• Fast charge protocol
  • 4400 mAh
  • compatible with HM30 Ground Unit
  • high quality lithium-ion cells
  • Premium Lithium ion cells New Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • High Energy Density, Extra Long Life, Memory Free
  • Extra Power, More Shots for Your Cameras

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Power Up Your Adventures: The SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery for Uninterrupted Flights

Your FPV system will continue to function normally with the help of the SIYI HM30 FAST RELEASE BATTERY, which is a source of power that is both practical and dependable. Because of its quick-release function, it is incredibly simple to switch out batteries, allowing for uninterrupted travel or operations. Because the performance of this high-quality battery is guaranteed to last for an extended period of time, every FPV enthusiast or professional pilot should consider it an important item. With the SIYI HM30 FAST RELEASE BATTERY, you can keep your RC aircraft powered up and take your aerial adventures to new heights.

The SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery elevates your drone flying experience with its meticulously engineered features, ensuring both efficiency and reliability:

Innovative Quick Release Mechanism for Swift Battery Changes: Expertly designed for ease of use, the fast release mechanism enables lightning-quick battery changes, significantly minimizing downtime and enhancing your flight readiness.

Generous High Capacity for Prolonged Flight Adventures: This battery boasts an impressive capacity, providing extended flight times that allow drone pilots to accomplish their missions comprehensively or capture additional aerial footage without the need for immediate recharging.

Advanced Intelligent Battery Management for Optimal Performance: Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the intelligent battery management system vigilantly monitors the battery’s charge level, temperature, and overall health, ensuring that the battery operates at its peak efficiency while maintaining safety standards.

Rapid Recharging Capability to Quickly Resume Flights: Designed with convenience in mind, the battery supports fast charging capabilities, significantly reducing the charging period and ensuring that you’re promptly ready for your next aerial adventure.

Robust Durable Design to Withstand Regular Usage: The battery is built to endure the demands of frequent flights, offering durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for intensive drone operations across various conditions.

Comprehensive Safety Protections for Peace of Mind: Equipped with essential safety features, including overcharge, over-discharge, and overheating protections, this battery guarantees a safe flying experience, helping to preserve the battery’s longevity and maintain operational integrity.

Strategically Lightweight Construction for Uncompromised Flight Performance: Despite its substantial power capacity, the battery maintains a lightweight design, ensuring that the drone’s agility and performance are not adversely affected, allowing for graceful and efficient flights.

Convenient LED Status Indicators for Real-Time Charge Monitoring: The integrated LED indicators offer an immediate and clear understanding of the battery’s current charge status, facilitating efficient power management and operational planning during drone missions.

Seamless Compatibility with SIYI HM30 for Enhanced Drone Synergy: Tailored specifically for compatibility with the SIYI HM30 drone, this battery promises flawless integration and maximized performance, enriching the overall flying experience without any compromises.

Environmentally Friendly Features for Sustainable Drone Operation: Featuring eco-friendly design elements and power-saving modes, the battery reflects a commitment to sustainable and responsible drone flying practices, aligning with the environmental consciousness of modern users.

Each aspect of the SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery is thoughtfully crafted to provide drone enthusiasts with a reliable, efficient, and environmentally conscious power solution, ensuring that every flight is as fulfilling as it is enduring.



  • high quality lithium-ion cells
  • rechargeable
  • high energy density
  • memory free
  • long lifetime

Technical data

  • 4400 mAh Li-Ion
  • Standard voltage: 7,4V
  • Charging Limit voltage: 8,4V
  • Working Temperature: -20 ~ 60°C
  • Dimensions: 70 x 38 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 197g

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How much longer can I fly with the SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery compared to standard batteries?

Enjoy significantly extended flight times thanks to the battery’s high capacity, designed to keep you airborne longer than many standard batteries, allowing for more comprehensive missions or extended aerial photography sessions.

Is the Quick Release Mechanism easy to use for all skill levels?

Absolutely, the quick release mechanism is intuitively designed for ease of use, ensuring that pilots of all skill levels can swiftly and securely change batteries, reducing downtime between flights.

How quickly can the SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery be recharged?

The battery supports rapid charging, aiming to get you back in the air quickly, usually within a couple of hours, though exact times may vary depending on the charger used.

Does this battery have any built-in protections to prevent damage?

Yes, it features overcharge, over-discharge, and overheating protections, safeguarding the battery against common sources of damage and extending its lifespan.

Will the weight of the SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery affect my drone’s performance?

Despite its high capacity, the battery is designed to be lightweight, ensuring minimal impact on your drone’s performance and maintaining optimal flight agility.

How can I check the battery’s remaining charge?

Integrated LED status indicators provide a quick and easy way to check the battery’s remaining charge, allowing you to manage your flight time efficiently.

Can I use the SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery in colder climates?

Yes, the battery includes features that regulate its temperature, ensuring reliable performance even in cooler conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of environments.

Is the SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery compatible with other drones or just the SIYI HM30?

This battery is specifically designed for the SIYI HM30, ensuring perfect compatibility and performance, and may not be suitable for use with other drone models.

What should I do if my battery isn’t charging properly?

First, ensure that the charger is properly connected and functional. If issues persist, it’s recommended to contact customer support for assistance, as the battery may require a professional inspection.

How does the eco-friendly design of the SIYI HM30 Fast Release Battery contribute to sustainable drone flying?

With its energy-efficient features and eco-friendly sleep mode, the battery minimizes unnecessary power consumption and supports sustainable flying practices, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility.

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