Tattu Plus 1.0 22000mAh 44.4V 25C 12S1P Lipo Battery Used


  • Communication protocol CAN
  • Communication protection
  • Fuel gauge
  • Self-inspection
  • Using time log
  • Current detection
  • Ultra-Low power consumption
  • Abnormal log
  • Anti-spark

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Tattu Plus 1.0 22000mAh 44.4V 25C 12S1P Lipo Battery Used

Tattu Plus 1.0 is appropriate for businesses such as power inspection, security mapping, and agricultural plant protection. Data collection, security warning, power calculation, automated equalization, charging warning, discharge anti-sparking, support charging via charging butler, abnormal status alert, history inquiry, parameter setting, and other features are all included in the entire system. can also use the host computer software and CAN/SMBU connection interface to obtain the battery pack status and working history data. Tattu 12S Smart Battery and Tattu TA1200 Smart Charger are compatible.

The Tattu Plus 1.0 22000mAh 44.4V 25C 12S1P Lipo Battery stands out in the market for its exceptional capacity and performance, specifically tailored for the demanding needs of advanced RC and UAV enthusiasts:

Unparalleled Massive Capacity: Boasting a remarkable 22000mAh capacity, this Lipo battery significantly extends operational durations, offering the convenience of longer missions or flights without the interruption of frequent battery changes, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment and productivity.

Robust High Voltage Output: Delivering a potent 44.4V, the battery enhances the operational capabilities of compatible UAVs and RC models, allowing them to achieve peak performance, which is especially critical in professional and competitive settings.

Impressive High Discharge Rate: With a discharge rate of 25C, it supplies the necessary high current for demanding applications, accommodating intense maneuvers and consistent high-power output, which is crucial for high-performance models.

Optimized 12S1P Configuration: This sophisticated 12-cell series configuration is engineered to maximize power density and voltage, catering to high-performance UAVs that demand superior power solutions for optimal functionality.

Advanced Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS): The inclusion of a cutting-edge BMS meticulously monitors the battery’s status, including vital parameters such as voltage, current, and temperature, ensuring safe, efficient operation and peace of mind during use.

Innovative Self-Heating Functionality: The battery’s self-heating capability is indispensable for operations in cold weather, maintaining optimal battery performance even in challenging low-temperature environments, thus broadening the operational scope.

Rugged Durable Construction: Designed to endure the challenges of regular use in demanding environments, the battery promises reliability and longevity, making it a dependable power source over countless missions.

Convenient LED Status Indicators: Integrated LED indicators offer at-a-glance feedback on the battery’s charge status, simplifying the task of monitoring its condition and readiness for operation, enhancing user convenience.

Sophisticated Balance Charging Capability: It supports balance charging, a critical feature that maintains the health of the battery cells and significantly extends the battery pack’s overall lifespan, ensuring a lasting investment.

Comprehensive Safety Protections: The battery is equipped with essential safety features, such as overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection, offering a safeguard for the battery and the equipment it powers, ensuring a secure operation environment.

The Tattu Plus 1.0 22000mAh Lipo Battery is the quintessential power solution for those seeking a high-capacity, reliable battery for their UAVs and demanding RC models, providing extended usage, consistent performance, and safety in every flight or run.



  • Capacity: 22000mAh
  • Voltage: 44.4V
  • Discharge Rate: 25C
  • Weight: 6058g
  • Size: 237*173*116mm


  1. What makes the Tattu Plus 1.0 22000mAh Lipo Battery ideal for UAVs and advanced RC models?
    • Its massive 22000mAh capacity and 44.4V high voltage output provide extended operational times and robust performance, making it perfect for demanding applications.
  2. Can the Tattu Plus battery be used in cold weather conditions?
    • Yes, the battery includes a self-heating function to maintain optimal performance even in low-temperature environments, ensuring reliable operation year-round.
  3. How does the Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) enhance battery performance?
    • The BMS actively monitors the battery’s status, including voltage and temperature, optimizing its performance and safety, and extending the battery’s lifespan.
  4. What safety features does the battery include?
    • It comes with built-in overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection, safeguarding against common battery-related issues and enhancing overall safety.
  5. How long does it take to fully charge the Tattu Plus 1.0 battery?
    • Charging time can vary based on the charger used, but generally, it requires a few hours to achieve a full charge due to its high capacity.
  6. Is the battery compatible with all chargers?
    • It requires a compatible charger that supports the battery’s 12S configuration and capacity for efficient and safe charging.
  7. How do I know when the battery is fully charged?
    • The battery features LED status indicators that provide visual feedback on the charge status, illuminating to indicate a full charge.
  8. Can this battery be used for continuous, back-to-back flights?
    • Yes, with its rapid recharging capability and high capacity, it’s ideal for back-to-back flights, especially when paired with additional batteries for continuous operation.
  9. Does the weight of the Tattu Plus battery affect the performance of the UAV or RC model?
    • While it’s designed to be as lightweight as possible for its capacity, the impact on performance depends on the specific model’s power and weight capacity.
  10. Where can I purchase the Tattu Plus 1.0 22000mAh Lipo Battery?
    • It’s available through authorized retailers and online stores specializing in UAV and RC model accessories. Always ensure to purchase from reputable sources to guarantee authenticity and quality.

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