolt-down affair. The airframe was built from the ground up to support FPV and other video devices. The airframe is portable and small enough to fit in the trunk of any automobile.
  • The nose camera bay, ventral finger grip, outward-canted vertical stabilisers, screwed-down canopy, molded battery and FPV trays, exposed to the airflow- exterior ESC bay, and moulded-in wire lines are all nice design features.
  • Don’t let its small deceive you; it is capable of carrying payloads that are unimaginable. Heavy payloads of 2200 grams have reportedly been transported without any problems!

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